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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Orthrus
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Student at the Grimoire High School (temporarily)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 77

Luthros is a female Orthrus who, like many other people, was drawn into the world of Arbatel by the magic of the Grimoire and was a student at the Grimoire High School for a time. She makes their debut in Chapter 77.


As a Orthrus, Luthros has the special feature that she has not one but two bodies. While her two bodies are physically independent of each other, both wears a collar that connects them with a black lead.

Luthros' two bodies resemble female Kobolds with dog-like tails and pointed ears. They look almost identical except for the difference that their skin colour and hair/fur colour are reversed; one body has light skin but dark eyebrows and dark hair, while the other body has dark skin, but light eyebrows and light hair. The only exception to this is the fur inside their ears, which is light on both bodies.

During her stay in the Grimoire, both bodies of Luthros wore the usual school uniform, consisting of a seifuku with a plaid skirt. Also, both bodies each wore a long dark stocking sock, the light body on the left leg and the dark body on the right leg. The respective other leg (on the right of the light body, on the left of the dark body) did not have a stocking sock.


Due to the fact that Luthros has two bodies but only one soul, her personality is generally a bit difficult to describe.

Luthros refers to her two bodies as "right me" and "left me" and has a seductive side, such as when she asked her boyfriend if he liked one side of her better than the other, although due to the fact that her two bodies share the same soul this actually makes no difference. Like many other Liminals, Luthros doesn't have many inhibitions, as to "prove" how connected their bodies are, she showed her boyfriend one of her body's bare breasts and even the crotch that body so that if he touched her, he would see her other body would could tell where he touched. She doesn't seem to notice how uncomfortable that made him.

As stated in her description in Chapter 80, Luthros considers anyone who marries her as a lucky guy, since to him it is like two for one because of their two bodies.

Skills & Traits[]

Physical Traits[]

  • Orthrus Physiology:
    • Two bodies, one soul: As an Orthrus, Luthros possesses the peculiarity of sharing a consciousness between two bodies. Each individual Orthrus, while possessing one consciousness, spirit, and soul possesses two bodies that can operate independently or with one another. Because the two bodies of an Orthrus are actually one person, both bodies can talk in sync, share their thoughts and experiences with each other, and even physically feel what the other is feeling.


Luthros was one of the numerous people whose consciousness was absorbed into the magical world of the Grimoire High School by Arbatel, although the exact circumstances of how this happened are unknown. Like everyone else, Luthros was brainwashed by the enchanted school uniform and really believed that she was a student at Grimoire High school.

Luthros makes her debut in Chapter 77 when Kimihito and his household girls secretly witness her conversing with a male human student in an empty classroom. She persistently asks him if he likes her "right me" or her "left me" in relation to their two bodies, saying he has to pick one. The boy says uncertainly that he can't pick one, and questions why why he should even have to, since an Orthrus has only one soul despite having two bodies, so his choice of which of Luthros' bodies he likes better doesn't really make a difference.

Uncertainly, the boy adds that while it's not that he doesn't believe Luthros, it just doesn't feel real for him, despite her insistence, that their two bodies share the same consciousness. However, Luthros then comes up with an idea of how to "prove" how connected their bodies are. Her light body covers her dark body's eyes, while her dark body opens the seifuku in front of her light body and presents her bare breasts to the boy. She announces that it's the "tits touching game" and that the "me" behind her can tell him if he's touched her right or left breast, allowing him to see "how connected" her bodies are.

However, the student covers his eyes in shock and ask her to stop. He adds that if he's supposed to be touching her, it could be some other part of her bodies. Luthros happily agrees, but then lifts her skirt and says he could touch her crotch. This only makes the boy freak out even more, to which Luthros says it's fine, since nobody would see them. Unbeknownst to Luthros, however, the two were actually being watched by the members of the library committee the entire time.

It is believed that Luthros was safely sent back to the normal world after Arbatel released everyone's absorbed consciousness in Chapter 80.

Zoological Classification[]

The Orthrus is a unique werewolf-like Liminal species that shares a consciousness between two bodies. Each individual Orthrus, while possessing one consciousness, mind and soul, possesses two physical bodies that can operate independently or in tandem to each other. As an Orthrus' two bodies are actually one person, both bodies can speak in synchronization, can share their thoughts and experiences between each other and can even physically feel what the other is physically feeling.


  • Luthros is the first character in the manga series to have one consciousness but two bodies. Because of this peculiarity, she often uses the pronouns "us" or "we" when she refers to herself.
  • Luthros appearance as Orthrus is very different from that of Rus in Monster Musume: Online, as Rus' body and her hand puppet have a split personality, while Luthros has two bodies with the same consciousness. Also, Luthros doesn't have a snake for a tail.
  • Luthros' name is likely an amalgamation of Orthrus and Lupus. Lupus is the latin name for the wolf (Canis lupus), but it can also refer to the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris), the latter being more likely in this case, since Orthrus was a two-headed dog in Greek mythology, and not a wolf.

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