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The following are quotes said by or relating to Luthros. Quotes may vary slightly, depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 18[]

"I'm asking which "me" you like better~! Left me or right me, you have to pick~!"
Luthros to her boyfriend, Chapter 77
"But you keep saying you don't believe me? So then you need to pick one me over the other, right?"
Luthros to her boyfriend, Chapter 77
"Tada~It's the tits touching game~Try touching left or right~The me from behind will tell you which one you touched~"
Luthros to her boyfriend when she wants to "prove" him how connected her two bodies are, Chapter 77
"A wife! For our lucky guy it's like a two for one!"
Luthros's future dreams in Chapter 80