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Kana リュカ
Romaji Ryuka
Voiced by Yuki Mizutani
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Werewolf
Gender Female.png Female
Hair Black
Eye Red
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student, Takarazuka Actress
Media Debut

Lyca (リュカ) is a Werewolf that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.

A highly popular Otokoyaku (male role) actress from the Takarazuka Revue, Lyca is popular with both girls and boys.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lyca is a woman of slim build and fair complexion. Possessing a modest bust size (in comparison to some other liminal species), Lyca's hair and fur coat are of a deep hue of black, while the fur within her wolfen ears are of a lighter shade of grey.
Her irises are of a striking shade of red and her canine teeth are slightly more enlarged than those of a typical human resulting in them becoming occasionally exposed when Lyca smiles.

Clothing-wise Lyca seems to prefer as little clothing as possible, possibly as a result of her transformations potentially damaging full-bodied garments. Her apparel of choice seems to be a light blue button-down crop top that she ties together instead of buttoning (possibly to aid in ease of removal during sudden transformations) and a pair of denim booty shorts with flayed edges. She also wears a feathered pendant around her neck that seems to be of Native American design.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Flirty, handsome, and extremely boyish, Lyca is what is referred to as a "Prince Character" and cannot abandon a woman in need.

While both boys and girls are attracted to her, due to Takarazuka actresses not being allowed to date during their time with the Revue, Lyca is unable to date either gender. Additionally, despite her popularity, she prefers to not have any entourage; referring to herself as a "lone wolf".

She has a secret hobby and love for collecting stuffed animals. She also tends to give those that she likes the nickname "Puppy".

Skills and Traits[edit | edit source]

  • Werewolf Physiology:
    • Beast Form: Werebeasts are capable of transforming (voluntary or otherwise) into an animal form based on their species.
    • Full Moon: As with most liminal species, the Full Moon stimulates a werebeast's primal instincts and may render even individuals who are otherwise emotionally coherent during their transformations to become savage and difficult to restrain. It is advised to actively avoid encounters with werebeasts during this time as the likely-hood of injury due to the werebeast's unrestrained mind is severe.
    • Estrus Cycle: While presumably sexually receptive all year long, Werebeasts also go through recurring periods of increased sexual receptivity and fertility several times a year (known as an "estrus cycle"), much like their bestial counterparts.

Personality Type
Cute Type
Level Max

Lyka's affection spots

Max Lvl.
100% Affection

Plot[edit | edit source]

When Myuu is informed that the werewolf girl Lyca had undergone a transformation and was running loose in the city, she implores the player to help her find the werewolf-girl before the town panics. Shortly afterward, Myuu manages to convince Lyca to live with the player as a homestay exchange student while she works at the Takarazuka Revue to help prevent any more nightly escapades.

Zoological Classification[edit | edit source]

Main article: Werewolf

Werewolf (狼男, Ōkami Otoko), also known as "Wolfmen" or "Wolf People", are a pseudohuman species of beings who are spoken in myth of possessing the ability to shapeshift between the form of a human and the form of a wolf.
While the image of the 'lone wolf' is popular, they actually prefer communal living in the form of packs. While most monster species are affected by the Full Moon, werewolves can prove even more trouble due to their pack social structure and their great physical strength.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was featured in the Event: "Event: Night Of Temptation ~ Kagami Mochi Series".
  • Her name, Lyca, is the begining of lycanthrope, the technical term for werewolves.
  • As part of her exercise routine Lyca goes jogging every morning at 10:00 am. She also routinely reads and answers any fan mail she receives, having redirected her mailing address to the homestay's household.
  • While she herself is different, Lyca reveals that some of her werewolf friends sleep for half the day and that werewolf society is divided into two groups; those that like to live in groups and "lone wolves" that like to live alone.
  • The Takarazuka Revue is popular with female audiences, as the performances are usually very melodramatic and elaborately designed, with loads of gorgeous costumes, and handsome male characters who are masculine without its worst traits. Actresses are required to be trained for two years at a prestigious in-house school. After their first year of training, the class is split up into two specialisations: musumeyaku (woman's role) and otokoyaku (man's role). The latter are groomed to play the Cross Cast Roles: during this time the actresses cut their hair short, wear pants rather than skirts, and speak with masculine pronouns. Musumeyaku and Otokoyaku are almost exclusively cast in their designated roles, though some otokoyaku can also play female roles and musumeyaku are often cast as young children regardless of gender.

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