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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Paper Dancer
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Student at the Grimoire High School (temporarily)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 78

Maika is a Paper Dancer girl who, like many other people, was drawn into the world of Arbatel by the magic of the Grimoire and was a first year student at the Grimoire High School for a time. While Kimihito and his homestay girls were trying to discover Arbatel's true identity, Maika, due to her connection to books, was one of the three Liminal girls (alongside Aya and Shii-Mii) they suspected of being Arbatel in transformation, although this suspicion was ultimately proven wrong.


Maika has the appearance of a teenage girl with slightly dark short hair. As a Paper Dancer, Maika has long, thin arms and legs that appear to be made of a paper-like material and no discernible feet. On her hands, she has three thin, papery fingers with no thumbs. Their eyes, pupils, and irises are square.

During her stay in the grimoire, Maika wears the usual school uniform, consisting of a seifuku with a plaid skirt. However, unlike most students, her seifuku was black.


Possessing a friendly and somewhat playful personality, Maika has made a hobby of secretly delivering the love letters of people who don't have the courage to do it themselves. She doesn't see anything wrong with that as she thinks people hide so much for no reason. Still, Maika can also be considered a bit mischievous and short-sighted in this regard, as she technically invades other's privacy, since people haven't asked her to deliver their love letters, and may have good reasons for not doing it themselves. She also used to tend to read other people's love letters, although she shamefully stopped when her boyfriend confronted her about it.

While Maika mostly maintains a secure facade, she actually has an insecure side, having been terribly embarrassed about delivering her own love letter to her boyfriend. This also makes Maika a bit hypocritical about her opinion that people hide so much for no reason. She also seems to be inattentive at times, as she didn't realize that her boyfriend returned her feelings until he finally told her in person.

As revealed in her future dreams in Chapter 80, Maika later wants to develop an app that automatically delivers love emails. While Maika's intentions are good, this again shows her short-sightedness, as she doesn't take into account that this doesn't give people the opportunity to check their love emails and correct mistakes, which could possible even lead to the breakup of a relationship.

Skills & Traits[]

  • Paper Dancer Physiology:
    • Paper control: As a Paper Dancer, Maika can control any kind of paper. The exact extent of this ability was not shown, but it is seen in Chapter 79, that Maika can levitate paper using telekinesis. She can also sense if something made of paper is nearby and what it is, such as a love letter.
    • Levitate: Due to her light body, Maika can levitate. However, this ability seems to have limitations, as while Maika can levitate at a height of one meter from the ground, this could not stop her falling out of the window, implying that she cannot levitate to grater heights. Alternatively, it is also possible that Maika was unable to react in time due to the sudden shock from the fall.


Maika was one of the numerous people whose consciousness was absorbed into the magical world of the Grimoire High School by Arbatel, although the exact circumstances of how this happened are unknown. Like everyone else, Maika was brainwashed by the enchanted school uniform and really believed that she was a first year student at Grimoire High School.

During her time at the school Maika started as a kind of hobby to secretly deliver the love letters of people who didn't have the courage to do this themselves. She also developed a friendship with a male human student, who found her hobby amusing, although he also severely admonished her not to read other people's love letters. Eventually Maika developed romantic feelings for him and wrote a love letter to him of her own. However, she developed a strong insecurity in this regard and could not bring herself to deliver the letter to him.


Maika was first mentioned in Chapter 78 when Kuroko Smith tells the three unnamed Liminal girls (a Werewolf, a Vampire and a Frankenstein's Monster) about the Paper Dancer girl and that she likes to secretly deliver the love letters of other people, but that she has her own love letter that she couldn't bring herself to deliver. After Kimihito, his household girls and the MON-team suspects that the Grimoire Arbatel is a shapeshifter, Maika comes under their suspicion since she, Shii-Mii and Aya are the only three Liminal girls at the school with a connection to books. Centorea and Meroune agree to secretly monitor Maika to find out if she really is Arbatel in disguise.

Maika appears in Chapter 79 when she uses her telekinesis to levitate a love letter to her and sees by the name that it's for Fujita-kin. Maika happily lets the love letter float to Fujita's desk and when Fujita happens to drop by with his Elf girlfriend, Maika asks him with an innocent smile if there is something in his desk. Surprised, Fujita finds the letter and asks his girlfriend if it is from her, which she confirms, embarrassed and slightly shocked.


Her own love letter.

Maika happily floats down to the school, thinking to herself that people would hide so much for no reason. She decides to deliver another love letter and soon uses her skills to track down one nearby. However, when the love letter lands in Maika's hands through her telekinesis, she gets a shock when she sees that it is her own love letter. Uncertain, she recalls some earlier moments with her friend while desperately saying that this in the one letter she can't deliver. Before Maika can do anything, however, a gust of wind from an open window suddenly rips the letter out of her hands and when she leans out of the window to catch it, she loses her footing and falls out of the window.


Maika realizes that the boy loves her too.

When Maika regains consciousness, she finds herself in the arms of the boy she loves, who caught her in time from the fall. Concerned, he inquires about her health and warns her to be more careful. Maika thanks him and morosely asks why he hangs around all the time and accuses him of being too obsessed with delivering love letters. The boy then sights at her inattentiveness and lets her know that he's not only hanging around for that, but also to see her. While the two are still talking in embarrassment, they don't realize that they are being watched by Mero and Centorea from a nearby bush.


Mero doubts that Maika is the transformed Arbatel as they are still trapped in the fake world.

Mero wonders whether Maika and the boy are now a couple, whereupon Centorea says that it seems so. The Centauride goes on to elatedly say that if Maika is really the transformed Arbatel, then the Grimoire would have achieved its goal. This in turn would also mean that they would soon be freed from this world, and with no effort on their part at that. However, Mero is not so sure about this and after looking around she realizes that nothing has changed and they are still stuck in the fake world created by Arbatel. Centorea agrees with resignation.

At this moment, Maika's love letter flutters in front of them. Mero picks it up and further questions whether Arbatel, as the creator of this world, would really deliver her own love letter with a gust of wind. Even falling out of the window would then only be a rather complicated act, and that only for Arbatel's own benefits. Centorea agrees and resignedly asks if Maika isn't Arbatel then. Mero says it would be best to watch Maika for a while longer, although she is unsure herself.

Mero's suspicions were finally proven correct as Arbatel was not Maika but Honma Shiori in disguise.

It is believed that Maika was safely sent back to the normal world after Arbatel released everyone's absorbed consciousness in Chapter 80. Maika may also have been among those who sent a petition to Arbatel, since she developed a relationship with her boyfriend thanks to the Grimoire.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Fairy
Main article: Yokai

The Paper Dancer is a fairy-type Liminal that has a thin/light body constructed out of a paper-like material and the ability to telekinetically control any items made out of paper. Despite not having wings they posses the ability to float/glide. They do not seem to posses the power of flight, although legends claims they can use wind drafts to glide through the air in a manner similar to flight.
Users of Onmyōdō Charms are known to form partnerships with Paper Dancers, although Paper Dancer are known as "Shikigami" in Onmyōdō culture.


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