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The following are quotes said by or relating to Manako. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 3[]

"Right on schedule...They've all gathered in front of the window...And they opened the curtains. Now I can really see them."
Manako's thoughts to herself as she prepares to fire a shot at the Orcs of the P.O.R.K, Chapter 11
"Did I really need to be 2 km away? I mean, I still hit them from way out here, but...do they not like me?"
Manako's thoughts about the other MON-members, Chapter 11

Volume 5[]

"A little kid ran away from me again... This world truly does hate Monoeyes..."
Manako after Lilith pretended to be afraid of her, Chapter 21
"This man really is kind... he's being so nice to me, of all people... so this is why he gets along so well with those six girls... but... is that just who he is on the outside...? Is he this way because he has to be...? Does he really think I'm annoying and scary...?"
Manako's thoughts about Kimihito on her first encounter/"date" alone with him, Chapter 22
"H-He treated me like a normal girl... It was kind of embarrassing."
Manako to the other M.O.N-girls about Kimihito after her "date" with him, Chapter 22

Volume 10[]

"Training to get over your feat of being looked at?"
"Yes...I know that we Monoeyes are...um...often avoided by People because of our appearance. But...even now, my coworkers won't even make eye contact with me. That means that normal humans will be looking at me even more curiously for sure..."
Manako to Kimihito, Chapter 42
"Recently, I can't go outside if I'm not with the team, and...If I'm alone I can't even go for a walk...I'm so pathetic..."
Manako (crying) to Kimihito, Chapter 42
"It might be impossible for me right now, but...someday when everyone's more used to me...It'll be hard until then, but...I think I want to give it my best shot!"
Manako to Kimihito, Chapter 42
"U..Um Mr boyfriend! Thank you very much for today. Thanks to you I was able to be a little more confident."
Manako thanks Kimihito, Chapter 42

Volume 18[]

"Ahh! Why is it just us that don't get to be students! We're stuck playing these school ghost stories!! During the day I have to hide in the bathroom so no one finds me, then I have to wander around at night in the dark!! I'm more scared than anyone!!"
Manako complains that she and the other MON girls have to play the role of The Five Mysteries of Grimoire High School, Chapter 76
"There was a pretty decent rifle at the shooting club. Okay, Papi. I'll leave changing the clothes up to you."
Manako to Papi after stunning Rachnera with the coffee, Chapter 77
"It seems like everyone has basically decided to not blame Arbatel either. The've all started new relationships, so actually they're praising her..."
Manako to Kimihito after Arbatel releases the consciousnesses of all the absorbed people, Chapter 80

Volume 19[]

"What's gotten into Ms Smith...?"
Manako wonders why Ms Smith is suddenly trying to introduce so many improvements at the MON headquarters with almost hysterical energetic, Chapter 85