A Manga Café (漫画喫茶, マンガ喫茶 mangakissa) is a type of small café where people can read manga.

With patrons paying for the time they stay in the café, most manga cafés offer computers and internet access in addition to other services, such as access to video games, television, snack/beverage vending machines, and more.

Larger café chains may offer a variety of seating areas for their patrons to occupy; ranging from typical reading seats and sofas, to massage chairs, party rooms and zashiki (tatami matted) rooms. Additional facilities may also include movies/DVDs, shower rooms, darts, magazines, PC classes, music CDs, nail salons, pool tables, newspapers, CATV/CS broadcast, table tennis tables, slot machines, tanning beds, mahjong tables for long-term stays.

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  • The minimum fee is generally 400 yen for an hour's stay.
  • A Manga Café in Nagoya is famous for offering classes and equipment to create manga.
  • A Net Café Refugee, also known as Cyber-homeless, is a class of homeless person that does not own a permanent residence and instead lives in 24-hour Internet cafés/Manga cafés.

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