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Meamil Airagu
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Kana メアミル・ァィラグ
Romaji meamiru airagu
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Dairy Breed Centaur
Gender Female Female
Hair Pink red
Eye Green
Height 189 cm (6'2")[1]
B-W-H 120(N)-68-?[1]
Monster Profile
Occupation Mother of an Exchange Student
Relatives Unnamed daughter
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 71

Meamil Airagu (メアミル・ァィラグ, meamiru airagu) is a Dairy Breed Centaur who visits Centorea Shianus on the pretext of asking advice about her recently increased breast milk production, but it ultimately turns out to be a lie when she tries to make Kimihito Kurusu her "milk slave". She makes her debut in Chapter 71.


Meamil is a fair-skinned Centauride with pinkish red hair, green eyes (blue in the prologue of Chapter 86), a mole below on the left side of her left eye and light brown horse ears. Her hair is tied in a ponytail which she tends to drape over her left shoulder which ended up resting on her left breast. As a Dairy Breed Centaur, Meamil is way bustier than a standard Centaur like Centorea Shianus as her breasts are oversized and according to her, gets even larger when they're too full. She appears to be almost the same size as Centorea with a wider waist. Her tail is also pink.

Her usual clothing consists of what appears to be a long-sleeved, gigot white and pink dress (the bodice is pink which leaves her breasts exposed with its hem at the front around knee level and the skirt is white but it's unknown whether they're detachable) that with a mandarin collar, which is specially made for the lower body of a Centaur with black ribbons on the sides of sleeves and waist area that appears to be of Victorian design. She also wears a white top underneath which covers just her nipples, so most of her breasts are the only parts of her torso exposed and it's unknown whether it's part of her dress. That is the typical dressing style for a dairy breed centaur like her because it enables them to be slipped out easily to be milked frequently.


Although Meamil appears friendly and shy at first glance, she actually has a very devious and perverse personality, which is a strong contradiction to most Dairy Breed Centaurs. This can be clearly seen from the fact that the only reason Meamil's visit to the Black Lily Ranch was because she heard how amazing the Satyresses were at milking. This also seems to show that Meamil is at least a bit bisexual, but in any case she preferred men, as she was visibly uncomfortable with being milked by the Satyresses because of their lustful manner and think they are too brutish. Meamil is also a hypocrite because while she is not wrong to call the Satyr girls as perverts, this pales in comparision to her own actions.

It seems also that Meamil did not care much about others (although she genuinely loves her daughter) when she did not tell the Satyresses about the side effect of her milk before being milked and was not interested in the chaos she had caused on the ranch. In general, apart from her family, Meamil seems to always think of herself first and to use even those who are kind to her, as she never really thanked the residents of the ranch and preffered to treat Kimihito as her personal milking slave. Meamil is also very arrogant as she mentally mocked Centorea's efforts to bring Kimihito back to his sense as pointless and smugly thought to herself that nothing could compete with her motherly nature.

Meamil is sneaky, manipulative, and an expert liar. Her supposed concern about getting advice from Centorea was in truth part her plan to separate Kimihito from Centorea so she could get Kimihito to milk her, going so far as to send spam messages to Kimihito in the morning so he would shut off his phone so Centorea couldn't warn him that Meamil was coming close to tricking him into drinking her breast milk. She also lied that this was a common offering among Centaurs to show their gratitude, what shows that Meamil is not above making false claims about the culture of her species in order to deceive others. In fact, she says/claims even to Centorea's that there's nothing she won't do to achieve her goals.

When Kimihito accidentally swallowed some of Meamil's milk and returned to a infant state, Meamil showed all her perversity when she even drank milk from her own breast while attempting to seduce Kimihito. When Centorea suddenly briefly produced her own breast milk under the effect of stress, Meamil's perverseness eventually went so far that she sucked Centorea's breasts. Ironically, however, this ended up giving Meamil her own medicine as she went through it herself by drinking Centorea's milk returned to an infant state in which even Rachnera described her as a pervert.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Markswomanship: Meamil was shown to be able to squirt her breastmilk at Kimihito's face with great precision.
  • Convinceable Deceiver: Meamil is able to trick Centorea and Kimihito with her lies and pretending to be something she's not until her true colours are revealed.

Physical Traits[]

  • Dairy Breed Centaur Physiology:
    • Large Breasts: Female Centaurs have large breasts for feeding their young, which are larger than human babies and require more nutrition and as Meamil belongs to the Dairy Breed subspecies, she has way larger breasts.
    • Breast Milk: In contrast to standard Centaurs, Meamil also produces breast milk continuously outside of pregnancy, enough to fill a large bucket. If she is not milked, her breasts become even more swollen and heavier than usual, which is very uncomfortable, if not painful, for her.
    • Maternal Hormones: However, due to her maternal hormones, drinking Dairy Breed Centaurs milk has the effect that the drinker is returned to an infant state in which he drinks milk from breasts like a baby. Even Kimihito, who usually has remarkable resilience to the seductive arts of most liminals, is powerless against it. Luckily, this effect is only temporary.
    • Taste Buds: As herbivores, centaurs generally have twice as many taste buds as omnivores (e.g. humans), while omnivores have over twenty times as many taste buds as carnivores (e.g. Lamia).
    • Body temperature: Centaurs have a standard body temperature of 100.4 °F (38 °C).
    • Centaur Ears: A Centaur's ears are capable of reflecting the centaur's mood as they are able to move much in the same way as a horse's ears.
    • Sense of Smell: Due to their equine biology, Centaurs have a sense of smell that is 1000 times greater than that of a human.


  • Milking Bucket: Meamil uses a milking bucket to store her breastmilk that is milked out through her nipples.
  • Mug: Meamil uses it to scoop out a mug full of her breastmilk from the bucket which it has been milked into for Kimihito to drink.
  • Handkerchief: Meamil uses it to wipe the outside of the mug she used to scoop out her breastmilk.
  • Handbag: Meamil is shown carrying a black handbag as she meets her intended victim in chapter 86.
  • Smartphone: Meamil is shown to own a smartphone to contact her intended victim in chapter 86.


Meamil came to Japan with her 14-years old daughter, who is currently attending the school as part of the Cultural Exchange Program.

During her time in Japan, Meamil found out about the Black Lily Ranch, and heard that there were a lot of Satyresses there who are amazing at milking. Lured by this rumours, Meamil visited the ranch and was milked by the Satyresses (who also drank some of her milk). Meamil wasn't entirely happy with that, however, for while she admitted that the Satyresses were good at milking, Meamil found them to be too forward in their lust and therefore too brutish for her liking.

Eventually, though, while talking to Mil, Meamil found out about Kimihito and how he taught the Satyresses everything they know about milking. Spurred on by Mil's admiration, Meamil just wanted to find this "master of milking" to seduce him with her milk and make him her personal "milking slave".

Meamil then left the Black Lily Ranch without saying goodbye, leaving only a short farewell note to the residents. However, Meamil's visit had already caused so much trouble at the ranch, as the Satyresses had reverted to an infantile state from drinking Meamil's milk, leaving the Minotaur girls to tend to them as the Satyresses suckled milk from their breasts like babies.


Setting Up Her Trap[]

Meamil somehow finds out before Chapter 71 that Kimihito is the host of Centorea. Since Centorea has been giving advice to several other Centaur girls lately, Meamil calls her and lies that she needs advice about her recent increase in breastmilk. Centorea reluctantly agrees, but due to the sensitivity of the matter, she tells Kimihito (without telling him about Meamil) to go shopping during the morning so he won't be at the Kurusu house when she gives Meamil advice. Unbeknownst to Centorea, however, Meamil had anticipated this reaction since it was all part of her plan to separate Kimihito from Centorea so she could secretly seduce him with her milk at the supermarket.


Meamil asks Kimihito if he can milk her, much to his shock.

While Centorea is waiting for her at the Kurusu house, Meamil is actually going to the supermarket, where she spots Kimihito while he is taking his groceries back home. When he notices her, she claims to him that her breast milk has increased a lot since she came to Japan. In a mock hesitant attitude, she then asks him if he can milk her, as it is very difficult for her to do it herself. Scared, Kimihito initially refuses, but finally gives in when Meamil claims that there is no one else she can ask in her "time of need".

Meanwhile, Centorea has called the Black Lily Ranch and learned of Meamil's visit through Mil, thereby realizing the Dairy Breed Centauride's intention to make Kimihito her "milking slave". While running around Tokyo to find Kimihito, Centorea also tries to call him on her phone, but his number is strangely not available. It is later revealed that Meamil engineered this as well, sending Kimihito many spam calls that morning in order to manipulate him into turning off his phone.


Meamil gets milked by Kimihito.

In the meantime, Kimihito has found a storage room in the supermarket where he can milk Meamil hidden from the eyes of the other customers. As he starts massaging her breasts, Meamil is surprised at how quite skilled he is and that his milking technique is totally different from that of the Satyr girls. She also notes that Kimihito feels a desire for the female body, but doesn't let it show. Eventually, Meamil's milk spills out in a big gush, filling an entire bucket. Eager and panting from the sexual excitement, Meamil thinks to herself that Kimihito is truly wonderful.


Meamil's "small token".

After Kimihito wipes his hands, Meamil tells him that she has a "small token" for him to show her thanks, but he flinches when Meamil says it's a cup of her own fresh milk. Kimihito reluctantly tries to decline the offer, but Meamil claims to him that this is a fairly normal means among Centaurs to show their gratitude (which is a lie), but adds that she shouldn't force her customs to him. Manipulated by the thought that Meamil seems guilty, Kimihito finally accepts her "token", but misses her michievous look as he moves to raise the milk cup to his lips.

Confrontation with Centorea[]

However, before Kimihito can drink the milk, his hand is stopped by Centorea, who suddenly stands behind him and warns him not to drink that milk. Meamil says that Centorea was very adroit in finding Kimihito and her at this place, revealing her involvement in the fact that Centorea couldn't reach Kimihito by phone (to his disbelief). Centorea is furious to learn how far Meamil is willing to go for her devious plans and says it wasn't hard to find her since Centorea knew that Kimihito used to shop at this supermarket. Centorea adds that she also tracked Meamil by smelling her milk and triumphantly announces to the Dairy Breed Centauride that she will not allow Kimihito to drink her milk.


Meamil thinks smugly by herself that no one can win against her motherly nature.

However, Meamil then suddenly squirts some of her milk into Kimihito's face with amazing accuracy, causing him to accidentally and reflexively swallow some of it. Horrified and angry, Centorea calls Meamil a "cowardly fiend", but due to the maternal hormones in Meamil's milk, Kimihito quickly turns into an infant state and turns to Meamil, whom he calls "mommy". Meamil then continues to seduce him with words, holding out her breasts and telling him that he can drink as much of her milk as he wants. Centorea desperately tries to reason with Kimihito, but Meamil sneers and smugly thinks to herself that this is pointless, since everyone who drinks her milk craves motherhood, and Centorea as a "mere maiden" simply cannot win against her motherly nature.

To seduce Kimihito even further, Meamil now starts sucking on her own breasts (to Centorea's shock) and softly tells him that she can't drink it all by herself. Kimihito then approaches Meamil with his resistance completely broken, while Centorea tries to talk sense into him, but fails. Desperately, Centorea thinks to herself that she must do something, thinking that the only way to stop Meamil was if she had breast milk herself. Suddenly, however, Kimihito stops and Meamil freezes too when they booth suddenly look at Centorea.

For a moment, Centorea is confused as to why Kimihito and Meamil were staring at her, but looking down, she sees that her own breasts are suddenly producing milk. Shocked, Centorea tries to cover her chest while not understanding why she is suddenly lactating as this has never happened before. Meamil is also amazed, thinking to herself that Centorea's state doesn't seem to be a false pregnancy, but she's still giving false mother's milk.

Before Centorea can react, Kimihito walks up to her and starts sucking on her breasts. Centorea is shocked at first, but then thinks uncertainly that maybe she should let this happen since her milk might neutralize the effects of Meamil's milk. However, Centorea is startled again, when suddenly Meamil also starts sucking on her breasts.

As Meamil drinks Centorea's milk (ignoring Centorea's protests), she thinks to herself that it even surpassed her own milk and to claim the seat of true motherliness. Meamil dreamily thinks to herself that Centorea's milk is like that of the "Virgin Mary's" own milk, the milk of who only christ himself could have known. Meamil dreamily thinks to herself that they are one of the first to drink this milk and that she has truly lost in "the battle of milk". Overwhelmed by the sexual arousal of Kimihito and Meamil sucking on her breasts, Centorea finally orgasms, but her milk flow also stops.

After Being Defeated[]


Meamil in infant state.

In the evening, Centorea and Kimihito are back in the Kurusu house. As Kimihito slowly wakes up he tries going over what happened, although he has no recollection of the events of the day. Centorea, however, embarrassedly tells him that it's better that way. Rachnera informs her that the situation on the ranch has also calmed down, with Centorea being relieved at the good news. The problem is, however, that by drinking Centorea's milk, Meamil has now also returned to an infantile state, rolling around on the floor and calling for "mommy's virgin milk". Rachnera, who doesn't know what to think of Meamil's perverted behaviour, asks what's wrong with her, with Centorea evasively claiming that she doesn't know.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Centaur

Dairy Breed Centaurs (馬乳種 Banyū-shu?, lit. "Horse Milk Species") are a Centaur subspecies that produces an exceptional amount of milk. Among the already well-endowed female centaurs, Dairy Centaurs have particularly large breasts. Because of this, they often serve as wet nurses for other centaurs who have trouble producing milk (like Lightweights), and due to this, it is common for Dairy Centaurs to live among groups of other centaur subspecies. Though they are about the same size as standard centaurs, their waists and legs are especially thick. Dairy centaurs are easygoing and meek. Their maternal instincts are strong, and they love small things.


  • According to the omake of Volume 17, Meamil has a 14 year-old daughter who came to Japan with her and is currently attending school as part of the cross cultural exchange, and whose breasts makes the former proud. This makes her the second centaur character to be a mother after Centorea's mother.
    • It is currently unknown whether the father of Meamil's daughter is a human or a male Dairy Breed Centaur and whether Meamil is still married to him (or if she ever was married).
  • Meamil is suspected to be involved in the infantile regression of a man, a crime that she has actually committed many times as seen in Chapter 86.
  • Meamil is the second centaur character introduced in volume 17 who's not an exchange student after Cheron.
  • On the cover of Volume 17, Meamil has green eyes but in the prologue of Chapter 86 her eyes are blue and she also missing her facial mole under her left eye. Whether this is a conscious design change by Okayado is unknown, but in Chapter 86, Meamil has the facial mole under her eye again, so at least its absence in the prologue was a mistake.
  • So far, Meamil has the largest breast size among the centaur characters in the series due to the subspecies she belongs to.
  • Meamil's breast size is at N-cup with a measurement of 120, but this is possibly an error as Chizu's breasts are a M-cup with a measurement of 127.
  • Meamil's last name means horse milk in Japanese which obviously refers to the females of her subspecies having the natural ability to express as much breastmilk as possible through their nipples.
    • Her own name is probably a pun on the word mare's milk.
  • Meamil is currently the only Liminal woman in the manga series to whose seductions Kimihito is actually powerless against, although this is mainly due to the maternal hormones in her milk, which has caused him to temporarily reverted to an infant state.
  • From Meamil's actions it is clear that she has both a strong mothering fetish and a strong breastfeeding/milking fetish, possibly related to a psychosis.
  • Meamil wears her hair in a motherly side braid to emphasize her motherly nature, but considering her actions, this is ironic as the said braid is usually a symbol to show how sweet and caring a mother is, while Meamil has a selfish, perverted personality and is generally not a trustworthy person.


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