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The following are quotes said by or relating to Meamil Airagu. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 17[]

"It seems my breast milk is a bit... built up..."
Meamil Airagu to Kimihito when they first meet, Chapter 71
"As a Dairy Breed Centaur it was quite a lot to begin with, however...Since coming to Japan, I suppose it may be the change in environment that's caused my milk production to go up, and...I'm not so good at milking myself, so you see..."
Meamil Airagu explains her "problem" to Kimihito, Chapter 71
"If you could... that is...It is quite difficult for me to be so upfront about this request, but...Would it be alright if...you milked me...?"
Meamil Airagu asks Kimihito if he can milk her, Chapter 71
"Oh my...He's quite skilled! It's totally different from those Satyrs! Those girls had technique, but were so forward with their lusts. You could tell they wanted nothing more but to have you in the palm of their hand. Simply too brutish for my liking. But this man is different...his gentle massage is second to none...you can feel his warmth and care. But that's not all...you can tell he feels desire for the female body, but he won't let it show. He's somewhat impatient, but somehow it comes off as more earnest...not to mention sensitive."
Meamil's thoughts on Kimihito and how his milking technique differs from that of the Satyr girls, Chapter 71
"That's right. Mommy's here~♥. Does my little man want more of mommy's milk~♥? Come on then, drink all you want~♥"
Meamil tries to seduce Kimihito, Chapter 71
"Fufufu...try as you might...this is pointless, Centorea-san! Anyone who drinks my milk craves mothering...and compared to me you're nothing but a...mere maiden! So sorry but you simply cannot win against my motherly nature!"
Meamil's thoughts as she mocks as Centorea tries to wake Kimihito from the effects of her milk, Chapter 71
"This milk that's surpassed even my own, to claim the seat of true motherliness...I could not help but be pulled to it...how delicious!! To think this is a virgin's milk! Like the miracle of immaculate conception, yes, the Virgin Mary herself, her milk given form! Milk the likes of which only Christ himself could have known, the ultimate milk! To think we are the first...!! To taste such heavenly milk!! How glorious!! I could become addicted!! In the battle of milk...I have truly lost!!"
Meamil's thoughts while she drinks the milk from Centorea's breasts, Chapter 71