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The following is a description of Meamil Airagu's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

After hearing about his "milking prowess" from Mil, Meamil seeks to ensnare Kimihito with her mind-altering milk and make him her personal servant. When she finally meets Kimihito in Chapter 71, she tricks him into milking her under a false pretense, while she is ecstatic about his milking massage and thinks to herself that he is much gentler than the Satyr girls. She also thought to herself that Kimihito feels desire for the female body but that he won't let it shown and that he is truly a wonderful man because off his innocent but yet eminently skilled art and she even becomes infatuated with him from this.

After experiencing Kimihito's milking technique, Meamil tries to seduce him by drinking her milk, whereby even Centorea's intervention couldn't prevent Meamil from squirting her milk into Kimihito's face. When Kimihito returned to an infant state due to the maternal hormones in the milk, Meamil tried to seduce him, even drinking some milk from her own breasts. However, when Centorea suddenly produced also breast milk, Meamil lost interest in making Kimihito to her personal milking slave, at least for the moment, because she began instead to suck on Centorea's breasts.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]

Centorea Shianus[]

After Meamil learned that Kimihito was Centorea's host, she viewed the younger Centauride as a problem for her plans. So, in order to get to Kimihito, Meamil called Centorea and claimed that she was another Centauride who seeking advice from Centorea regarding her recently increased breast milk. Meamil was aware that Centorea would send to the supermarket so that he would not have been at the Kurusu house when Centorea adviced Meamil due to the sensitive nature of the request. This gave Meamil the opportunity to find Kimihito alone to try to make him her personally "milking slave".

After finding out the truth and tracking down Meamil and Kimihito at the supermarket, Centorea stood in the way of the Dairy Breed Centauride, but was unable to prevent Meamil from splashing some of her milk on Kimihito, reducing him to an infant state. Meamil mocked Centorea's efforts to bring Kimihito back to his senses, arrogantly thinking to herself that nothing could go against her motherly nature.

While initially intending to have nothing to do with Centorea, only using her as a means to get at Kimihito, Meamil becomes interested in the young centauride when she begins lactating spontaneously despite being a virgin, whereby Meamil surprised thinks to herself that Centorea didn't had a false pregnancy but seemingly had "false breast milk". Unable to resist drinking Centorea's milk, Meamil becomes temporarily ensnared by the mind altering properties of the "virgin milk".

Residents of Black Lily Ranch[]

While in search of an ideal "milker", Meamil visits the Black Lily Ranch after hearing of the prowess of the Satyr girls. However, the mind-altering properties of her milk easily overwhelms all of the satyr girls at the ranch and Meamil then learns from Mil of the one who taught the satyr girls their skills; Kimihito. Meamil then left the ranch without caring about the chaos she had caused, whereby she later thought to herself that she found the milking technice of the Satyr girls too brutish for her liking due to their lustful nature.