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The following are quotes said by or relating to Merino. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 8[]

"Oh, I'm sorry! We haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Merino, a Pan. This is Cathyl, a Minotaur. And those are the twins, Ton and Cott."
Merino to Kimihito and Centorea on their first encounter, Chapter 33
"I'm sorry... Asking you to shear me."
"Ah, it's nothing! It's hot, so it can't be helped! But wouldn't it be better to ask Cathyl to do this?"
Kimihito (embarrassed)
"It'll be embarrassing later on if I ask her..."
Merino while being shorn by Kimihito, Chapter 33
"Please... do my front, too."
"Wait, you can do that yourself, can't you?!"
Kimihito (embarrassed)
"I've never done it myself! I'm scared! Please?"
Merino asks Kimihito to also shear the wool on her front, to his embarrassment, Chapter 33

Volume 11[]

"Merino...You've been givin' milk this whole time, why'd ya go an' try ta hide it?"
"It's I can take care of it myself, so..."
Merino sheepishly dodges Cathyl's question, Chapter 43

Volume 12[]

"This area is for introducing Liminals who are workinging in human society already. We're here as the representatives for them."
Merino to Kimihito and Miia during the EXPO, Chapter 48

Volume 14[]

"Lots of Liminal species are quite familiar with animal husbandry and stock farming. In my hometown, everyone kept sheeps, too."
Merino to Kimihito, Chapter 56
"Honestly, what is wrong with you!! Acting like you want to help with work when really you're just after s...sex! You can't do that!!"
"Okay, but then how are we gonna learn how to milk?"
"Then...then!! I'll do it!! Use me to teach them how to milk!!"
Merino volunteers herself to be milked by Kimihito as a demonstration after Saane insists that the Satyr girls should learn how to milk, Chapter 58
"M...Mr Newhire, your milking...is amazing! I think I understand why the Minotaur girls all melt away."
Merino, after Kimihito milks her, Chapter 58
"It seems like everyone's caught on to the fact that you're leaving tomorrow...! And... I... heard them talking...! About their plan to go after you tonight...!! They're headed for your room right now...!!"
"...... Oh come on, there's no way they'd do something like that..."
"Mr Newhire... did you forget what day it is today...?"
"It's a full moon!! The Night that calls out our animal instincts!"
Merino warns Kimihito about the plan of the ranch girls and that they won't be able to control themselves due to the full moon, Chapter 59