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Merino Happy

The following is a description of Merino's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Merino first meets Kimihito when he was forced to work on The Ranch by Cathyl, where she teaches him how to milk the farm animals and also has Kimihito sheer her as she is too embarrassed to ask the others.

Later in the story (23 chapters later), Merino is surprised to find out that Kimihito is the new-hire that was sent to help work at the Black Lily Ranch. Merino and Cathyl then proceed to explain the situation to him, as well informing him that the ranch was staffed exclusively by female Minotaurs, Pans, and Satyrs, and introduce him to his new co-workers. It is eventually shown that Merino may have feelings for Kimihito. Kimihito ends up milking Merino to teach the Satyrs how to milk the Minotaurs and other Pans at the farm.

It can be assumed that Merino had strong feelings for Kimihito from the beginning, even if she is too shy to say so openly. This is also illustrated in Chapter 59, as she and Cathyl took to sleeping pill to avoid being overhelmed by their instincts, which shows that she didn´t want to endanger him herself.

Cathyl's boyfriend/Farm Owner[]

Merino respects the farm owner as her host, but not much interaction has been shown between the two. According to Cott and Ton, the farm owner is also after Merino as a love interest, but it is unclear whether this is true, especially since Merino vigorously denies this.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Miia and Merino know each other, but have no special relationship with one another. In Chapter 43, Miia offered to work part-time in Merino and Cathyl's ranch which they both agreed. However, Miia was soon very upset when she learned that the job involved selling her breast milk, which was not an option for Miia anyway, as Lamia do not produce breast milk outside of pregnancy.


Merino and Papi first met in Chapter 33, but Merino didn´t interact much with Papi, although they get along well. At the evening when Papi didn't want to go home because she didn't want to leave her "chickies", Merino tried to explain to her that raising chicks is a big responsibility, although Papi still didn't want to leave the ranch.

Centorea Shianus[]

Merino generally gets along well with Centorea, but the Centaur was quite angry when Merino asked Kimihito to shear her.

Farmyard Members[]


Merino is particularly good friends with Cathyl, to the point where the two can always be seen together. While they trust each other, however, Merino was too embarrassed to ask Cathyl to shear her, while it was out of the question for Cathyl to ask Merino to let her milk her, although both urgently needed to be done.

Cott & Ton[]

Merino doesn't seem to have a special relationship with Cott and Ton, but usually gets along well with them. However, Merino can sometimes be annoyed by the escapades of the two Barometz twins, for example when they claimed that the farm owner was also after her as a love interest.

Black Lily Ranch Members[]


Although she is a Pan, because she is also her veteran, Mil respects and appreciates Merino.

Other Ranch Pan girls[]

As their veteran, the other Pan girls in the ranch respect Merino.


While there is no enmity between Merino and Saane, Merino still doesn't like the Satyr girl due to her lustful nature and her attempts to seduce Kimihito. Merino can also be energetic at times, for example when she violently pulled Saane back by her horns in Chapter 58 and angrily scolded her for only using the farm work as an excuse to be near Kimihito and try to seduce him.

Other Ranch Satyr girls[]

While Merino gets along well with the Satyr girls in general, she still doesn't like them because of their lustful nature. Just like Kimihito and Cathyl, Merino also doesn't seem sure what to think of the fact that the rest of the Pan girls and Minotaur girls are now being milked by the Satyresses.