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The following are quotes said by or relating to Meroune's mother. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 9[]

"The situation has changed, Meroune. Human-Mermaid relations are not all well. We must rethink our stance on mingling with other species. I cannot have you living abroad in this crucial time. You are part of the royal family, after all."
Meroune's mother
"No buts, Meroune. That is all. You may leave."
Meroune's mother demands her daughter to cancel her Exchange Program stay in Japan with Kimihito, Chapter 35
"Meroune was taken by Octo... but I know she's not in harm's way. Even if Meroune finds out the truth... everything will still proceed as planned. Yes, everything is going my way...!"
Meroune's mother thinks to herself with satisfication and a evil smile that everything is going exactly according to her plan, Chapter 36
"The rumors about Octo. The tension between humans and Mermaids caused by elopement... it was all my doing"
Meroune's mother
"Wh... why would you do such a thing?!"
Meroune (horrified)
"I harbor no ill will towards Octo. She was simply a very convenient tool. While elopement is indeed a problem, it's not quite so bad. I have merely exaggerated the size of the problem. Now that human-Mermaid relations are at their lowest, the Extraspecies Exchange Program is sure to be canceled. That has always been my true aim."
Meroune's mother revealed her evil plan to her daughter and Kimihito, Chapter 37
"It was not because of the king, nor was it for the sake of the Mermaid race. Yes, it was all... for tragedy! You see, there's a human man I've been seeing for quite a while! I want to have the ultimate tragic romance! The two of them, torn apart solely because they are of different races! And I, the queen, cannot abandon my country to go to him... it's perfect!"
Meroune's mother
"W-wait, are you serious, mother?! Does this mean you're cheating on father?! How coul you forsake him?"
Meroune (horrified
"It's not cheating, Meroune. I simply met the man of my dreams after making a terrible mistake. You could say, I was cheating on him the whole time."
Meroune's mother reveals to Mero and Kimihito her selfish and ridiculous motives for which she was willing to jeopardize the Mermaids' relationship with the humans whithout regard to what is right for her folk, Chapter 37
"Stop this, Mero! You can't swim against the current with a fin like that! If you're not careful, he won't be the only one to die! Meroune! I know you how hard you are trying! But it's simply impossible for you to save him in your current state!! Don't tell me you intend to die with him?!"
Meroune's mother, in fear, tries to convience Mero that she cannot save Kimihito with her injured tail fin and that she will die if she tries it, Chapter 37