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The following is a description of Meroune's Mother's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

Her Family[]

Meroune Lorelei[]

They are mother and daughter, but their relationship with each other is not the best. The Mermaid queen often behaves very decisively towards her daughter and decides what is good for her, often without listening to Mero's opinion. In the course of her intrigues, the queen forced Mero to return to the Mermaid kingdom, ignoring her daughter being separated from Kimihito. She also believes that the "happy end culture" of the humans has tainted Mero too much, since she no longer wants love tragedies. However, Mero's mother genuinely loves her daughter and eventually gave up on her selfish plan to end the Exchange Program for her people only to have herself the "perfect tragic romance" after it put Mero into danger.

However, Mero's mother still remains a strong influence on her daughter's life and does "what is best" for her regardless of her daughter's opinion. So she bought the new wheelchair for Mero in Chapter 49 at the EXPO although Mero didn't want it or rebuilt Kimihito's house without his consent as seen in Chapter 45 to make additional underground rooms for Mero. In Chapter 43, she also refuses to let Mero do a normal job in Tokyo because it "doesn't befit a princess". According to Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Mero is used to being overruled by her mother most of the time, forcing her to stand aside and watch the other household girls support Kimihito in a way she is unable to.

The King/Meroune's father[]

Mero's mother and the king have been separated for some time. Although the two probably got along in the past because they have a daughter together, the king later eloped with a human woman. Mero's mother is not at all concerned about this and, much to Mero's shock, calls the king a "terrible mistake" in Chapter 37. She also says that she's been cheating on him this whole time, with Kimihito thinking to himself that maybe that's the reason why the king eloped.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

The Mermaid queen first interacted with Kimihito in Chapter 37. Despite the fact that Kimihito is not of royal blood, it can be seen that the queen seemingly doesn't mind that Mero is in love with him and she even thanks Kimihito, albeit briefly, for taking Mero in. But on the other hand, she had no qualms about almost drowning him and forcing her daughter to leave him, just to show her the tragedy of unhappy love. While Mero's mouther seems at the end of the chapter to have accepted her daughter's decision to stay with Kimihito, it is clear from her briefly interaction with Kimihito that she neighter likes him nor has a dislike for him, she simply has no partucular opinion of him.

In Chapter 45 it is revealed that Mero's mother made a lot of unauthorized changes to the Kurusu house without Kimihito's knowledge or consent, such as additional underground rooms for her daughter. This shows that Meroune's mother doesn't care whether she should take Kimihito's opinion on such changes into account, although that may just be because she thinks as a queen she can do whatever she wants.

Unnamed lover[]

An unnamed male human who Meroune's mother had been dating for some times before Chapter 37 and initially in secret. Since he is a human and she is a Mermaid, Meroune's mother wanted to experience the "ultimate tragic love" with him in the form of two lovers who cannot be together because because they came from two different, hostile worlds. To this end, the queen spreads rumours among her people that Octo was an evil sea witch and that many more Mermaids that was actually the case were eloped with humans, which would worsened the relationship between humans and the Merfolk in the long term.

However, after Kimihito and his homestay girls (more or less) foiled the Mermaid queen's plan in Chapter 37, she explained to her folk that the rumours about Octo were false. She also revealed her relationship with her human lover to the public. Later in the omake for Volume 9 it is revealed that the queen is seeking advice from Octo to reconcile her relationship with Mero's father, the Mermaid king. Not because her relationship with her human lover is going badly, but simply because it is "wonderful tragic" when obstacles get in they way of their love in the form of a love triangle.

Kuroko Smith[]

Mero's mother and Ms Smith have not, as far as is known, interacted personally, but from Ms Smith's polite demeanour towards Mero in Chapter 10, it can be seen that she knows Mero is a princess and that she may therefore also know the queen.

Mr President[]

It is not known if Mero's mother personally interacted with Mr President, but in Chapter 72 she forbade his staff from asking her daughter about her experiences of performing on stage.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Mero's mother and Miia have not interacted personally, but due to her intrigues that nearly led to Kimihito's death, albeit unintentionally, Miia has probably a dislike for the Mermaid queen.


Mero's mother and Papi have not interacted with each other.

Centorea Shianus[]

Mero's mother and Centorea have not interacted personally, but due to her intrigues that nearly led to Kimihito's death, albeit unintentionally, Centorea has a dislike for the Mermaid queen.


Mero's mother and Suu have not interacted with each other.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Mero's mother and Rachnera have not interacted personally, but due to their intrigues that nearly led to Kimihito's death, albeit unintentionally, Rachnera has a dislike for the Mermaid queen.


Liz & Kinu[]

In Chapter 34, Mero's mother hired TALIO as escorts for her daughter, but it is unknown if she ever personally interacted with or met Liz and Kinu.

Monster Community[]

Sebasstian & Flounnder[]

Mero's mother wasn't seen interacting much personally with Sebasstian and Flounnder, but as the family Lorelei's butlers, the two report to her. Sebasstian and Flounnder have great respect for the queen to the point where they are always afraid that the queen will punish them if something goes wrong for which they are responsible.

Mero's mother doesn't seem to care too much about Sebasstian and Flounnder when she unleashed the Fine Eater Piranha's on the protagonists in Chapter 37, with the two Fishfolk butlers being injured by the fish.


As part of her intrigue, the Mermaid queen spread rumours that Octo was an evil sea witch who would use magic to trick the merfolk into eloping. As the queen explained to Kimihito and Mero in Chapter 37, she harboured no ill will toward Octo and simply regarded her as a very convenient tool in her conspiracy to end the Exchange between Species Program for her people for her selfish desire to experience the "perfect tragedy" with her human lover.

Since the queen later cleared up the rumours about Octo but kept it secret that it was her fault, it is not entirely clear whether Octo ever found out that the queen caused all these problems for her. At least the two seem to get along or are to be neutral to each other. As seen in the omake of Volume 9, the queen also occasionally comes to Octo for advice, although the Scylla seems overwhelmed by her specific requests.

Mermaid Kingdom Subjects[]

As queen, Mero's mother enjoys great respect among her folk and at first glance she also seems to be a benevolent ruler. However, as revealed in Chapter 37, this is not always the case when the queen decided to experience the "perfect tragic love story" with her human lover, in the form of two lovers who cannot be together becauce the come from two different, hostile worlds.

To this end, the queen began spreading rumours that the elopement problem of the Mermaids who fall in love to humans was much more bad that was actually the case. The queen did this to worsen the relationship between humans and the Merfolk so that her people would be canceled her conection to the Exchange Between Species Program. This shows that Mero's mother is willing to put her own selfish and silly desires about the needs and desires of her people, making it doubtfull whether she is actually always good at deciding what is right for the Mermaid kingdom.

In Chapter 37, after the Mermaid queen finally gave up on her plans after her daughter almost died as a result, she finally revealed to her folk that the rumours about Octo and the elopement problem were false, but she also effectively absolved herself of responsibility, by hiding the fact that she was the one who actually started these rumours. The queen also did this to present an uprising, so that the Merfolk still don't know what great damage their own queen almost caused through her longing for love tragedies.