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The following are quotes said by or relating to Meroune Lorelei. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 2[]

"My, I haven't even told you my name yet, I'm Mero. Let me give you my utmost thanks once again."
Mero on her first encounter with Kimihito, Chapter 10
"I'm a Mermaid by the name Meroune Lorelei. And I will be staying here as your guest from now on! I hope we get along well, Beloved!"
Mero officially introduces herself to Kimihito and his other household girls, Chapter 10

Volume 3[]

"You certainly seem interested in our master's romantic life. Why would that be?"
"Yes, well, it's quite embarrassing...The story of the little Mermaid is quite popular among Mermaids. My parents told me the story when I was young. The meaning behind the story has become really popular even among adults. Hence why all Mermaids are extremely fond of romance. I've seen the operatic and musical versions many times."
Mero, embarrassed, tells Centorea the reasons for her fondness for love stories, Chapter 12
"That's right, just like the little Mermaid...I want a tragic love...! Ah...! She saves the life of her Beloved prince! She throws her fins, her voice, and her world away just to see him! But he never notices her, and instead, marries another! I want a tragedy, just like the little Mermaid! I want to turn into sea foam and disappear!! That's why I won't get in your way, miss Miia! No, on the contrary! I will be praying that you and our dear beloved get together! Then, my dream will come true! I want a tragic love!! I want to give our Beloved an undying love that will never be returned!"
Mero tells Miia about her obsession with tragic loves, Chapter 12
"But Mero, don't Mermaids live underwater? What kind of remedies do your people have?"
"Oh, We have plenty! One remedy is to bathe in a pool laced with medicinal herbs. Any illness can be cured if you soak long enough!"
Mero tells Miia and the other household girls about the healing methods of the Mermaids, Chapter 13

Volume 4[]

"I didn't expect to see another person of the sea! Which ocean are you from?"
Mero upon her first encounter with Rachnera, mistaking the spider-like Arachne with a crab-like Liminal, Chapter 16
"That would be wonderful!! To be stolen by a beautiful human woman is the very plot of the little Mermaid, it is not?!"
Mero dreamily thinks in her tragic romances that Kimihito might cheat on his household girls with a human woman, Chapter 18

Volume 5[]

"Worry not! Have you forgotten what it is I desire?! I want to be my belowed's mistress! I am here today to offer you my full suport, Miia-sama!"
Miia (unsure)
"Yes, so please do not worry! With my date plan, your relationship will be stronger than ever by the end of the day!"
Mero enthusiastically announces that she wants to support Miia on her "date" with Kimihito, Chapter 19
"But those are both boys! When two male fish complete for territory, it looks like they're kissing. They're calling kissing gourami... wait, what's wrong?"
Mero suddenly burst in, unwittingly and unknowingly ruining the tender moment between Kimihito and Miia, Chapter 19
"Thank goodness... I was worried for a moment. But it looks like they were finally able to get closer to one another!...?... But... what it this pain in my chest...? My gills aren't dry... so why...?"
Mero is initially happy to see Kimihito and Miia so happy together, before she suddenly feels a deep sadness because, without really knowing it at the moment, she is actually longing for true love herself, Chapter 19

Volume 6[]

"Dear Beloved... I have but one request... if I cannot save you from your fate..."
"Can you please not kill me off?"
"Will you create an everlasting bond with me?"
"Yes... a special keepsake made by you and me...!"
"Ah... no, what? Ah, I see, you're talking about something we make together, like a keepsake. You're not talking about a kid or anything, just about something special."
"No, I'm talking about a child!"
Mero to Kimihito after Lala proclaims that he is on the "brink of death", whereupon the Mermaid in a fit of tragic love wants to make a "Legacy of Love" with him before he "dies", Chapter 24

Volume 7[]

"I'm so glad... yes... how happy I feel to hear that... I had always wanted a tragic love, so why... why do I feel a pain in my chest... when I think about never being with another, never being repaid, never being loved...? It hurts so much..."
Mero is happy to hear that Kimihito also considers her as a marriage candidate, although she realizes how painful the thought of experiencing tragic love suddenly feels, Chapter 30

Volume 8[]

"You're simply not used to things yet. If you work hard to do better, I'm sure you will improve. I know... that our time together has been short, but it has been long enough to learn... that the two of you have wonderful hearts. I hope you will continue to further your efforts as time passes."
Mero cheers up Liz and Kinu with her royal aura, Chapter 34

Volume 9[]

"So, should we call you Mero-sama?"
"N-no, the Mermaid Kingdom is but one small kingdom in a sea of many! Please, continue calling me Mero!"
Mero is embarrassed that Kimihito and the other household girls now know that she is a princess, Chapter 35
"Stop! That trident is one of our country's most... "
Meroune's Mother
"I don't care! I... I don't care about tragedy! I didn't want a tragedy like the little Mermaid... I just wanted to find someone who loved me... and live happily ever after with him! Just like the little Mermaid, I want to live happily ever after... with my dear Beloved..."
Mero confronts her mother after she finally realized what she really wants from the bottom of her heart, Chapter 37
"Oh please, miss Miia! Won't you be my Beloved's side girl?! Consumed with desire for the lover from his past, even though he already has the woman of his dreams?! Doesn't that sound wonderful?!"
Mero, in her obsession with tragedy, ambushes Miia and begs her to be Kimihito's "side girl" now that she herself wants to be his number one, Chapter 37

Volume 11[]

"It seems Papi-sama met an Extraspecies person she'd never seen before and brought them home. They had been wandering around the front of the house, and befriended Papi-sama, or so she said... at any rate, as she brought them into the living room... they... released a large quantity of spores from what looked like a mushroom's cap. Since I use my gills to breathe, I was relatively unaffected, but... everyone else who had inhaled the spores began to act very strangely... I believe they are all under some kind of group hypnosis that is keeping them trapped in a fantastical delusion. So I decided to wait for Beloved's return here in the pool."
Mero tells Kimihito and Centorea what happened at the Kurusu house while they were away, Chapter 45

Volume 18[]

"The swim club has had many new aquatic Extraspecies join this year, so it's been quite the commotion! Everyone is aiming for the inter-high competition! I've always been interested in these kinds of challenges...!"
Mero expresses her excitement to Kimihito and Miia at being part of the Grimoire High School's swim club, Chapter 74
"This is... huh?! What are Goth Loli clothes doing in my locker...?! And why did I just put them on like it was nothing?! And what happened to my uniform?! Wait a moment... these clothes feel strange, almost as if... they're molded to my very being, I feel as though I've always worn them... a strange peace... goodness... what is...?... Huh? Where am I...? What was I...?"
Mero is initially startled by the gothic lolita clothes which Centorea has smuggled in her bag before wondering where she is in confusion as Arbatel's brainwashing wears off, Chapter 77
"So you say, but... it doesn't seem as though anything has changed... can we really escape from this world now or not, I wonder... if there were some sign or change to let us know... this is still a fake world created by Arbatel, after all."
"Ah... yes... I suppose so..."
"Not to mention... if Arbatel is the one who created this world, do you really believe she would deliver her own love letter with a gust of wind like that? Not to mention falling out of a window like that... would that not be simply acting... quite the performance for her own benefit..."
Mero expresses her scepticism to Centorea that Maika is Arbatel in disguise, Chapter 79

Volume 19[]

"Oh ho~ This pool has a current to it! How lovely! It won't be enough to hold me back, however~! After all, I was on the swim team!!"
Mero, having been in "sports mode" since the events of the School arc, expresses her delight at the Black Lily Waterpark with an uncharacteristically expressive enthusiasm from her, Chapter 81


"It is nice to meet you. I am the mermaid Meroune Lorelei. Starting today I will be a homestay in your house. Please take care of me, master."