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The following is a description of Meroune Lorelei's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

Her Family[]

Meroune's Mother[]

They are mother and daughter, but their relationship with each other is not the best. The Mermaid queen often behaves very decisively towards her daughter and decides what is good for her, often without listening to Mero's opinion. In the course of her intrigues, the queen forced Mero to return to the Mermaid kingdom, ignoring her daughter being separated from Kimihito. She also believes that the "happy end culture" of the humans has tainted Mero too much, since she no longer wants love tragedies. However, Mero's mother genuinely loves her daughter and eventually gave up on her selfish plan to end the Exchange Program for her people only to have herself the "perfect tragic romance" after it put Mero into danger.

However, Mero's mother still remains a strong influence on her daughter's life and does "what is best" for her regardless of her daughter's opinion. So she buys the new wheelchair for Mero in Chapter 49 at the EXPO although Mero didn't want it or rebuilds Kimihito's house without his consent as seen in Chapter 45 to make additional underground rooms for Mero. In Chapter 43, she also refuses to let Mero do a normal job in Tokyo because it "doesn't befit a princess". According to Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Mero is used to being overruled by her mother most of the time, forcing her to stand aside and watch the other household girls support Kimihito in a way she is unable to.

Meroune's father/The Mermaid King[]

The exact relationship between Mero and her father, the Mermaid King is unknown as he separated from her mother before the start of the series and eloped with a human woman. However, in Chapter 37, Mero was dismayed when her mother revealed that she had been cheating on the king the whole time and she fiercely defended him when her mother called him a "terrible mistake". This shows that Mero still loves her father very well and has no grudge against him for abandoning her and her mother.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Mero first meets Kimihito after he saves her after Mero loses control of her wheelchair going down a hill. She later joins the Kurusu household and had a strong desire to become Kimihito's mistress and to be in a tragic relationship with him. Her will to have a tragic relationship also causes Kimihito to almost drown. However, after seeing Kimihito's closeness with Miia during a double date and his interactions with the other girls, she begins to have second thoughts. After the events at the Mermaid Kingdom where she nearly experiences a tragic love but is then rescued by Kimihito, Mero ditches the idea of being Kimihito's mistress and wants to be his wife instead. She still prefers a tragic love setup, except without her being the side girl. 

Kuroko Smith[]

Mero respected the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator Smith as an authority figure as well as treating her in a formal, polite, and kind way like she would to anyone else. Initially, only Smith knew Mero's royal social status.


Mero initially felt uncomfortable when Kasegi was filming when her top was slipping. After Suu blew Kasegi's cover, Mero along with Miia and Centorea became angry towards Kasegi. Mero was going to attack Kasegi with a large seashell, but Kimihito attacked the con man instead.

Ren Kunanzuki[]

Mero and Ren didn't get off to a good start when they first met in Chapter 26. After Kimihito's other household girls cleaned up Ren's school uniform, Mero temporarily gave Ren one of her gothic lolita dresses, with the Mermaid thinking Ren looked great in it. However, Ren mistakenly assumed (and much to Mero's confusion) that wearing the gothic lolita dress was a test to see if Ren can endure the fashion tastes of Liminal people, with Ren also proclaiming that she was willing to wear any outfit, no matter how embarrassing it was. As usual, Ren didn't realize that she was insulting Mero, who was shocked that Ren found her fashion taste "embarrassing".

Later, after Kimihito refuses Ren's request to host Rachnera again, Ren ran out of the Kurusu house, not realizing that she was still wearing Mero's dress and had left her school uniform behind. Mero called after her in dismay, but Ren didn't hear her. It is currently unknown what Mero has thought of Ren since then, although she may have overlooked the loss of her dress in the end.

Mr President[]

Mero and Mr President know each other but they don't have a special relationship. Together with Papi, Mero only got to know Mr President later because she wasn't there when he, Kimihito, and the other homestay girls first met in Chapter 53.

During Volume 14, Mr President offered Mero his wellness program along with Kimihito's other homestay girls, although by the end of it, Mero got fat from eating too much.

In Chapter 72, as Mr President wanted to start his own idol group, he reached out to Papi and Mero as both have some experience in performing on stage. However, Mero's mother didn't allow his staff to question her daughter about it, as she often does when Mero does something "not befitting a princess".

Fellow homestay girls[]


In the beginning, Mero wanted nothing more than to be Kimihito's mistress, so she set her sights on making Miia his wife so she could satisfy her desire for a tragic romance. However, after observing Kimihito and Miia share an intimate moment during their double date, she started to doubt her desire for a tragic romance with her as a mistress. Following the events of the Mermaid Kingdom, she announces that she wants to be his wife and to make Miia the mistress instead.


She doesn't seem to interact with Papi that much but shows respect to her. Like with the other Monster Girls, Papi is rather fond of Mero and would listen to her during the mermaid's study sessions.

Centorea Shianus[]

Mero and Centorea get along well as friends. Mero initially thought Centorea to be the "master's" lover throwing the Centaur off guard. Mero respected Centorea's loyalty and devotion as a knight to their master especially when she unwittingly projected her royal aura causing the Centaur to think that she was standing before royalty.


She doesn't seem to interact with her much, but they get along well as friends and always help each other. However, Mero is often targeted by Suu's slime groping attacks because the naturally moist slime that protects Mero's body from dehydration is tempting to Suu, especially when she is dehydrated.

As shown in Chapter 43, Papi and Suu like Mero as a teacher much more than Miia.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

She seems to respect her but not much is known as they never interact with each other. She secretly likes the feeling of being tied up by her.


Mero didn't like Lala at first when it seemed that the Dullahan had the intention to kill Kimihito to "harvest his soul", but they later respected each other after the explanation by Ms. Smith. Since then, Mero and Lala have gotten along very well as friends, but they don't interact often with each other.



Mero doesn't often interact with Doppel, but they get along well as friends.


Mero doesn't often interact with Tio, but they get along well as friends.


Mero doesn't often interact with Zombina, but they get along well as friends.


Mero doesn't often interact with Manako, but they get along well as friends.

Monster Community[]


Mero and Polt first met in Chapter 17 when Kimihito, along with her, Miia and Centorea, visited Polt's gym to lost weight. Later Polt also commented on the swimming competition between Mero and Miia. In general, Mero gets along well with Polt, but the two don't interact often with each other.


Mero has barely interacted with Draco, but she dislikes the Dragonewt woman after she tried to grope Miia. In Chapter 19, Mero stole the oars so that Draco couldn't move out of the way when Kimihito used his swan boat's ram attack to capsize Draco's boat.

Miia's Mother[]

Mero hasn't interacted much with Miia's mother. In Chapter 27, Mero was pleased to meet her, but then Miia's mother used a weak neurotoxin in the tea to drug Mero and the other homestay girls for a few hours so that they would not get in the way of Miia's mother in her attempt to kidnap Kimihito to the Lamia Village. She drugged Mero and the other homestay girls (excluded Rachnera) again with a poison in Chapter 61 so that they couldn't interfere with Kimihito's "training" for the serpentine tournament. It can be assumed that Mero distrusts Miia's mother after these bad experiences, efen if she shows no antipathy towards the Lamia.

Centorea's Mother[]

Mero and Centorea's mother first met in Chapter 29, but the two didn't interact much with each other. Like the other homestay girls, Mero also watched the duel between Centorea's mother and her daughter in the Kobold Stadium.


Mero and Yukio first met in Chapter 31 when Kimihito visited the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort with his homestay girls. In general, the two don't interact much but they get along very well and respect each other. However, like many others, Mero can sometimes be intimidated by Yukio's literally cold severity.

Liz & Kinu[]

Mero's first encounter with Liz and Kinu in Chapter 34 began rather chaotically as the two TALIO agents took her, Kimihito, and Suu into custody. However, the two agents were not aware that the person they were supposed to protect as bodyguards ("X-O") was actually Mero, and they mistakenly thought that they had to protect Suu. Despite this chaotic first impression, Mero still believes that Liz and Kinu have the potential to become excellent agents.

Later, after Ms Smith clarified the situation, Liz and Kinu were deeply depressed and felt like failures because they had seemingly screwed up another job. Mero then cheered Liz and Kinu up again with her royal aura, telling them that their time together was only short, but that she had still learned that they both had good hearts. Mero added that she hopes that Liz and Kinu will continue to further their efforts as time passes.

Sebasstian & Flounnder[]

Mero gets along very well with the two Fishfolk butlers, and the two also respect Mero as members of the royal Mermaid family. However, as seen in Chapter 35, Mero becomes embarrassed when Sebasstian and Flounnder demand that others show her respect because of her status as princess, to the point where she hits them both with a seashell to make them stop. But also, Mero cares about Sebasstian and Flounnder, as seen in Chapter 37, when she is frightened when the two butlers are attacked by the piranhas.


Because of the rumours that Octo was an evil sea witch and that she was also after Mero, Mero initially viewed her with caution. Nevertheless, Mero showed no fear of her when she finally met the Scylla in person in Chapter 35, quickly convinced of her innocence and voluntarily went with her (though this was mistaken for a kidnapping). Mero finally told Kimihito and the other homestay girls in Chapter 36 that the rumours about Octo were only based on baseless allegations, although she could do little for the Scylla herself since only her mother had power over the Merfolk.


Since Kino was one of the three dangerous Liminals, Mero initially viewed her with caution. This was further reinforced when the Matango girl accidentally contaminated the Kurusu house with her hallucinogenic spores, although Mero personally was not affected by the hallucinations since, as a Mermaid, she can breathe through her gills. In the end however, Mero understood through Kimihito that Kino wasn't doing this with purpose, and they seem to get along since then.

Curie Drakulya[]

Since Curie was one of the three dangerous Liminals, Mero initially viewed her with caution. This was further reinforced when the Vampire girl attacked Zombina in front of the Kurusu house and kidnapped Kimihito during the EXPO. In the end, however, Mero understood that Curie's evil deeds were actually due to the Ghost of her father Wladislaus, who took control of his daughter at night, since while Mero never saw Wladislaus' ghost directly, they learned through the conversation between Papi and Curie how he had controlled her; Centorea also notes that all the commotion about a dangerous species was due to Wladislaus. After Lala exorcizes his Ghost, Mero seems to get along with Curie.