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The following are quotes said by or relating to Miia's mother. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 7[]

"Yahho! Miia! I missed you!"
Miia's mother by her debut, Chapter 27
"Don't worry. It's just a weak neurotoxin. It'll weak off in a few hours. Lamias are skilled poisoners. I thought you knew. I had hoped for Darling here to drink some too, but..."
Miia's mother
"Wh...Why did you do this?!"
Kimihito (angry and scared)
"Why? That's obvious...To get our rivals out of the way! And force darling into a shotgun wedding with Miia! And then! Bring darling black to the village to be everyone's husband!"
Miia's mother reveals her true intentions while drugging Kimihito's other household girls with a neurotoxin, Chapter 27
"I'm glad your boyfriend is so understanding. Then let's get this party started right away, hm?"
Miia's Mother after tracking down Kimihito and Miia on their escape, Chapter 27
"You really do have Miia's best interests at heart...but well, we came all this way, so we might as well go at it, right?"
Miia's mother is touched by Kimihito's care for her daughter before trying again to seduce him by force the next moment, Chapter 27
"We'll look for another communal husband elsewhere. Other girls in the tribe are getting ready to come abroad too. I'm sure they'll find one for us."
Miia's mother promises Miia not to bring Kimihito to her home village, Chapter 27
"Oh, hello Miia!"
Miia's mother (caught)
"Mama?! What are you doing?!"
Miia (angry)
"Well, I started to want little darling for myself"
Miia's mother
"What?! Come on! Darling's mine!!"
Miia (angry)
"Oh, but we're family, aren't we? It's all the same!"
Miia's mother
"No, it's not!!"
Miia argues with her mother when both try to take Kimihito for themselves in the night, Chapter 27

Volume 15[]

"There's going to be a meeting between all the snake species starting tomorrow. I need you two to take part in the opening ceremonies for the first big meeting!"
Miia's mother
"Wai...wait a second!! By "big meeting", you mean that big meeting...?!"
Miia (horrified)
"Of course. We're expecting great things from you two!"
Miia's mother reveals that she plans to have Kimihito and Miia attend the big meeting, much to her daughter's dismay, Chapter 60
"We Lamia are a race consisting of only women!! Thus, for the good of the species, we require strong males!! The strength of the tribe's husband becomes the strength of the tribe itself! True strength lies in the genes of the strong!! The purpose of the tournament is to decide which man is truly the strongest!! The tribe that brings forth such a man gains the right to govern all the tribes!! This is the purpose!! This is the stud tournament!!"
Miia's mother passionately tells Kimihito and his household girls about the stud tournament, Chapter 61
"First...time...What...What do you mean "first time"? You're saying...Miia. you've been with Darling-san all this time and...you haven't even done it yet...?"
Miia's mother (stunned)
"I'm pretty sure a parent shouldn't talk about it like that!! Don't say "doing it"!"
Miia (angry and embarrassed)
"Wai...wait, that means...Oh no, that means...basically...That means, he doesn't have a will of steel, able to withstand temptation or anything...He just...he was such a virgin...he was too scared to even get it up...?"
Miia's mother is shocked to learn that Kimihito and her daughter are both still virgins despite their long life together, Chapter 61
"I knew if I got Mr Darling there to be in the tournament, you'd definitely feel the pressure and finally cross that last line and hook up~"
Miia's Mother
"Anyway, once you got here, Miia... There were way too many chances for you to hook up, but you just kept stubbornly going along with the tournament~ Looks like Mr Darling isn't the only shy one, is he~"
Miia's Mother
"T- then what if we ended up losing the tournament?!"
"If the Extraspecies Exchange Laws ended up being cancelled, you'd just run off and elope with Mr Darling, wouldn't you? It all works out however you want to think about it."
Miia's mother reveals to her stunned and angry daughter that she only let Kimihito compete in the tournament instead of Studmuffin on an excuse, casually adding that she would have accepted the cancellation of the Cultural Exchange Program for her tribe for doing so, Chapter 63