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The following is a description of Miia's Mother's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Since the very first moment she met Kurusu in Chapter 27, Miia's Mother tried to evaluate if he was suitable to be a "Husband" for all her Lamia Tribe. She touched him down there and tried to have sex with him as well as trying to make him have sex with her daughter. After she learned that Kurusu actually liked Lamias and that he really has Miia's best interests at heart, she was very touched and thought of having him for herself, and tried to sneak into his bed, just like Miia. Unfortunately for the two of them, a drunk Rachnera was there and stopped the two of them, because they were too loud.

Miia's mother is very scheming about the relationship between Kimihito and Miia, as in Volume 15 she uses a pretext to get Kimihito to take part in the Serpentine tournament so that her daughter can deepen her relationship with him, even though she also took the risk that her tribe would no longer participate in the Extraspecies Exchange Program. On the other hand, she also constantly tries to seduce Kimihito herself. This has all led to Kimihito having distrust towards her, although he has no grudge against her due to his kindness.

Miia's Father[]

The exact relationship between Miia's father and mother is unknown except that he ran away; most likely being among the men who chose to leave after being lured by the Lamia intercourse traditions.


Miia's mother and Studmuffin respect each other, with her even describing him as "super amazing" in Chapter 61 and admitting that the Lamia tribe was able to win many tournaments thanks to him. Nevertheless, Miia's mother is also willing to use Studmuffin for her plans, albeit on his voluntary participation. This can be seen in Chapter 63, when it is revealed that Miia's mother claim that Studmuffin couldn't participate in the tournament because of his back and that Kimihito had to fill in for him was just an excuse to put pressure on her daughter to do it with him so she could further her relationship with Kimihito. Studmuffin had previously agreed to stay away from the tournament for this reason, although he later expressed some concerns when he saw the resulting chaos.

Kimihito's Homestay Girls[]


Miia's Mother loves Miia greatly, but due to her constant attempts to seduce Kimihito, her relationship with her daughter is not without conflict. Her entire visit in Chapter 27 was only a ploy to remove her rivals and "help" her daughter take Kimihito for herself. The whole time Miia fights to stop her from taking Kimihito she is nothing but friendly towards her. She does not hold a grudge afterwards either, and expressed understanding that Miia doesn't want to share Kimihito with other women. However, she does anger her daughter by attempting to sleep with Kimihito herself.

As later seen during Volume 15, Miia's mother is also willing to go to greath lengths to get her daughter to deepen her relationship with Kimihito, even considering the risk of the Lamia withdrawing from the Cultural Exchange Program. She was also willing to incapacitate her own daughter in Chapter 61 with an anesthetic in her tea so that she couldn't help Kimihito. These intrigues consisted of Miia's mother tricking Kimihito into participating in the tournament between the Serpentine tribes under a pretext and later showing slight disappointment at the thought of the "many chances" Miia has missed to officially become a couple with Kimihito. This, along with her constant attempts to seduce Kimihito, have led to Miia no longer trusting her mother around Kimihito, although her mother is rather unconcerned about this.


Miia's mother and Papi didn't really interact with each other. Papi doesn't seem to have any dislike for Miia's mother, although she drugged the Harpy with the Lamian tea in Chapter 27 and Chapter 61 along with the other household girls. However, it is likely that this is simply because Papi quickly forgot about this event due to her bird brain.

Centorea Shianus[]

Miia's mother and Centorea haven't interacted very much, but due to the Lamia's sneaky nature in her attempts to seduce Kimihito and the fact that she has twice drugged Kimihito's homestay girls, including Centorea, with poison, Centorea distrusts her.


Miia's mother and Suu barely interacted with each other, but in Chapter 27, Miia threw Suu in her blob form at her mother as a distraction so that she and Kimihito could escape from her. It is not known if Suu groped Miia's mother with her usual Slime grope, as Suu was drugged by the Lamian tea like the other homestay girls at the time, which she may or may not have been immune to.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Miia's mother and Mero haven't interacted much but Mero probably doesn't like the Lamia due to her sneaky nature.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

The relationship between Miia's mother and Rachnera is far from good as the Arachne dislikes the Lamia due to her sneaky nature. This dislike is actually personal because not only did Miia's mother drug Rachnera and the other homestay girls with the neurotoxin-laced Lamian tea, the caffeine in the tea also caused Rachnera to get drunk. After an ensuing argument between Miia and her Mother, Rachner woke up while being hungover, she tied both of them up in the hallway. As a form of punishment, Rachnera put a sign on each of the lamias with Miia's mother's stating that "I'm way too old to be sneaking into rooms for sex".

Later in Chapter 61 when visiting the Lamia village, Rachnera was prepared after the first bad experience with Miia's mother and therefore did not touch the offered tea, which was again laced with an paralysis poison. However, Rachnera was still stunned when Miia's mother ordered her pet snake Doku-chan to secretly bite Rachnera and paralysed the Arachne with his venom. This only increased Rachnera's personal dislike for Miia's mother.

Monster Community[]

Centorea's Mother[]

They became acquainted in an Omake. Centorea's mother scorns Miia's mother about Lamia Tradition, while Miia's mother points out how Centaur's traditions and the issues surrounding to uphold them, are somewhat no different, and calls her out on her holier-than-thou attitude when she conceived a daughter herself out of wedlock. She ended up saying that Centorea's mom is being hypocritical and the only difference is female centaurs such as herself refrain from showing their lecherous side unlike lamias because they want to uphold their reputation. Centorea's mother has no retort to come up with, and gets down on her knees in shame.

Papi's Mother[]

The two became acquainted in an Omake. Miia's mother points how Papi's mother has actually the most grounded of relationships compare to her own and Centorea's mother.