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The following are quotes said by or relating to Miia. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 1[]

"Just five more degrees ..."
Miia as she snuggles up to Kimihito, Chapter 1
"When I first came here... you know, we Lamias are shy about meeting new people. I'm half-snake... so I was worried that you'd be scared of me. But you weren't bothered by my snake body. In fact you went out of your way for me. And accepted me with a smile."
Miia to Kimihito, Chapter 1
"On a date! On a date! I'm going on a date today! On a date today with my Darling! DATE!"
Miia, Chapter 2
"(Picks up a condom) Hey Darling, what's this? A gummy lifesaver?"
"Put that away!"
Kimihito Kurusu to Miia at the love hotel, Chapter 2
"Y-you bird-brain! First you stole my darling, and now this... That's so unfair!! I want to run away with my darling too, you damn bird! It's so unfair! Just go die!"
Miia to Papi when she sees the Harpy in the park with Kimihito, Chapter 3

Volume 2[]

"Welcome home, Darling! What would you like to do first? Dinner? A bath? Or me?"
Miia to Kimihito in her fantasy, Chapter 7
"Sigh... I thought that Lamias might shed their skin. Is that why you were spacing out earlier?"
"Gh... I didn't want you to see me like this, halfway through a shed... But because my hands got burned, I can't peel the old skin off..."
Miia (sad)
"You don't have to worry about it so much... I mean... I've seen you naked before."
"For a Lamia it's way more embarrassing to be shedding than it is to be seen naked!"
Miia explains to Kimihito how embarrassed she is that he sees her while she is shedding, Chapter 7
"I can't do anything right; I can't even shed my own skin right... I'm failure at cooking, and cleaning, and laundry... You finally decided to look at us as people you might marry one day. But I'll never be able to live up to your expectations..."
Miia dejectedly tells Kimihito that she doesn't think she's good enough for him as a marriage partner, Chapter 7
"M... Miia... did you actually read a cookbook...?"
"No, I learned by watching you, darling! But don't worry, I had Centorea and Papi try my food for me!"
"...Why didn't you do it yourself?"
"I don't get hungry when I'm shedding!"
Miia proudly tells Kimihito how she "cooked" the food while he was nauseous from the poisoned food, Chapter 7

Volume 3[]

"My goodness... why must your blood boil so, Miia? She is a member of this house, as are you..."
"But... that just means she's another rival! How can I just let this go?! Up until now, it's been fine! Centorea isn't a threat! Papi is a kid! I don't have to worry about Suu! I was at the top of the list of potential marriage partners...!"
Miia expresses her jealousy that Mero is now also a member of Kimihito's household and how she regards the Mermaid as a love rival, Chapter 12

Volume 6[]

"Calm down, Miia, it's just a mannequin head."
"I can't do it! I don't wanna look for a head! It's probably just a species that doesn't have a head! There's no head, so let's just go hooooooome!"
Miia expresses her fear of looking for Lala's head in the park at night, Chapter 23
"Rachnera's going to...? Rachnee, going somewhere else... Is this finally my chance?! My number of rivals will decrease, this will be great for me...! It's not like she's getting deported back to her home country... there's no reason for me to act sadder than I need to...! And I don't need to dirty my hands to get her out of the way! This is wonderful...!"
Miia's sneaky thoughts as she learns that Rachnera may soon be leaving the Kurusu house and immediately thinks of what benefits she could gain from it, Chapter 26

Volume 7[]

"If I did what I came here to do, then darling would end up like that... ahh! I'd already given up on that, but now...! My mom's coming...! My mom's coming today...!"
Miia worries about her mother's upcoming visit, Chapter 27
"Wh- what's wrong, Miia?!"
—Kimihito (worried)
"J... just... if I'm just here to look for a man to help us bear children... i... it's like the only reason I'm here is s-sex... and it's... it's embarrassing... y... you're gonna hate me, aren't you... coming her for a reason like that..."
Miia to Kimihito after telling him the real reason her tribe sent her to Japan, Chapter 27
"It's true... that before I met you, I was here looking for a communal husband... mama was counting on me, too... but... um... now... I don't want to hand you over to anyone else... I want you... to be mine, and mine only, darling..."
Miia to Kimihito about her feelings for him, Chapter 27

Volume 11[]

"I can't believe it... I never thought I'd be turned down because of that... but! That's not gonna make me give up!! If a normal place isn't gonna work, then...!!"
—Miia is initially devastated at not being able to work in a regular store due to her long snake body, although she is determined to keep looking for a job, Chapter 43
"I can't believe I'm doing this cosplay show again... but! Since it's come to this, I can't be fussy about the details!! I will do whatever it takes to land a job!!"
Miia's thoughts about the "job" Ils offered to her, Chapter 43
"I don't actually have powers or anything though~... well anyway, a lot happened, but I'm glad I got a job close to home~ Don't look a gift horse in the mouth," I guess?"
Miia's thoughts on her new job as a shrine maiden, Chapter 43

Volume 12[]

"I didn't see that. I didn't see that. I definitely didn't just see that. There's no such thing as ghosts. No such thing as ghosts."
Miia cowers in fear and denies that ghosts exist after seeing (albeit briefly) the ghost of Wladislaus, Chapter 51

Volume 15[]

"Hey~! What's the big idea, Miia?!"
Miia's Friends
"That's my line! Darling is my darling, not anyone else's! hands off!"
Miia (angry)
"Wha~?? But according to Lamia customs, that's... guys belong to everyone, right?!"
Miia's Friends
"Ah~!!! Just shut up! Shut up!"
Miia argues with her friends after they try to seduce Kimihito, Chapter 60
"That's precisely why I'm the only one who can say it! It's true that we Lamia have a traditional way of thinking: sharing one man with everyone in the tribe, I understand that. And there may be some of us here who personally find that appealing. I understand that too. But... "that's just the way it is". Using that reasoning to force us to give up the ones we love is something I cannot agree to! Darling may not be macho. He may not be super stylish. He may not be rich. But he's the most important person in the world to me...!! He's my one true love!! That's why... there should be true love out there for everyone else too."
Miia to the assembled Serpentine Liminal tribes, Chapter 63
"Ahh, I can't take it anymore!! At this rate, someone is going to steal you from me!! I'll just have to take you for myself here right now!! Darling let's do it in front of everyone and make them all give up right now."
—Influenced by the sexual atmosphere in the Lamia Village, Miia tries to seduce Kimihito and have sex with him, Chapter 63

Volume 18[]

"...Hey darling, if you're that worried, then... how about we have a little "study" session after school? In your room, of course..."
Miia tries to flirt with Kimihito in her usual seductive way, Chapter 74
"Mi... Miia? What did you say...? Anyway, we need to figure out how to escape from this fake world Arbatel created, so..."
Kimihito (confused)
"I'm saying I don't care where we are anymore!! Ahhh~ that's it!! Time to stop playing student!! From now on I'm not going to be some high school girl, I'm going to make my move like a real woman! What's more important darling, me or some silly grimoire?!"
"Waa?! Miia how long have you been sane for?!"
Kimihito tries to break Miia out of Arbatel's brainwashing only to find out that the Lamia is already sane and trying to seduce him in her usual greedy lustful way, Chapter 77
"Arbatel is a fan of school themed rom-coms, right? So probably they want to experience one of those rom-com type stories too, don't you think!? So basically if they set up this school and students with this explosion of rom-com happenings... and then if they insert themselves into the mix, they could experience the school rom-com romance of their dreams...! So basically!! Arbatel is here disguised as a student!! They're hiding here somewhere!!"
Miia triumphantly announces her suspicions about Arbatel's motives to the other protagonists, Chapter 78

Volume 19[]

"Centorea! I told you to keep it steady! I almost had it!"
Miia argues with Centorea at the Black Lily Waterpark after she fell from the Air Mattress into the "Lazy River", Chapter 81
"I summon a monster from my hand!! Snake Princess Anaconda!!"
"Hmph! What could you possibly do with such a weak monster?"
"And then! I activate my equipment card! "Reverse Snake Mask"! Attaching it to Snake Princess increases her attack power! With this she's surpassed your Centaur Aya's attack power! It's time to battle! Attack Aya! Poison Viper One flash slash!!"
Miia plays a game of Duel Monmusus with Centorea, Chapter 82
"Sekmeti-san, you don't want to learn modern style?"
Miia to Sekmeti while playing a game of Duel Monmusus with her, Chapter 82
"So why don't you move out here yourself then, Cerea? Isn't the house just a little too small for you? Too cramped, right? Go on and move~ Just leave Darling to me~"
Miia mocks Centorea as they enter the virtel with the large Liminals in search of Abul, Chapter 83
"No, I mean... yeah it is wrong if they're kids..."
—Miia to Abul after she revealed to her, Kimihito and the homestay girls that she wanted to gobble up boys, Chapter 83
"Isn't it kinda better off for everyone if she just stays depressed?"
Miia to Kimihito about Abul after they find out that she is a shotacon, Chapter 83


"Nice to meet you, I'm the lamia Miia- uuh. It's cold...Ah, you went and got me a blanket...Darling, you're so kind!"