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The following is a description of Miia's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Miia is the first Liminal girl to move in with Kimihito. They met when Ms. Smith made a mistake when trying to locate Miia to her host family. While they were talking, Miia started to shiver due her being coldblooded, he started to cover her snake half with a blanket and gave her a smile. This act of kindness touched her heart and she's been in love with him ever since. Out of all the girls that stay with Kimihito, Miia is unquestionably the most outspoken about her feelings towards him and (in no small part due to her Lamia heritage), the most vocal in her desires to be his bride, and be his number one at all costs.

Kuroko Smith[]

Ms. Smith is Miia's coordinator, but made a mistake about Miia's host family, so she ending up living with Kimihito instead. Miia does not regret this decision however, and appears to get on fairly well with Smith. Nevertheless she will not hesitate to shout at her when she feels that Smith is getting too close to Kimihito, and as illustrated when Smith was supposed to take care of a sick Kimihito (only to make a cup of coffee and promptly doze off) Miia views Smith as lazy.

The Racist Couple[]

After their encounter, she despises the couple after they insulted her, as she almost lost her temper.

Bicycle Police Officer[]

Miia has had little interacted with the Bicycle Police Officer during the series. During her first encounter with him in Chapter 3, Miia was nervous when he demanded that Kimihito him a certification to prove that he was Papi's host (which Kimihito was not at at the time), although the situation was luckily quickly resolved by the sudden appearance of Ms Smith.

Neighborhood Kids[]

Miia attempted to rescue a little girl stuck in a tree.However, it backfired as the lamia unwittingly scared the girl causing her to fall off. Miia tried to get the little girl grab her tail but it was out of reach, although Papi was able to save the girl in time.


Miia initially disliked Kasegi filming her and taking her skin that she shed. After Suu blew Kasegi's cover, Miia along with Centorea and Mero became hostile towards him. Miia prepared to lash Kasegi with her tail, but Kimihito attacked the con man instead.

Ren Kunanzuki[]

Miia didn't get off to a good start with Ren when she first met her in Chapter 26, whereby Miia isn't sure what to make of Ren and her obsession with all the supposed "tests" and thinks she's a rude person. She was also quite depressed that Ren, like everyone else, found her home-cooked food so terrible, and after Ren described the smell of Centorea's room as "barn-like", Miia felt it was truly a pain that Ren didn't know when to keep her mouth shut either.

Mr President[]

Miia's relationship with Mr President is not the best under the circumstances. From her first encounter with him in Chapter 53, Miia was suspicious of him after his employees (albeit accidentally) kidnapped Suu, as well as the fact there were rumours that his company was a suggler camp for Liminal slaves.

This distrust was further increased when Mr President revealed that he had secretly smuggled Killa, Kino and Curie into Japan, meaning that he was indirectly responsible for all the troubles Miia and the other protagonists in Volume 11 and Volume 12 experienced through the three dangerous Liminals. Miia became particularly angry at Mr President in Chapter 54 when he used Suu as bait to capture Nega-Suu despite knowing that the Black Slime would trying to absorb Suu, with Miia also being angry at Mr President's weak excuse that he thought he had the situation under control.

Later in the series, Miia's distrust of Mr President semms to habe lessened somewhat. although she is still sceptical of him due to the incident with Nega-Suu. But in Chapter 83 she also admits that his business can also help to improve the living conditions of Liminals in Tokyo.

Fellow Homestay girls[]

Miia tends to view the other girls living with Kimihito as rivals, yet she seems to be able to live with them peacefully on a day to day basis, as long as they don't get too close to Kimihito. She sometimes insults them, though.


After discovering that Papi is the same age as her, Miia immediately views her as a rival for Kimihito's affection and regards her with suspicion. However, due in large part to Papi's childlike mentality and general naivety, Miia's wariness of Papi has been diminished somewhat in favor of one characterized by maternal protectiveness.

Centorea Shianus[]

The relationship between Centorea and her is what one may characterize as a friendly (albeit occasionally heated) rivalry. While Miia sees her as a rival for Kimihito's affections, she genuinely respects Centorea for her integrity and fortitude and often seeks her help when troubled about Kimihito or one of the other girls staying at their home.


After being assaulted by a dehydrated Suu in Chapter 10 (while trying to protect her no less), Miia generally views Suu with ambivalence. While she frequently treats Suu with maternal affection due to her childlike nature, Miia views her with suspicion due to her tendency to assault friend and foe alike when dehydrated and signs that she likewise harbors romantic feelings towards Kimihito.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Initially, Miia viewed Meroune as a love rival especially when Kimihito was carrying the mermaid bridal style even after the lamia broke her wheelchair unwittingly. Later, Meroune said that she had no intention to woo Kimihito but Miia still counted her as threat to him. Because of her "tragic love" fetish Miia was scared that Meroune may cross the line of killing Kimihito.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Of all the residents at Kimihito's residence, Miia views Rachnera with the most distrust and hostility (not least because of Rachnera's hobby of regularly tying up the other girls for her own amusement). To exacerbate matters even further, Rachnera is by far the most aggressive in her efforts to seduce Kimihito thereby causing Miia to view her as her most dangerous "love rival". However, despite these feelings of antagonism, Miia does genuinely care about Rachnera as evidenced by her concern in Chapter 26 when Rachnera's original host family (who previously sold her to the criminal underworld) seeks to have her returned to their care.


Miia doesn't see her as a love rival, but still treats the Dullahan with a pinch of salt.

Whilst the exact nature of their relationship is unknown, Miia is generally freaked out whenever Lala takes off/loses her head (in no small part due to the fact she once saw a cross section through Lala's neck). She also once gave the Dullahan (unintentionally) food poisoning due to her bad cooking skills. She also at first disliked Lala due to the fact that she was gonna take his soul but after finding out it was a rouse she said she wouldn't mind her staying here as long as she doesn't hurt Kimihito.



Miia generally doesn't interact much with Doppel, but they get along.


Miia generally doesn't interact much with Tionisha, but they get along. In Chapter 19, Tio was worried about Miia when Ms Smith considered the possibility that Draco could be a threat to Miia.


She doesn't like it when she sews her parts back on.


Miia generally doesn't interact much with Manako, but they get along.

Monster Community[]


Miia has a good relationship with Polt, although the two don't interact often with each other. When they first met in Chapter 17, Miia was somewhat surprised by Polt's always positive and cheerful nature, although she also admires the Kobold woman for her her passionation help to Liminals in order to improve their living conditions in human society.

In Chapter 43, Miia tries to get a job as a fitness trainer at the Sports Club Kobold in her search for work. While Polt is initially happy about the support, it quickly turns out that the physical characteristics between Lamias and humans are too different, which is why Miia dad to look for another job after her "fitness exercises" led to injuries among the humans.


Miia has a pretty bad relationship with Draco. When they first met in Chapter 19, Miia was initially attracted to Draco's charming nature and trusted her a little too quickly, initially mistaking the female Dragonewt for a male Lizardfolk. However, when it was revealed that Draco was quite possessive and even tried to grope Miia, the Lamia eventually developed a very strong dislike for her, although Draco is blind to this and continues to try to win Miia's heart.

When Miia encountered Draco again in Chapter 40, she was initially startled, but quickly calmed down when Draco tried, albeit very clumsily, to apologize. Although Miia would have been willing to accept Draco's apology as long as the Dragonewt stopped being possessive of her, Doppel's manipulation and the sudden appearance of Liz made both feel that Draco's apology was half-hearted, leading to Miia being angry with Draco once again.

Since this event, Miia has wanted nothing more to do with Draco and largely ignores her, as seen in Chapter 48. However, Draco is blind to this and continues to try to win Miia over, which the Lamia only finds annoying and disruptive. Miia was particularly perplexed when it turns out in Chapter 63 that Draco had even followed her to her home village, which increased her resentment towards Draco's almost blundering advances.

Miia's Mother[]

Miia's Mother loves her daughter greatly. Her entire visit being a ploy to remove her rivals and help her take Kimihito for herself. The whole time Miia fights to stop her from taking Kimihito she is nothing but friendly towards her. She does not hold a grudge afterwards either. She does anger her daughter by attempting to sleep with Kimihito herself though.

Papi's Mother[]

Miia didn't interact much with Papi's mother, but like Kimihito, the Lamia was shocked at the idea that the Harpy could actually be a mother since she looks just as young and child-like as her daughter. After the push from Papi's mother caused both Kimihito and Papi to fall over the railing, the voices on the balcony indicate that Miia got into a short fight with Papi's mother because the Harpy had injured her "darling".

Centorea's Mother[]

Miia and Centorea's mother first met in Chapter 29, but they did not interact much, although Miia watched the duel between Centorea and her mother at the Kobold Stadium. After the duel, Miia was astonished to learn that Centorea was of mixed blood, as she thought that Centorea's mother would have paired with a strong male Centaur, according to Centaur tradition. This forced Centorea's mother, embarrassed, reveal the truth behind Centorea's birth.


Miia has great respect for Yukio's authority although, like many others, she can sometimes be intimidated by the cold presence of the Yuki-onna, whereby Miia also tells Kimihito in Chapter 32 that she thinks that Yukio's snow powers are pretty crazy. As seen in Chapter 67, Miia also admires Yukio for often coming up with very clever and versaltiles ideas to solve tricky problems in the Arctic Inn.

Ils Nineta[]

Miia and Ils get along, but their relationship isn't the best, with Miia thinking that Ils is a trickster. Miia was the one who spontaneously suggested Ils do a live show at the shinto shrine in Chapter 32, but later Miia wasn't happy to take on the role of the villain, although Ils thought the show was perfect. Like Kimihito, Miia also feels that Ils gloating side makes her more suitable for the role of a villain on a live show.

Flounnder & Sebasstian[]

Miia's relationship to Sebasstian and Flounnder is not the best. While she generally gets along with the two Fishfolk butlers, Miia is often annoyed by the tendency of the two to always worry just about their personal disadvantages in unpleasant situations, as well as the fact that the two butlers always try to shirk responsibility.


Miia didn't get off to a good start with Octo due to the rumours of the Mermaid kingdom and Mero's apparent kidnapping. This adversion increased when Miia was groped in Chapter 36 by the sea anemones in Octo's cave and when Octo showed affection to Kimihito. However, after Mero explained that the rumours that Octo was an evil sea witch were nothing but baseless claims, Miia was ready to help Octo and since then the two seem to get along, or at least be neutral to each other.

Meroune's Mother[]

Miia didn't interact directly with Meroune's Mother, but it can be assumed that Miia has a strong dislike for her, not least because her actions almost resulted in Kimihito's death.


Miia and Sekmeti first met in Chapter 82, with Miia unsure what to make of Sekmeti's statement that she was over 3000 years old, and later when the Mummy played a card duel against Kimihito, Miia thought it was against the rules for Sekmeti to summon a level 8 monster on the first turn (although Miia didn't know that this was fully allowed in "classic style"). However, after the card duel, Miia and Sekmeti became friends due to their mutual enthusiasm for Duel Monmusus, with Sekmeti saying that it would warm her heart that Miia might like the classic style better than the modern style. Later, Miia also played a duel with Sekmeti while Kimihito explained the effects of the playing cards to Mr President.


Miia and Abul first met in Chapter 83 after Sekmeti asked them to help her. Miia seemed to get along with Abul at first and was excited due to her enthusiasm for Duel Monmusu when she saw the new card pack that Abul had. Like the others, Miia found Abul's admiration for the fantasy series Ikkyu-san strange and thought that the Sphinx was being unrealistic about her hope of ever meeting a child like Ikkyu in reality. Nevertheless, Miia was willing to help the depressed Abul with her problem and suggested some ideas such as an escape room riddle game in which Abul could tell adults instead of children riddles, after the neighbourhood boys had shown no interest in riddles and had only took advantage of Abul to get snacks from her, and only answered her questions with mocking nonsense.

However, after Abul finally embarrassedly confessed to them that she is a shotacon and had come to Japan because she wanted to gobble up boys, Miia was shocked like the others and openly said that this is wrong because the boys are children. Since then, Miia viewed Abul with suspicion, while saying to Kimihto that it would be kinda better for everyone if Abul just stayed depressed.