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The following are quotes said by or relating to Mil. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 14[]

"Do you think you can help me and the other girls out like what you just did with Cathyl?"
"Wait... Um... That was just... wait... "Me and"?"
Kimihito Kurusu
"Um~ I'd kinda thought~ I'd like that too, so~"
"Wh... Why...?!"
Kimihito Kurusu
"I don't really like those milking machine either~ Everyone here feels the same way. Besides~ Watching Cathyl-san made it look like it feel really good... Can you help me, too...? "
Mil asks Kimihito if he can milk her and the other Minotaur girls, Chapter 56
"Thanks by the way. I really... Think you're something special Mr. Newhire."
Mil thanks Kimihito, Chapter 57
"Your food is delicious, you handle the laundry perfectly. You handle all the girls and their rules and needs perfectly while treating everyone so nicely. It's only been a short time since you came here, but everyone already feels like they need you... You may not realize it yourself, but you're right there keeping us all together behind the scenes. I think it's really amazing."
"No, it's... Nothing that special..."
Kimihito Kurusu
"But we're all relying on you. I am too."
Mil and Kimihito, Chapter 57
"It's true... Everyone relies on me, but... honestly... even I... want someone to rely on, too... Mr. Newhire, won't you stay and keep working on the farm with us? "
Kimihito (taken by surprise)
"Everyone here likes you. Of course i... like you..."
Mil confesses her feelings to Kimihito, Chapter 57
"Mr. Newhire... won't you be our partner and live here together with us...?"
Mil to Kimihito, Chapter 57
"I think it's time, Mr. Newhire... Who is always milking us... To enjoy getting... milked himself."
Mil to Kimihito under the influence of the full moon, Chapter 59
"You've all just lost it because of the full moon, haven't you?! You're planning on hogging Mr. Newhire all for yourselves, right?! Mr. Newhire is ours! We won't give him away just like that!! We won't lose to some moon-crazed girls like you~!!"
Mil threatens the Satyr girls, Chapter 59

Volume 17[]

"Sorry~ There's just a lot going on right now~ Ever since a Dairy Breed Centaur came to visit the other day we've been in a bit of an uproar~"
Mil to Centorea and Rachnera during the phone call, Chapter 71
"Yes~ it's all true~ He's sooo good at milking~ He's strong, but gentle... I'll never forget it..."
Mil raves about Kimihito's milking technique in a phone call with Centorea, Chapter 71
"Apparently the Satyrs would always drink the milk while they milked her, and~ because of the strong female hormones in the milk... or I should say... because of the maternal hormones they've reverted to an infant state... all the Satyrs are acting like babies who only want boobs and milk~! We've got our hands full looking after the Satyrs, it's all we can do to..."
Mil tells Centorea and Rachnera about the trouble Meamil caused at the Black Lily Ranch and how she and the other Minotaur girls now taking care of the Satyr girls, Chapter 71