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The following is a description of Mil's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Ch57 - Mil Hugs Kimihito

Mili reveals her feelings to Kimihito.

While Mil initially treated Kimihito sweetly the same as the rest of the ranch dwellers, after he agreeing to perform the milking massage sessions on the Minotaur girls to help them, she moved closer to him more, so much so that she came to admit that he united much more everyone on the ranch than herself.

Later, after being amazed by the young man's efforts to help everyone at the ranch and because of the effects of her manual milking, Mil ended up becoming strongly attracted to Kimihito, showing off her softer side whenever she was with him. Indeed, of all the Minotaur girls who show interest in Kimihito, Mil was the most sincere about her feelings about him as well as the most vocal in her desire to make him live on the ranch, even trying up until to tenderly seduce him into the bath.

Farmyard Members[]


Like her veteran, Mil respects Cathyl very much and both seem to get along very well. However, that did not stop her from telling the girls at the ranch that she would rather be milked by Kimihito because she heard Cathyl say that it was more pleasant than being milked by machine even though she also heard Cathyl saying that she did not want anyone else to know it.


Although she is a Pan, because she is also her veteran, Mil respects and appreciates Merino.

Black Lily Ranch Members[]


Cream and Mil get on well with each other.


Urt and Mil get on well with each other, although she is very shy.


Cara and Mil get on well with each other, although she is very secretive.


Chizu and Mil get on well with each other.


Mil and Saane have a relationship that is not so easily defined. While both generally get along, Mil doesn't like Saane all that much due to her lusty nature and their relationship seems to range somewhere between neutral acceptance and open rivalry depending on the situation. It is at least certain that the two are not directly friendly to each other.

While the two initially did not show enmity to each other, after Saane interrupted her intimate moment with Kimihito in the bath, Mili started to have some hostility with her. This is shown when she catches Saane naked trying to seduce Kimihito into her room and she expelled from the local by grabbing her head. Later, under the influence of the full moon, Mil was willing to attack Saane and the other Satyresses simply for believing that they were wanting to monopolize Kimihito just for them, although she was easily incapacitated by the Satyr girls by using the milking technique.

However, after Kimihito's departure from the ranch, this enmity cooled noticeably, presumably since without Kimihito there was no basis for this rivalry. While Mil presumably still has some dislike for Saane, she still allows her and the other Satyresses to milk her, although she admits that her milking technique isn't as good as Kimihito's. In Chapter 71, when the Satyresses were restored to an infant state by drinking Meamil's milk, Mil allowed Saane to drink milk from their breasts, which, while embarrasing, was also pleasurable for Mil. Both prove that Mil has developed greater trust in Saane.

Other Ranch Minotaur girls[]

Because of her mentality, Mil gets along with all the other minotaur girls.

Other Ranch Pan girls[]

Because of her mentality, Mil gets along with all the other pan girls.

Other Ranch Satyresses[]

Like her initial relationship with Saane, Mil had no hostility to the satyresses. However, after they began pursuing Kimihito in order to have sex with him, she began to show hostility toward them. Later, under the influence of the full moon, Mil was willing to attack the satyresses simply for believing that they were wanting to monopolize Kimihito just for them.

Monster Community[]

Meamil Airagu[]

When Meamil first met her, Mil was told by her that she only wanted to be milked by the satyrs working at the Black Lily Ranch. After Meamil received regular treatment from them for some time, she suddenly asked Mil how did the satyrs become experts at milking her breasts which the latter replied that it was Kimihito who taught them this skill. Meamil left after hearing this which made Mil frustrated because the satyrs who had been milking her regressed to an infantile state due to suckling her during that time.

Centorea Shianus[]

Mil and Centorea haven't interacted much during the series, but in Chapter 71 it is seen that the two know each other, although they are probably just acquaintances. While Centorea shows some distrust towards Mil due to the Minotaurine's affection for Kimihito, Mil in return appears to show no jealousy towards Centorea and gets along with her as she told her over the phone about Meamil's visit to the Black Lily Ranch. In fact, Mil didn't really seem to Centorea's slight dislike as she gushed to Centorea during the conversation about how Kimihito had milked her, much to Centorea's annoyance.