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Nickname Prez (by her assistant)
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Owl Harpy
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Occult Research Club President at Grimoire High School (temporarily)
Exchange Student (presumably)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 75

Mimi is a Owl Harpy who, like many other Liminals, was drawn into the world of Arbatel by the magic of the Grimoire and was both a student and the president of the occult research club at the Grimoire High School for a time. She makes their debut in Chapter 75.


Mimi has the appearance of a young teenage girl, although as typical of harpies, she is probably older than her look suggest. She has a tousled hairstyle with the hear on the crown of her head being black and a less dark colour on the rest of her head. During her stay in the Grimoire, Mimi wears the usual school uniform, consisting of a seifuku with a plaid skirt.

As Owl Harpy, Mimi has wings instead of arms and sharp claws on her feet instead of toes. Features that set Mimi apart from standard harpies are their large, round eyes and their owl-like feathered ears.


Mimi seems to have a playful side, as she often teases Hakuto or deliberately asks her questions that the Raptor Harpy is embarrassed to answer. She also has a big fondness for spooky ghost stories, which can be seen in her enthusiastic telling of the "school's five mysteries".

However, as shown in Chapter 76, Mimi also has a slightly hypocritical side: she often makes fun of others who are afraid of ghosts, but she is not exactly fearless herself either. After being startled by Doppel at school at night, she went into hysterics and begged her assistant to stay with her for the rest of the night.

According to Mimi's description in Chapter 79, since her trauma in Chapter 76, she is now very afraid of the night and the dark. She is also now very afraid of mirrors due to Doppel's prank and now wants to make sure all other Owl Harpies learn how scary night, darkness and especially mirrors really are.

Skills and Traits[]

Physical traits[]

  • Owl Harpy Physiology:
    • Night Vision: As Owl Harpy, Mimi has excellent night vision, unlike most harpies subspecies, which have poor night vision.
    • Sharp Hearing: Due to their owl-like feathered ears, Mimi's hearing is much better than that of a human. As shown in Chapter 76, in addition to hearing distant voices, Mimi can tell how many people there are, even when people are whispering to each other.
    • Flight: As an Owl Harpy, Mimi's wings allow her to fly.
    • Talons: Because of her avian legs, Mimi possesses claws instead of feet.


Mimi was one of the numerous people whose consciousness was absorbed into the magical world of the Grimoire High School by Arbatel, although the exact circumstances of how this happened are unknown. Like everyone else, Mimi was brainwashed by the enchanted school uniform and really believed that she was a student at Grimoire High School. Because of her interest in ghost stories, Mimi joined the school's occult research club as president. During this time, Mimi heard rumours about the Five Mysteries of Grimoire High School, although she complained about how pitiful it was how little she and the other club members knew about it.


The test of courage[]


Mimi and Hakuto talks about the ghost stories.

Mimi makes her debut in Chapter 75, where Kimihito and Papi overhear her arguing with Hakuto in the Grimoire public high school men's student dormitory. Mimi teases Hakuto about being afraid of ghosts, while Hakuto loudly denies that she's afraid. Eventually, Mimi's assistant and Hakuto's boyfriend attempt to calm the situation, with the assistant asking Mimi if it's really true that there are ghost stories at Grimoire High School, which Mimi confirms. Hakuto says in false confidence (to calm herself) that she's heard that there's are only five ghost stories at the school, instead of seven, so there's no reason to be afraid.

Mimi then mockingly asks Hakuto if she knows about all five mysteries and tells what she heard from the rumours in order. Hakuto is visibly queasy about the ghost stories and is horrified when Mimi suddenly suggests that they sneak into the school tonight to see if the stories are true. Mimi is amused by Hakuto's concern and tells her that she can take her boyfriend with her if she's too scared, to which the Raptor-Harpy, embarrassed, immediately denies that the boy by her side is her boyfriend.

While Kimihito observes the conversation, he becomes suspicious because he suspects that the five ghost stories are actually the four MON-girls and Lala.

Entering the school at night[]


Late in the evening, Mimi lands in the school yard at Chapter 76 with her assistant, warning him to be careful as she drops him off in flight. Mimi's assistant is impressed with her night flying skills, to which she somewhat boastfully explains that not only does she have night vision, but she also has a top-notch sense of hearing. Slightly worried, Mimi's assistant wonders if Hakuto and her boyfriend are okay, although Mimi sneers that they are probably sitting somewhere scared and crying. However, Mimi's attention is diverted when she suddenly hears soft noises from behind one of the benches in the schoolyard.

With her keen hearing, Mimi can tell from the noises that it's two people trying to keep their voices down. Mimi then assumes that the two people are Hakuto and her boyfriend, and amusingly imagines that the two are having sex behind the bench. Mimi's assistant (who can't hear the voices) asks Mimi what's going on, to which Mimi quickly says it's nothing and that they "should leave the two alone for now", much to his confusion. Mimi tells him to forget that and to have his camera ready now because it's time to investigate the ghost stories. She enters the school and her assistant hastily follows her.

Without Mimi ever knowing, however, her suspicion was wrong, as the two people were actually Kimihito and Papi, who were hiding while secretly looking for the MON-girls.

Shortly thereafter, however, Mimi's assistant notices that he is suddenly alone at school and anxiously calls for Mimi. However, she has hidden herself and thinks with amusement that the right amount of fear is "the perfect firestarter for romance". And as soon her assistant came to her crying, she would show up to save the day. Mimi thinks that together she and her assistant could the use the Occult research room for some sex, although she guesses she'll have to keep up the ghost hunt until then.

As Mimi continues to wander through the school corridor in the dark, she thinks to herself that this place really isn't spooky at all. Mimi also thinks about the five mysteries, and that while the one with the headless girl isn't so bad, she notes with a disappointed sigh that the other four are on the cheap side and, from a research perspective, barely worth looking into.
In Mimi's opinion, "Hanako in the Bathroom" is at best elementary school level and the second ghost story with the giant girl isn't really spooky either, since there are already 10-meter tall Liminal species, such as Giants. The science room Zombie is more like a murder mystery and not supernatural at all. And the story of a second "you" in a mirror that appears out of nowhere Mimi finds just ridiculous, but her train of thoughts is interrupted, when, as if on cue, she notices a big mirror that suddenly appears next to her.

Uncertain and frightened, Mimi wonders if there's always been a mirror there and looks around for her assistant, but can't see him anyway. Mimi turns away from the mirror and tries to calm herself, telling herself that she's the president of the Occult club after all, so it would be beyond embarrassing if anyone saw her scared just because of a mirror. But at that moment, Mimi's reflection suddenly starts to speak and asks her if she doesn't want to be seen.


The terrifying mirror image.

A shiver runs down Mimi's spine and as she slowly turns around, her reflection presses its face against the pane and asks her with bloodshot eyes if they couldn't just change places. Mimi is scared to death at this sight and in a hysterical fit she grabs her assistant and flees with him, despite his protests, through a closed window, which breaks in the process.

Unbeknownst to Mimi, her "reflection" was actually Doppel in transformation, while the "mirror" was just a large pane of glass with wheels. This allowed Doppel to move the glass pane, making it appear as if the "mirror" appeared out of nowhere.

Confrontation with Hakuto[]

While Mimi entered the school with her assistant, Hakuto sits with her boyfriend near the school entrance gate as she's too scared of the dark. After her boyfriend said some encouraging words to Hakuto, Mimi lands next to them along with her assistant. Hakuto mentally steels herself for Mimi's expected taunting comments, but when she asked about the ghost stories, Mimi instead hysterically interrupts, much to Hakuto's shock.

Mimi hysterical1

Mimi screamy hysterically at Hakuto.

Outraged and still hysterical, Mimi continues to yell at Hakuto, accusing the Raptor Harpy of trying to directly remind her of this "horrible place" after she and her assistant escaped from it. Confused and shocked by this violent outburst of emotions, Hakuto stutters a few words, but she doesn't know how to answer them.

Still thinking about her mistaken assumption that Hakuto secretly had sex with her boyfriend in the school at night, Mimi now hysterical asks the Raptor Harpy is she "insane" to do "it" in a place like that, which shocks and confuses Hakuto because she doesn't know that Mimi is talking about. Mimi holds on to her assistant and begs him on her knees that he has to stay with her tonight and that he can do "anything" with her, as long as she doesn't have to spend the night alone. Hakuto and her boyfriend both look at each other uncertainly, not knowing what to make of Mimi's hysterical, almost crazy, emotional outburst or what she's even talking about.

Doppel's prank caused Mimi trauma, leading to her "future plan" to make sure all other Owl Harpies learn how scary the night, darkness, and especially mirrors really are.

It is believed that Mimi was safely sent back to the normal world after Arbatel released everyone's absorbed consciousness in Chapter 80. However, it is currently unknown whether she has also recovered from her trauma.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Harpy

Owl Harpies are an owl-like harpy subspecies closely related to the raptor subspecies. Due to being a nocturnal species, Owl Harpies have excellent night vision. They also become more active after sunset and seem to be as intelligent as humans by harpy standards.


  • She has the same name as another Liminal girl from the game Monster Musume Online.
  • Mimi's assistant refers to her as "Prez", a nickname possily referring to the fact that she was the "president" of the occult research club at the Grimoire High School.

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