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Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job! (モンスター娘のいる日常 もんすたーがーる・はろーわーく (lit Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Hello Work!) is a light novel written by Yoshino Origuchi (Monster Girl Doctor) and illustrated by mangaka Okayado (Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls).

The novel was released in Japan on August 29th, 2020. On November 30th, 2020, Seven Seas Entertainment announced their acquisition of the license to produce an English version of the light novel, which was released on 26th August, 2021.


Ordinary twenty-something Kurusu Kimihito thought living with a bunch of monster girls was complicated enough, but there’s a new directive sent down from the government: get a job! Now Lamia Miia, Centaur Centorea, and all your favourites have to join the working world, leading to sexy uniforms, on-the-job shenanigans, and all-new hilarity!


Prologue: Let's Work[]

Kuroko Smith employs the girls at Kimihito Kurusu's household to work part time at different companies so that their examples can be used as representative subjects for another part of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange where liminals can work together with humans in workplace environments and/or start their own businesses in human populations.
Smith also assigns the four MON members as backup, which they don't generally agree with until Smith adds that the government would compensate any participants with an additional wage on top of whatever wage they would earn at their workplace.
After a moment's thought, the girls from Kimihito's household agree to Smith's request and Smith adds that Kimihito would have to accompany the girl's to each job as well.


  • Smith refers to Miia's work as a shrine priestess.
  • Kimihito's house is the only household to Smith's knowledge that hosts so many different types of liminal girls.
  • Papi and Suu are referred to as "the youngest of the crew" even though Papi is around the same age as Miia. It could possibly be construed that the book is referring to their "mental" age (the age they act like as opposed to their literal age).
  • Centorea makes a reference to buying the removable shoes she saw in the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition.

Chapter 1: Bartender[]

Rachnera, Miia and Zombina begin working at Bar Zetto N; a "liminal friendly" bar located in one of Tokyo's red light districts. Miia mistakes the term "service" for a cabaret club and attempts to lounge with Kimihito and seduce him into buying drinks until Rachnera stops her.
Zombina starts drinking the alcohol behind the bar.
Kimihito is enlisted for food prep behind the bar.
Miia and Rachnera served as bar tenders while Zombina worked the floor as a waitress. Rachnera spent the evening attending to her orders while also making sure Miia didn't screw up hers. She secretly wanted to "restore her reputation" after Kimihito had seen her get drunk off of coffee.
Lilith comes in after being sent mountain climbing with Polt as punishment for staying out without permission.
A punk gang member enters the bar and starts hitting on Miia like it was a cabaret club. Miia challenges him to a drinking game and drinks him into unconsciousness due to her species' tolerance for alcohol.


  • While recalling Smith's advice that he was there to stand-in and protect the liminal girls if a human were to assail them (due to the Exchange Program's bylaws disallowing liminals to strike humans), Kimihito recalls the time he had punched The Racist Couple outside of the love hotel.
  • Kimihito recalls his work for Yukio at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort attending to their mixed-bathing couples event.
  • Although a single cup of coffee is enough to get Rachnera drunk, Arachne are immune to alcohol.
  • Although Miia isn't a drinker, Lamia can actually tolerate a lot of alcohol, to the point where Miia can drink several glasses of tequila without getting drunk.
  • Because of her own criminal streak, Lilith knows a lot about the Japanese underworld.

Chapter 2: Idol[]

Papi, Meroune and Tionishia take jobs as Pop Idols performing at the green room of the Tomas Theater near Tokyo. Set to performing as an opening act for ANM48, Tio and Papi were dubbed "Powerful ✰ Voice", while Meroune would go simply by "M" as Meroune was not allowed to perform due to her mother not giving her permission to do so, however, she was allowed to sing if she could keep her identity secret.
Performing a dance routine first, when Tio and Papi enacted their "special move": which involved Tio launching Papi into the air with her outstretched arm, the stage lights interfered with Papi's vision, effectively blinding her. Noticing this, Kimihito whistled when the music stopped so that she could use her ears to home in on where to land.
Following the routine, Meroune performed a song from behind a curtain that only revealed her silhouette. However, part way through the song her gills began drying out due to the stage lights once again and she began risking injury as she continued singing despite this. Noticing that her voice had changed (even though the change was miniscule) Kimihito deduced what was happening and turned on the stage's water sprinklers, making it "rain" as Meroune sung and effectively moistening her gills again to avert injury and continue the song.


  • Meroune is specifically noted to be using the amphibious automatic wheelchair that her mother bought her from the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition.
  • While fixing Tio's dress, Kimihito recalls when he had to sew her dress together during their arranged date.
  • While turning down Tio's offer to take him on a picnic as a thank you for fixing her dress twice, Kimihito references Tio's motherly aura that he, Polt and Kii had fallen under during their last picnic.

Chapter 3: Maid[]

Centorea, Manako and Kimihito are to work at a maid cafe in Akihabara called Cafe Marsha and they encounter Ren Kunanzuki, who had taken employment at the cafe to better her people skills following their last meeting. While Ren instructs Centorea and Manako on how to work as a maid, Manako is supported by Salmon and Dubtwo, who had come specifically to support Manako with her shyness.
After practising the maid cafe staple "Moe Moe Kyun!" chant and the Omurice, Centorea exhibited trouble in performing such servile tasks until Kimihito suggested that she portray herself as a chivalrous "Knight Maid"; allowing her to act as her normal "knightly" self while serving customers instead of as a servile maid.


  • Ren Kunanzuki has been working as maid supervisor at Cafe Masha since the events of Chapter 26. She is now a maid supervisor and personally volunteers to supervise new liminal maids.
  • Upon meeting Ren again, Kimihito recalls their previous interactions with her.
  • The two MON employees who admire Manako so much (from Chapter 42) reappear and their code names are "Salmon" and "Double Two One (Dubtwo)", employees of the office of interspecies Cultural Exchange. Subordinates of Smith. Their specific role is supporting the actual field members of MON. They are both huge fans of Monoeyes.

Chapter 4: Dealer[]

Hearing that Kimihito was helping out in the Liminal Employment Pilot Program, Polt asks him to help her develop a "liminal-run" casino that her company had been contracted to build by the Japanese government, as she was having trouble coming to terms morally with running a casino.
After a brief encounter with Draco, who had agreed to work at the casino as a bunny girl after hearing that Kimihito was coming, as she assumed that Miia would come with him only to discover that Miia was indeed not with him, Kimihito first opted to test out the card tables, encountering Kii sitting at the poker tables as a dealer. While they played Kii revealed that despite the discomfort she experienced being in an urban environment, she found that she enjoyed watching people destroy themselves through gambling and so was considering working at the casino full time to continue watching humans destroy themselves.
After discovering Lilith sneaking a smoking break amongst some slot machines, he tried his hand at roulette only to continue losing.
After deciding to stop gambling for the night, Draco was forced to demonstrate a Reverse Bunny Girl Suit, causing Kimihito to get a nose bleed and collapse. As Kimihito recovers in the employee lounge with Kii's aid, Polt goes over the night's notes and comes to the conclusion that they must remove all alcohol, smoking, bunny-girl outfits, make the games easier and "friendlier" to play, and make a more health-conscious casino. Needless to say the concept was not accepted by the client.


  • When Kimihito meets Poltfan at the door of the casino, Poltfan introduces himself as "Polt's translator when she's traveling abroad."
  • As the two banter while playing poker, Kimihito recalls how Kii had been illegally brought into the country and, while under the influence of dumped chemicals, had turned into a kaiju that threatened the forest. She also mentions how Polt helps to clean the forest.
  • While playing roulette, Kimihito recalls when Lilith had hypnotised him into being "true to himself".
  • When Kimihito admits that he learned a valuable lesson while playing roulette- that he was bad at gambling -Lilith replies "And knowing is half the battle!" Which is a catch phrase from the G.I. Joe franchise.

Chapter 5: Nurse[]

While visiting Suu, Doppel and Lala as they worked as nurses at the hospital, Kimihito get's "captured" by the girls so that liminal specialists could examine him due to his survival of being frequently attacked by liminal girls with no lasting side-effects.
While the examiners could not find anything in his tests that would indicate that he was anything but human, they recommended he rested due to showing signs of fatigue. Conveniently, due to the three not possessing any qualifications to work at the hospital, Lala, Doppel and Suu could be assigned to look after him while he rested at the hospital.
After being massaged by Suu, who wanted to copy a massage chair, Doppel took him to a bath, which Kimihito than escaped from only to encounter Lala, who took him to the Sanzu River to "relax his soul".


  • While noting Suu and Doppel wearing clothes, Kimihito recalls the previous time Doppel had worn clothes.
  • Kimihito recalls when Lala had intervened on Yuuhi's death and made her a zombie.

Epilogue: After a Hard Day's Work[]

Bonus Short Story: I Guess I Can Wear a White Coat...?[]

A short story of Doppel trying, and failing, to get used to wearing a doctor's coat instead of a nurse's outfit.

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  • Various stores released unique limited edition "SS papers", drawn by Okayado, to go with purchases of this light novel [1]:
    • Animate "Love and Shine Mon Musume Live" (Papi & Mero & Tionishia)
    • Gamers "Drinking tips" (Mia & Rachnera & Zombina)
    • COMIC ZIN (Smith)
    • Toranoana "Does Dragonewt wear bunny girl clothes?" (Draco & Polt) Shosen
    • Horindo "Plant work" (Kii & Lilith)
    • Melon Books "Used work clothes" (Centorea & Manako)
    • E-book version "You can wear white clothes ...? ] (Suu & Lala & Doppel)
  • Additionally, Melon Books released a "limited edition" purchase which included a limited edition tapestry image with each purchase.
  • In chapter 1, Kimihito remembers his experience at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort, which confirms that the events of the light novel are chronologically between Volume 16 and Volume 17.
    • However, when Kimihito visits the Kobold Casino, Poltfan only introdices himself to him as Polt's interpreter, which is strange since it is implied in Chapter 64 that he and Polt got married and therefore he must be her husband. It is possible that the light novel takes place some times before Chapter 64 and Kimihito was referring to Chapter 31 with his experience. However, this would make it more difficult to categorize the events of the light novel chronologically, since the events from Volume 8 to Volume 14 happened exactly one after the other, so that the light novel could otherwise only happened between Volume 14 and Volume 15 or between Volume 15 and Volume 16.
  • Papi and Suu are said to be the youngest members of Kimihito's household, but at least in Papi's case, that isn't true. Despite her childlike appearance, Papi is as old as Miia, as Ms Smith explains in Chapter 3 of the main series.
  • Manako's and Doppel's species are referred to as Cyclop and Doppelganger, but that is imprecise. Manako is a Monoeye and Cyclops are a subspecies of the Monoeyes. Doppel called herself as a Doppelganger, but actually she is a Shapeshifter (if she were really a Doppelganger, the person she was transformed into would die in an encounter with her, as revealed in Doppel's secrets).
  • Lilith is referred to as a "demon" several times. This is probably due to the fact that the Japanese word "akuma" translated can mean both "devil" and "demon".

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