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Monster Musume: Fantastic Life (モンスター娘のいる日常 ファンタジックライフ?) is a HTML5 browser gacha game based on the manga series of the same name. Announced November, 2023, the game is published by G123 and opened for play May 16th, 2024.

The company G123 are most likely scammers, do not honour or currently have promotions, and will take your money and are unable to refund it under any circumstances (most likely due to most purchases being consumables or characters).

Although based on the manga Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls the game possesses an original story and original characters, where the player will participate as a home stay host for Liminal girls in accordance to the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, increasing their affection levels while becoming involved in conflicts between the government-run M.O.N. combat squad and the liminal terrorist cells of P.O.R.K..



Gameplay is from a series of menus representing areas in the Monster Musume world. Players meet monster girls who are allies--members of the team who can be used in gameplay missions and jobs--and girls--who are able to be romanced at the hot springs area unlocked after a while. The dating simulation aspect is minimized--girls can be gifted items which increases the points players get after a date. Players passively gain some basic resources which can be used to upgrade or participate in other activities, and the amount of those resources are increased as the allies are levelled up and have their stats increased by items.

There's many sub-menus and activities, along with a rotating selection of temporary activities (each with their own specific item rewards), that can reward the player with items or other benefits. New allies are met by participating in these, as well as new girls. The gameplay loop is fast and addictive, timed so there's always another task coming up to do, with rewards for daily login and completing daily activities.

Fanservice is plentiful, if restrained. Many of the girls have an alternate animated sprite after taken on a date, with their clothing being damaged, disheveled, or partially removed. The roster is extensive, which many cameo species getting a representative. The roster also includes a few male characters who go in as Allies and not romanceable--an orc, the director, etc.

It is also a for-pay game with plenty of nominal initial charges--often under a dollar--designed to hook a player in and get them invested. Unlocking more rare or popular girls, or alternate/revealing skins for existing girls, is theoretically possible without paying money but the process is enormously expedited by cash, with outright unlocks costing over $50. Paying cash also gets VIP points which give a player benefits as they level up their VIP status.



  • Shakekoujou (aka Salmon, author of the manga Nurse Hitomi Sensei) states that May 16th is apparently "Sexual Intercourse Prohibition Day"; a day that was created during the Edo period of Japan where it was said that if you broke this taboo, you would die within 3 years. He goes on to say that the definition of the day changes depending on what source your read from, with one source stating the "Sex with Monster Girls is prohibited" on May 16th while other media says that "Naughty things are Prohibited".



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