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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 4 koma Anthology Vol 2

Cover of volume 2 by Tokuma Shoten.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 4-koma Anthology (モンスター娘のいる日常 4コマアンソロジー Monsutā Musume no Iru Nichijō Yonkoma Ansorojī) Volume 2, also known as Monster Musume: I ♥ Monster Girls Volume 2, is the second volume of a compilation of 4koma comics created by professional and amateur artists that have been submitted as fan-parodies of the Monster Musume characters and universe.

While the initial comics were presented on the manga's official website, they were later collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Tokuma Shoten in Japan and translated for an English release by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Volume two was released in Japan by Tokuma Shoten on the 12th, September 2015, and translated and released for English audiences by Seven Seas Entertainment on the 12th, July 2016.


Title: Papi in the Bird's Cafe (P01)
Artist: Nobuyoshi-Samurai (Torikissa! (Bird Cafe!), Co-Op Samurai 203 circle)
Plot: Papi get's lost while taking a shortcut home and finds herself at the Birdhouse Cafe.

Characters Papi • Suzu • Rin • The Regulars • Kimihito KurusuMiia
Items and Terms Harpy • Avian
Locations The Birdhouse CafeTokyo

Title: I'm Sure They'll Get Bigger (P17)
Artist: Sukage (Pleasantlycreate circle)
Plot: When Zombina loses her breasts, Manako finds them and decides to "try them on".

Characters ZombinaManakoDoppelTionishiaKuroko Smith
Items and Terms Zombie
Locations M.O.N. Apartments

Title: Studying with Monster Girls! (P27)
Artist: Zank (Shirakabadori circle)
Plot: While studying about the various cultures of his house guests, Kimihito asks the girls where they learned about human society.

Characters Kimihito KurusuPapiSuuMiiaCentorea ShianusRachnera ArachneraMeroune LoreleiKuroko Smith
Items and Terms Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill
Locations Kurusu House

Title: A Near-Daily Occurence (P35)
Artist: Mayuru Shido (Welcome to the Futanari Cafe, B-crews circle)
Plot: The Kurusu household deals with Miia's latest cooking attempt.

Characters MiiaKimihito KurusuPapiMeroune LoreleiCentorea ShianusRachnera ArachneraLalaRen Kunanzuki
Items and Terms Cooking and Food in Monster Musume
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Spooking The Spider (P43)
Artist: 221 (tsutsuichi) (Mako-san to Hachisuka-kun, Karibanizumu circle)
Plot: Becoming annoyed with Rachnera's "cool" personality, Miia attempts to "bring her down a peg".

Characters MiiaRachnera ArachneraSuuPapiCentorea ShianusMeroune LoreleiKimihito Kurusu
Items and Terms Arachne
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Everyday Life of a Snake (P53)
Artist: Adoventyara (Oni ga deru ka Ja ga deru ka in Manga Time Kirara Forward, T&K circle)
Plot: A look into the daily life of Miia.

Characters MiiaKimihito KurusuMeroune LoreleiPapiSuuKuroko SmithZombina
Items and Terms Cooking and Food in Monster MusumeLamiaSnake SkinZombie
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Post Your Cutest Monster Girl Pics (P59)
Artist: Masha (AstroQube circle)
Plot: A series of short skits between monster girls.

Characters Rachnera ArachneraKimihito KurusuMeroune LoreleiMiiaCentorea ShianusPapiTionishiaZombinaManakoLalaDoppelSuu
Items and Terms Gothic Lolita FashionArachneMeroune's Tragic RomancesOgre
Locations Kurusu HouseTokuma Marine ParkTokyo

Title: Monster Girls in the Summer (P71)
Artist: Ahobaka (The Other Side Just For Me, Ahobaka circle)
Plot: Kimihito and his house guests spend a day at the beach.

Characters MiiaKimihito KurusuPapiLalaCentorea ShianusSuuMeroune LoreleiRachnera Arachnera
Items and Terms Swimsuit
Locations BeachSanzu River

Title: Not-So-Everyday Life with a Carnal Beast (P83)
Artist: Horitomo (The Girl I Like is a Monster Girl)
Plot: The girls must deal with Kimihito's carnal instincts when he is accidentally turned into a tentacle monster.

Characters Kimihito KurusuMiiaCentorea ShianusKuroko SmithPapiSuuRachnera ArachneraMeroune LoreleiLala
Items and Terms Meroune's Tragic RomancesCooking and Food in Monster MusumeTentacle Monster
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Delusional Path (P97)
Artist: Otogi Kurokawa (Otogi no Kuni no Soapland circle)
Plot: Kimihito discovers Meroune's Shoujo Manga collection.

Characters Meroune LoreleiKimihito KurusuCentorea Shianus
Items and Terms Running with Toast Trope
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Yearning for the Stars (P105)
Artist: Tottori-saQ (Oukokuchou Sorasore, Kyōkai Senjō no Limbo)
Plot: When Meroune expresses her interest in the mythological stories behind astronomy, Kimihito and the other girls also become interested in the subject.

Characters Meroune LoreleiMiiaKimihito KurusuSuuPapiRachnera ArachneraCentorea ShianusLala
Items and Terms Full MoonChuunibyou
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Direct-to-Video (P119)
Artist: Setouchi (Setouchi Pharmaceuticals circle)
Plot: A series of miss-adventures involving videos and videogames.

Characters MiiaKimihito KurusuMeroune LoreleiCentorea ShianusRachnera ArachneraLalaPapiSuuPoltPioneer Orc Renaissance KinsmenKiiManakoZombinaDoppelTionishia
Items and Terms Knitting
Locations Kurusu HouseKii's ForestM.O.N. Apartments

Title: B.B.Q. (P131)
Artist: Yuushi Aruse (Chapedizo 2 circle)
Plot: The M.O.N. team goes out to have a barbecue.

Characters ZombinaManakoDoppelTionishiaKuroko Smith
Items and Terms

Title: (P139)
Artist: Z-ton (If You Don't Mind This Hideous Body, SHIS circle)(Volume 2 cover)
Plot: Two short skits involving Kimihito's house guests in the wild.

Characters Centorea ShianusRachnera ArachneraMiiaKimihito KurusuPapiSuuMeroune Lorelei
Items and Terms U.M.A.



  • This volume came with 3 collector's post cards.
  • In I'm Sure They'll Get Bigger, Zombina makes reference to the events of Chapter 22 where she goes on a date with Kimihito Kurusu to lure out "D".
  • The "Spider-hero" movies that Rachnera discovers in Direct-to-Video are references to the films in the Spider-man Trilogy (2002-2004) and The Amazing Spider-man (2012) film.
  • Yonkoma manga (4コマ漫画, "four cell manga", or 4-koma for short) is a comic-strip format that generally consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom. It is the preferred format for newspaper comics.
  • Zombina reveals in Direct-to-Video that she was not infected by a Virus or fungus like modern Zombies, although this is not clearly confirmed due to the semi-canonical nature of the anthology.
  • Miia's request for a tail warmer in Direct-to-Video is referenced in Chapter 39, where Kimihito mentions that he sewed a tail warmer for Miia.

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