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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 4 koma Anthology Vol 4

Cover of volume 4 by Tokuma Shoten.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 4-koma Anthology (モンスター娘のいる日常 4コマアンソロジー Monsutā Musume no Iru Nichijō Yonkoma Ansorojī) Volume 4, also known as Monster Musume: I ♥ Monster Girls Volume 4, is the fourth volume of a compilation of 4koma comics created by professional and amateur artists that have been submitted as fan-parodies of the Monster Musume characters and universe.

While the initial comics were presented on the manga's official website, they were later collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Tokuma Shoten in Japan and translated for an English release by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Volume four was released in Japan by Tokuma Shoten on the 13th, February 2016, and translated and released for English audiences by Seven Seas Entertainment on the 28th, March 2017.


Title: The Naked Truth (P03)
Artist: Shake-O (Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary)
Plot: As Manako cries again over her small breasts, Tionishia attempts to placate her to no avail. Later Dopple asks her why she's so stuck on her body issues but ends up teasing and embarrassing her instead.

Characters ManakoTionishiaZombinaDoppleKuroko Smith • Nurse Hitomi
Items and Terms BWH Measurements

Title: Miia Overcoming Her Fear (P09)
Artist: 221 (tsutsuichi) (Mako-san to Hachisuka-kun, Karibanizumu circle)
Plot: Miia attempts to get over her fear of Lala's detachable head.

Characters MiiaLalaKimihito KurusuRachnera ArachneraSuu
Items and Terms Dullahan
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Chilling Tales (P019)
Artist: Kanemaki Thomas (Niku drill circle)
Plot: The liminal girls experience the cold chill of winter.

Characters MiiaKimihito KurusuPapiRachnera ArachneraSuuCentorea ShianusMeroune LoreleiLalaKuroko SmithTionishiaDoppleZombinaManako
Items and Terms KotatsuCentaurLamiaMermaid
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Barnyard Frolic (P033)
Artist: Tsukasawa (Matsuri Gensou circle)
Plot: Cathyl's daily milking routine is shown.

Characters CathylMerino
Items and Terms MilkMinotaurPan
Locations The Ranch

Title: Monster Girls' Tangled Love (P037)
Artist: Mitsuhiro Kimura (Dullahan-chan is Head over Heels, Aoine Shiba-kun!)
Plot: While Papi and Suu make a "Red String of Fate", Centorea panics after Rachnera tells her that her breasts will sag from running around and not wearing a bra. Meanwhile, Lala continues her dullahan ways.

Characters SuuKimihito KurusuLalaRachnera ArachneraPapiSuuCentorea ShianusMiiaDoppelManako
Items and Terms BWH MeasurementsRed String of Fate
Locations Kurusu House

Title: I Caught a Cold (P051)
Artist: AHOBAKA (The Other Side Just For Me, Ahobaka circle)
Plot: Kimihito catches a cold, and the homestays try to care for him only to catch colds themselves.

Characters MiiaKimihito KurusuCentorea ShianusKuroko SmithPapiRachnera ArachneraMeroune LoreleiSuu
Items and Terms
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Cyclops Crazy (P057)
Artist: Unetama (Day of the Cyclops Girl circle)
Plot: Kimihito runs into Manako.

Characters ManakoKimihito KurusuMiia
Items and Terms
Locations Kurusu House

Title: You've Got a Dirty Mind, Meroune-San (P065)
Artist: Yu Tsunamino (Tsumasaki Otoshi to Watashi, Semimaru Zanjitsuroku)
Plot: Centorea catches Meroune manipulating people into believing that they are heartbroken.

Characters Centorea ShianusMeroune LoreleiMiiaPapiCathylYukio
Items and Terms
Locations Kurusu House

Title: [insert word] Everyday Life (P071)
Artist: Akahito (Kemoyuru circle)
Plot: Various short comics involving the lives of different characters.

Characters SuuMiiaKimihito KurusuPapiRachnera ArachneraCentorea ShianusMeroune LoreleiLalaZombinaTionishiaManakoDoppleDracoPoltLuz NineteiCathyl
Items and Terms SlimeLife-Sized Miia DakimakuraArachneHarpyLamiaDullahanZombieInari SushiBreast Pump
Locations Kurusu HouseM.O.N. ApartmentsSports Club Kobold

Title: All Kinds of Swimsuits (P087)
Artist: Sukage (Broad Smile circle)
Plot: The M.O.N. members try on some swimsuits for the beach.

Characters TionishiaZombinaManakoDoppleKimihito Kurusu
Items and Terms Swimsuit

Title: The Everyday Life I Spend With You Guys (P097)
Artist: Masha (AstroQube circle)
Plot: Various short comics involving the lives of different characters.

Characters Kimihito KurusuPapiRachnera ArachneraManakoLalaMiiaMerinoCathylLuz NineteiDoppleTionishia
Items and Terms Papi's ChickiesCoffeeMaid Café
Locations Kurusu HouseThe RanchShinto Shrine

Title: At The Aquarium (P105)
Artist: Nenemaru (Koisuru Kemono to Jingai wa..., Erdelied circle)
Plot: The characters spends some time with Meroune at the aquarium.

Characters MiiaMeroune LoreleiKimihito KurusuPapiRachnera Arachnera
Items and Terms MermaidDolphin
Locations Tokuma Marine Park

Title: Don't Pull This Eight-Legged Beauty's Leg (P111)
Artist: Nijo 2 ()
Plot: Some short comics involving Rachnera Arachnera.

Characters Rachnera ArachneraMiiaCentorea ShianusPapiKimihito KurusuManako
Items and Terms Red String of Fate
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Strange Bedfellows (P115)
Artist: Tottori-saQ (Oaukokuchou Sorasore, 'Kyōkai Senjō no Limbo, Kimyoudou circle)
Plot: Liz has problems sleeping due to her tail getting in the way.

Characters KinuLizKuroko SmithRachnera Arachnera
Items and Terms

Title: One Day With Smith-san And The Monster Girls (P121)
Artist: SHIDO MAYURU (Welcome to the Futanari Cafe, B-crews circle)
Plot: Smith spends a night at the Kurusu House.

Characters Kuroko SmithPapiLalaMiiaKimihito KurusuSuuMeroune LoreleiRachnera ArachneraZombinaDoppleTionishiaManako
Items and Terms
Locations Kurusu House

Title: Unnamed (P131)
Artist: Kenkoucross (Monster Girl Encylopedia)(Volume 4 cover)
Plot: Kimihito takes Rachnera to a new cafe who gets the wrong idea over his intentions.

Characters Kimihito KurusuRachnera ArachneraOkayado
Items and Terms Arachne



  • This volume came with 3 collector's post cards.
  • The Naked Truth makes reference to a bonus comic in Monster Musume (manga) Volume 5 where Dopple alters the spelling of Manako's name in the M.O.N. employee roster to spell "Manko" (Japanese slang for "Vagina").
  • According to Centorea in Chilling Tales, Centaurs come from a very frigid region, which is why they can handle cold temperatures. In addition, Shapeshifters seem to be insensitive to the weather, as it makes no difference for Doppel whether it is hot or cold.
  • According to Ms. Smith, Cultural Exchange Coordinators have always placed cold-blooded Liminals in warmer areas.
  • With the mention of his name in Monster Girls' Tangled Love, Lala is the first and so far the only one of Kimihitos' homestay girls who address him by name.

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