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This is a list of all the characters to appear in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online. For characters that appear in the Anime and Manga and related series, see: Monster Musume Character List. For characters that appear in the game Monster Musume Fantastic Life, see: Monster Musume Fantastic Life Character List.

Homestay Program[]

As is the theme behind the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga and anime, the player is a participant in the Cultural Exchange Between Species Program.

The player can receive new house guests by either completing Outings (お出かけ) or acquiring them through the Gacha (ガチャ) system.

The player will receive a contract for each girl they host, with the contract detailing a brief excerpt of information; including their rarity.

Normal Rare Hyper Rare Super Rare
HomestayContract HomestayContractRare HomestayContractHyperRare HomestayContractSuperRare

Personality Variations[]



Characters of the cute character archetype are effortlessly endearing and possess personality traits that are considered charming, vulnerable, shy, and/or childlike regardless of age. These traits often incite in others a feeling to protect and/or care for them.

Referred to as "Kawaii" (かわいい or 可愛い;"lovely", "lovable", "cute", or "adorable") in Japan, an entire culture has developed around the concept of "cute". While greatly beloved, cute characters sometimes feel that they are inept and envy characters that can handle subjects and situations without aid from others, such as characters of the Cool archetype.



Known as "Genki" (energetic), passionate character archetypes seem to always possess an over-abundance of physical and/or emotional energy and tend to "give their all" to most things that they find themselves involved with. The motto "live life to the fullest" seems to be their universal mantra.

Though they may often be physically superior to them, Passionate characters often envy Cute characters who seem to effortlessly gain the admiration and affection of their peers without needing to put much energy into obtaining it.



Dubbed "Kuudere" (from the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "cool" (クール)), this character archetype is calm and composed on the outside. They are the ones who are serious and always in charge of a situation. They seemingly never panic and are who everyone else turns to in a crisis. However, while they may remain strict and business-like on the outside, they are emotional underneath their self-control.
They tend to fear showing any weakness such as admitting liking someone or coming to rely on someone emotionally as well as professionally. Some are unclear as to how to even express said emotions — and in extreme cases, are unsure what feelings actually mean. Due to this they often envy characters of the Passionate archetype, who have no such inhibitions with expressing their emotions.



Characters of the "Pure" archetype are known for being emotionally and intellectually honest and open-hearted. While these traits allow them to be well-liked, trusted and welcome in most social groups and scenarios, these same traits often lead to them gaining the impression that they are immature, childish and naïve. To this end they often find themselves envying the more "adult" reputations of those in the Devil archetype.



Characters of the "Devil" archetype are known for being emotionally guarded and possessing either a slight cynical personality or a "devilish" sense of humour. While people often regard them for their "adult" nature, they often envy those of the Pure archetype as they remind them of a time when they were less "cynical" and "jaded" and more "honest" and "hopeful".


The game also uses a rock-paper-scissors style type system. The five types are: Cute (CuteButton), Passionate (PassionateButton), Cool (CoolButton), Pure (PureButton) and Devil (DevilButton). Their strengths and weaknesses are as follows:
- Cute is effective against Passionate, ineffective against Cool.
- Passionate is effective against Cool, ineffective against Cute.
- Cool is effective against Cute, ineffective against Passionate.
- Pure and Devil are both effective against each other.

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