Monster Rock! is a character song sung by Centorea Shianus as she sings about running towards her fate and destiny.


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Romaji Lyrics

Kousaten no omajinaide
unmei no hito ni butsukatte
(anata wa watashi no aruji?
joudan wa tsuujinai kara)
neta ka dou ka nante
shinjiru kara kankei nai
(toosuto kuwaeru beki? dou nano?)

Watashi itsumo matome yaku ne
(pappa para, pappapparapa)
kage de sasaeteru wa
(pappa para, pappapparapa)
unmei wo sagashi oeta no
sore ja maa matagatte

Unmei ni mune odorasete
gamushara ni tada tsukisusume
omoitsuki demo tomaranai
sore demo watashi wa hashitte shinjitsu sagashiteku

Naname ue no hakushiki de
minna wo hippatteiku
(iu koto kiiteru no?
joudan wa tsuujinai kara)
katayori makutta shokuseikatsu
soushokukei de nikushoukukei yo
(supaisu nante hitsuyou nai. Sou desho?)

Watashi itsumo momare yaku ne
(pappa para, pappapparapa)
minna hanashi kiite yo
(pappa para, pappapparapa)
anata wa ne watashi wo miteru
sore ja saa matagatte

Chuusei ni mune odorasete
wakime mo furazu tada hashiridase
omoitsuki demo tomarenai
tada tada watashi wa anata ni unmei kanjiteru

Unmei ni mune odorasete
gamushara de tada tsukisusume
omoitsuki demo tomaranai
sore demo watashi wa hashitte shinjitsu sagashiteku

English Translation

At the ritual at the crossroads
I ran into my fated lover
(So you are my lord?
(This is not funny anymore)
Proof of it or not -
It doesn’t matter if you believe.
(Do I also need to keep the toast in my teeth?)

I am always playing the mediator
(pa-pa-para, pa-pa-parapa)
Hiding in the shadows
(pa-pa-para, pa-pa-parapa)
Finished looking for fate?
So let's get on horseback.

Fate makes my heart dance in my chest.
I'm only recklessly pushing forward
Doing as I please, but not stopping
And yet I run to seek the truth.

With the knowlege of slanted surfaces -
I pull everyone behind me
(Are you listening to what I say?
This is not funny anymore)
Everyone's eating habit is biased -
Predators, herbivores!
(No seasoning is needed. Isn't it?)

I'm always playing the tribute role
(pa-pa-para, pa-pa-parapa)
I hear what everyone is talking about
(pa-pa-para, pa-pa-parapa)
Hey, can't you look at me?
So go ahead, ride.

Loyalty makes my heart dance in my chest.
Don't look around, just start running.
Doing as I please, but not stopping
I can only feel my fate from you

Fate makes the heart dance in the chest.
Only recklessly jumping
Doing as I please, but not stopping
And yet I run to seek the truth.

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