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The following are quotes said by or relating to Moskii. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 12[]

"Heeey, nice to meetcha~"
"Ahh...are you a Vampire?"
"Just a Mosquito. Let's get along okay."
Moskii when she first met Kimihito on the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition, Chapter 49
"Oh, you know~The way those other girls such blood is so rough, you know? Biting to draw out blood is like so super violent! If you're with me, I'll suck you sooo much more gentle."
"Wh...What do you mean by "gentle"?"
"Oh, it's just~our salvia has anesthetic effects, so~ I'll just~ Spread some riiight where the blood comes out. If you're allergic, it might itch a little though. Sorry. Then~ I'll use my proboscis to suck it out."
Moskii flirts with Kimihito and touts her merits over other blood-sucking Liminals, Chapter 49
"If you don't decide soon, we're not gonna have any time to play at the party, you know?"
Moskii flirts with Kimihito, Chapter 49
"Oh, this place is for us blood-sucking extraspecies who like, totally get asked "are you a Vampire?" all the time. It's set up to prove that we're not all Vampires."
Moskii to Miia, Mero and Centorea, Chapter 50

Volume 16[]

"After all, without you Curie we wouldn't have been able to like, get that awesome share house. Let us treat ya. It's the least we can do!"
Moskii to Curie, Chapter 59.5
"But like, Moskii, aren't you...way to skinny?"
"What're you talking about! If I get any fatter, I won't be able to fly, dummy!"
Moskii to Leechi, Chapter 59.5
"It's gotta be a healthy and natural flavor."
Moskii tells Yatsume, Leechi and Curie which kind of blood she likes, Chapter 59.5