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Mr President
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Nickname The Broker
Prez (by Kimihito)
Physical Appearance
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Hair Black
Eye Black
Personal Profile
Occupation Company President
Relatives Kasegi (older brother)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 53

Mr President is the President of the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory. He is a mysterious businessman who seems to be an old acquaintance of both Rachnera and Ms Smith. Since his official debut in Chapter 53 and indirectly but still with great influence even before that, he repeatedly comes into contact with Kimihito and Kimihito's homestay girls, be it because of his bussiness activities or because he wants a favor from them, which usually causes difficulties for them.

Although Mr President insists on standing firmly on the ground of legality, several of his deeds, such as smuggling dangerous Liminal species into Japan, cast this in a sceptical light. This gives him an ambiguous anti-role within the series.


Compared to his older brother Kasegi, Mr President is a rather slim and very tall human man, slightly taller than Ms Smith. He has light skin and black short hair. He also wears black glasses and his attire consists of light-coloured pants and a white suit that seems to be a lab coat.

A distinguishing feature of Mr President is the fact that he almost always has a smug smile on his face, even in stressful situations. His eyes are almost never seen during the series, as they are either closed or covered by his glasses.

In Chapter 81, during his stay at the Black Lily Waterpark, Mr President wears a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt with an orchid pattern and long white pants.


Mr President is described as a selfish, charismatic, and cool-headed businessman who regularly involves himself in interspecies politics, usually being immigration or customs. He is viewed as a brash investor in products manufactured by Monster Girls and sells them through legal tactics. Immensely passionate about interspecies well-being and rights, he will immigrate them through other bureaucratic tactics.

It is generally difficult to interpret the character of Mr President. On the one hand, he present himself as a well-meaning patron by bringing the Liminals, who work for it, to Japan for money and paying them high wages. However, as Rachnera notes, Mr. President's actions are sheer selfishness aimed at increasing his own profit. In fact, it can be surmised that the main reason Mr. President pays his Liminal workers such high wages is because he makes more than double what he pays them for selling their products. An example of his greed for profit is the fact that there are only female Liminals on the Black Lily Ranch, as the likely reason for this is that the male Liminals do not produce milk that could be sold for profit, which makes male Liminals more economically worthless to Mr President.

A sceptical aspect of Mr President is the fact that he is often willing to go beyond the limit of legality in his business, for example by smuggling into Japan what are considered dangerous Liminal species such as Killer bees or Vampires. Although he claims not to force anyone to work for him, he did so when he forced Kimihito and his houseguests to capture Nega-Suu. He even went so far as to use Suu as bait, even though he knew that the evil Black Slime would try to kill Suu. Mr President explained this to Miia that he thought everything would be fine as Kimihito's homestay girls would intervene to protect Suu, but this only underlines his irresponsibility, as he was ready to put Suu's life at risk. He later forced Kimihito to work at the Black Lily Ranch and openly threatened the young man with billing his house guests for their wellness program if Kmihito refused.

Mr President is also known to readily take risks to save costs, when he connected Nega-Suu as a living water purifier to the water tank of the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort, even though he knew about the danger of the Black Slime. This eventually led to the creation of the Hot Spring Slimes.

As Mr President explains in Chapter 71, he sells the Liminal's products as long as they are not stolen. He often uses the argument that the Liminals work for him voluntarily, ignoring the fact that his methods of "persuading" the Liminals include subliminal manipulation, or that the Liminals have few alternatives, as many human jobs are not well suited to the needs of Liminals. This doesn't accuse Mr President of forcing the Liminals to work for him, but the result is almost the same.

As seen in the incident at the Black Lily Waterpark, Mr President's bussiness-orientated nature can cause him to ignore the most important things in chaotic situations, such as when he thought of other ways he can profit trom the situation even though lives were in danger. In fact, as seen in Chapter 82, the thought of a fatally failed business seems to be one of the few things that can stress and really ubsed Mr President, and in such situations he accepts help from outsiders like Kimihito. However, in this regard, Mr President can also be very ungrateful, as when he was about to sign the contact with Sekmeti, he cheekily told Kimihito and his homestay girls that they could go home and that he would "probably thanks them later" for their help.

In addition to his arrogant side, Mr President can also be devious, such as when he made Garu, Aluca and Vikk the offer to work for him in Chapter 85, whereby his mocking gesture toward Ms Smith indicated that he did this partly just in order to personally annoy her and to rub his superior options in her face.

Skills & Traits[]

  • Charisma: Mr President has a very great charisma with which he can easily convince others that it would be for their own benefit to work for him. Even the steadfast Centorea is almost tempted to work for him when he explains the benefits of being a staff member at the Black Lily Laboratory in Chapter 53. Only few people like Kimihito, Ms Smith and Rachnera are unimpressed by his words.
  • Intelligence: As the head of a large corporation, Mr President knows a great deal about the legal aspects of the Cultural Exchange between species bill and can exploit even the smallest loophole to his advantage. He can even react quickly to spontaneous situations, for example, despite the sudden appearance of Nega-Suu on one of his cargo ships, he was able to quickly come up with a plan on how to use the Black Slime for his scientific research and smuggle them to Japan unnoticed.
  • High knowledge of Liminals: As the head of a company that specializes in selling Liminal products, Mr President knows a lot about their skills and attributes. However, his knowledge of Liminals is actually quite high, since as seen in Chapter 54 he knows a lot about Slimes, such as that they reproduce by splitting and merging, or that a strong Slime mixes its body with an intelligent Slime to pass on both their characteristics to their offspring. This seems particularly impressed given the fact that Slimes are one of the most mysterious and least understood Liminals and questions how Mr President knows so much about them.


Not much is known about Mr President's past. He is the younger brother of Kasegi, but they don't get along very well, apparently due to Kasegi's illegal dealings with Liminal resources and his general scams. After Mr President became the head of the Black Lily Laboratory, Kasegi tended to call his younger brother often to ask for money, but annoyed and because he disliked Kasegi, Mr President mostly denied these requests.

Mr President is the chief of the Black Lily Laboratory, a company he may have founded, that specializes in the sale and research of raw materials produced by Liminals. The Black Lily Laboratory was likely built during the three years that the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill was put into effect and was complete by the time of the manga series. In the process, his company became well known among certain Liminal species such as the Arachne.

While Mr President says he never goes beyond the bounds of legality in his dealings, rumours persist that he is an illegal smuggler who is bringing Liminals into Japan and would then force them to work as forced laborers. While these rumours were ultimately false, it was true that Mr President was importing Liminals deemed dangerous by the government, such as Vampires and Killer Bees into Japan, although he always claimed that "we might be skirting the law, but we aren't breaking it". One of his businesses whose legality is not clearly out of the question is the Black Lily Ranch where female Liminals sell their milk, or that his company deals in the sale of unfertilized Harpy eggs.

At one point, Mr President developed a deep rivalry with Kuroko Smith, apparently due to their opposing views on whether the government laws would really help the Liminals or just make their lives in human society more difficult. However, the exact reason behind this rivalry within the manga series has not been revealed yet.


Mr President had a major hidden influence on the events of the manga series from the beginning long before his official debut in Chapter 53.

Getting acquainted with Rachnera[]

As later revealed, Mr President and Rachnera first came into contact between the events of Chapter 14 and Chapter 15, although his company was already well known to Rachnera since she is an Arachne. After Rachnera spun Kasegi with her spider silk, she found herself on the run from the M.O.N as this was a violation of the law that Liminals and humans are not allowed to do harm each other. Because of this, Rachnera called Mr President on Kasegi's phone and demanded that he take care of her protection, otherwise she would make sure that his brother's illegals dealings would become public. Mr President agreed to this deal, but not before taking advantage of the situation by demanding that Rachnera work for him for six months in exchange for his "help".

Unbeknownst to Rachnera at this time, there was also a deeper motivation to negotiate this deal with her, as he recognized that she has many top notch skills such as negotiating, information collection, and adaptability that Mr President considered desirable for employees of his company. Ultimately, however, the deal never went through as Kimihito helped Rachnera to resolve the situation with the M.O.N. For this reason, Rachnera didn't call Mr President (nor did she have to work for him for six months) and didn't tell Kimihito and the other homestay girls about her past with Mr President for a long time.

More attempts and the dangerous Liminals[]

Because of the potential he saw in Rachnera's skills, Mr President didn't give up and continued to seek her for his company. However, Rachnera ignored all of his calls as she wanted nothing to do with him and the Black Lily Laboratory.

Eventually, however, Rachnera came again into contact with Mr President at the time of Volume 11 when his company smuggled the three dangerous Liminals (Killa, Kino and Curie) into Japan. The exact motives for Mr President's actions in this regard seemed to be varied, since three different motives were mentioned during Volume 13;

First, it was simply about him getting the raw materials that the three Liminal girls produced (Killer Bee venom, Matango spores, and the Vampire Virus), which he wanted to research. Second, Ms Smith suspected in Chapter 54, that Mr President had used the three dangerous Liminals as a cover so that the Japanese government wouldn't notice that he was also secretly smuggling the Black Slime Nega-Suu into Japan at the same time. But the third reason was that he wanted to use the danger who posed by Killa, Kino and Curie to get Rachnera to get in contact with him.

To achieve this, he sent the three Liminal girls independently to the Kurusu house so that they (regardless of whether they would or not) should pose a threat to Kimihito and his homestay girls. In the case of Kino, it was confirmed in Chapter 46 that Mr President sent her directly to the Kurusu house on purpose, likely so that she would accidentally contaminate the Kurusu house with her spores. The sudden appearance of Killa and Curie in Kii's forest and in front of the Kurusu house implies that Mr President might have also wanted to lure them to Kimihito and his household girls on purpose.

Then Mr President called Rachnera and offered her information about the three dangerous Liminals and that she should meet him afterwards. He wanted to use the risk the three Liminals posed to have some sort of leverage for Rachnera to join his company. In order to protect Kimihito and the other homestay girls, Rachnera accepted the information but refused to meet with Mr President afterwards.


  • As seen in Chapter 53, Mr President has a deep seated rivalry with Kuroko Smith, although the exact background to this has yet to be revealed.
  • Has past connections with Rachnera.
  • Although Mr President has had a larger role in the series since his debut, his real name has not yet be released.
  • Mr President can be seen as the opposite of Ms Smith: where she is an underpaid government worker, he is a profit-seeking and weathy businessman. Where Smith beliefes that a lot of government regulation is necessary to allow Liminals to coexist savely with humans, Mr President believes that Liminals would be better off with less regulations and he seems less worried than Ms Smith. Where Smith supports laws that she herself maybe see as silly, he only supports what he believes in and does what he can to skirt laws he doesn't agree with. Both Mr President and Ms Smith are snarky and clever, but he often seems more diplomatic in the way he words things, compared to Smith with her often harsh and blunt speech.
  • Mr President was responsible for many major events within the manga series:
    • He is the actual cause of the events in Volume 11 by illegally smuggling Killa and Kino into Japan. He was also indirectly responsible for Kimihito and his household girls suffering hallucinations from Kino's spores by sending the Matango girl to the Kurusu house.
    • He is further indirectly responsible for the events of Volume 12, by smuggling Curie into Japan, although the events were largely due to Wladislaus.
    • He is responsible for the events of Volume 13 by smuggling Nega-Suu into Japan. Due to this, he was indirectly the reason that Suu nearly died.
    • He is responsible for the events in Volume 14 by forcing Kimihito to work at the Black Lily Ranch.
  • In the real world, black lilies (the name of Mr President's company) are a symbol of the unknown, the hidden depths of the soul and the engimatic aspects of life, whereby the black color of the flower also symbolizes formality. All of these meanings can be applied to Mr President in that sense that he is a formal but very mysteryous businessman, whereby the "black" may also highlights the some dark undertone that his trustworthiness is generally questioned.

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