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Mr President
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Nickname The Broker
Physical Appearance
Age ???
Gender Male.png Male
Hair Black
Eye Black
Personal Profile
Occupation Company President
Relatives Kasegi (older brother)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 53

Mr President is the President of the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mr President is described as a selfish, charismatic, and cool-headed businessman who regularly involves himself in interspecies politics, usually being immigration or customs. He is viewed as a brash investor in products manufactured by Monster Girls and sells them through legal tactics. Immensely passionate about interspecies well-being and rights, he will immigrate them through other bureaucratic tactics.

It is generally difficult to interpret the character of Mr President. On the one hand, he present himself as a well-meaning patron by bringing the Liminals, who work for it, to Japan for money and paying them high wages. However, as Rachnera notes, Mr. President's actions are sheer selfishness aimed at increasing his own profit. In fact, it can be surmised that the main reason Mr. President pays his Liminal workers such high wages is because he makes more than double what he pays them for selling their products. An example of his greed for profit is the fact that there are only female Liminals on the Black Lily Ranch, as the likely reason for this is that the male Liminals do not produce milk that could be sold for profit, which makes male Liminals more economically worthless to Mr President.

A dark aspect of Mr President is the fact that he is often willing to go beyond the limit of legality in his bussiness, for example by smuggling into Japan what are considered dangerous Liminal species such as Killer bees or Vampires. Although he claims not to force anyone to work for him, he did so when he forced Kimihito and his houseguests to capture Nega-Suu. He even went so far as to use Suu as bait, even though he knew that the evil Black Slime would try to kill Suu. Mr President explained this to Miia that he thought everything would be fine as Kimihito's houseguests would intervene to protect Suu, but this only underlines his immorality, as he was without hesitation ready to put Suu's life at risk. He later forced Kimihito to work at the Black Lily Ranch and openly threatened the young man with billing his house guests for their wellness program if Kmihito refused.

Mr President is also known to readily take risks to save costs, when he connected Nega-Suu as a living water purifier to the water tank of the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort, even though he knew about the danger of the Black Slime. This eventually led to the creation of the Hot Spring Slimes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has a deep seated rivalry with Kuroko Smith.
  • Has past connections with Rachnera.

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