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The following are quotes said by or relating to Mr President. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 13[]

"I've been waiting quite some time for you all. But it seems that feeling isn't quite so mutual, now is it?"
Mr President when he first meets Kimihito and his household girls, Chapter 53
"While my company here is thought of as some sort of illegal immigration broker's front, we're really nothing more than a perfectly legal Extraspecies immigration intermediary. However, unlike the agencies run by our government friends, the fee we collect isn't what one would call "cheap". Catch my drift?"
Mr President explains to Kimihito and his household girls what his company is really about, insisting his business is perfectly legal, Chapter 53
"Though I do wonder just how a company that makes its money with "resource production" would fare if what they were doing was found to be illegal. Can you really look after so many extraspecies safely~? Must be hard for you~"
Kuroko Smith (sneering)
"Which is precisely why we need to do what we can to make a profit now, don't you think? We're helping these girls with our work too, of course. Even if the laws change, there'll still be loopholes for us to find. I mean, honestly, do you think your bureaucratic mess of regulations, subject to change at any time, can truly protect these girls? In my estimation, it's the ridiculous regulations that set undue restrictions on their freedom that are far worse than anything we do here to begin with, wouldn't you agree?"
Mr President
"Even if they're somewhat unreasonable, the law is the law! These laws are what link all Extraspecies together and allows us to protect them. Are you so blinded by constantly chasing short term profit that you've lost sight of any kind of long term vision? I wonder."
Kuroko Smith
"The future for Extraspecies is a future they'll create themselves. We humans should have no say in the matter."
Mr President
"Don't forget this is human society. If anything happens here it'll be too late."
Kuroko Smith
"And if we do nothing, nothing will change at all. Things need to change."
Mr President
"Why can't you understand that sudden change will just bring about chaos and confusion?"
Kuroko Smith has a very heated argument with Mr President about the legality of his business and the law, Chapter 53
"Shipping a giant creature? Not without the proper permits of course?"
Kuroko Smith (triumphantly)
"No worries, all our paperwork is in order. Unfortunately for you, we might be skirting the law, but we aren't breaking it."
Mr President reveals his (with skepticism to be called "legal") principles, Chapter 53
"Slimes are a species that split and rejoin over and over. Apparently they normally divide into nutrient and experience gathering individual Slimes. Then their strengths and experiences are mixed to produce further offspring. They keep dividing to produce stronger individual Slimes. So probably what's going on is...even amongst other Slimes, I think Suu has gained an extraordinary amount of experience. It probably wants to absorb Suu to gain all of that experience, don't you think? I think that's probably why it came to Japan, too."
Mr President reveals Nega-Suu's true intention to Kimihito and his household girls, Chapter 54
"Most likely...the girl you call Suu...will be broken down inside that giant. Just like you can't pick out a single drop of fresh water that's fallen into the ocean, everything unique about Suu will be absorbed and she'll be gone."
Mr President
"That's terrible...!!! ...Hey!! If you knew that, why'd you use Suu as a decoy in the first place?!"
Miia (seething with anger)
"Ah~I figured you guys would protect her, so it'd be fine."
Mr President reveals to Kimihito and his household girls what would probably happen to Suu if she is absorbed by Nega-Suu, while also showing his immoral side when Miia angrily confronts him about putting Suu's life in danger, Chapter 54

Volume 14[]

"You've got a part-time gig, but not a real job, right? I've got the perfect opportunity for you in that case. Basically, I own a farm and-"
Mr President asks Kimihito if he would like to work on a farm, Chapter 56
"You do understand just how much Suu's little escapade the other day cost, right?"
Mr President
Kimihito (startled)
"Well, some of the blame is on us too, of course. Obviously we're not going to do something as boorish as demanding you pay damages. But... don't you think a show of good faith from time to time is just in our nature?"
Mr Presiden tries to get Kimihito to work at the Black Lily ranch, Chapter 56
"Besides Suu recuperating, I believe I remember some of the other girls being here. If I recall correctly, they should be enjoying our salon services right about now..."
Mr President
"Eh... well... I guess so..."
Kimihito (unsure)
"It's been quite a show of good faith for us provide our salon and restaurants free of charge... though I suppose we could just reconsider that~"
Mr President manipulates/blackmails Kimihito into agreeing to work at the Black Lily Ranch, Chapter 56

Volume 16[]

"Yeah, actually after that whole incident we managed to capture that Black Slime. We did some research and it seems like that Slime has a real knack for filtration. So we decided to try installing her into that onsen's filtration system to test out her capabilities. According to our tests she should have been able to behave until the end of the testing period, but... probably during the course of filtering the onsen water she's come into contact with DNA from various extraspecies, and thus she's used the information contained in that DNA and the onsen water to multiply, but... that's just a pet theory of mine."
Mr President speculated in a conversation with Kimihito how the Hot Spring Slimes could have arisen, Chapter 66
"Shit! I'm in the red!"
Mr President moans about the cost after Yukio "persuaded" him to repair the Arctic Inn's filtration system and locate all the Slime girls who were created through its use, Chapter 66

Volume 17[]

"Oh, her horn? Well yes, we do occasionally buy from her. Unicorn horn is great for a plethora of diseases, they call it a panacea after all!"
Mr President confirms to Kimihito and Centorea that Nico works for him, Chapter 72
"'Tis your fault Nico's spending is so out of control!"
Centorea (angry)
"Really? Honestly, if anything, I don't think we're paying enough... besides, aren't you forgetting she sells her horn of her own free will?"
Mr President
"That may be so, but...!"
"As long as the product I'm being sold isn't stolen, I'll buy it. That's my motto. I'm not going to deny someone if they want to sell."
Mr President to Centorea about Nico, Chapter 72
"Well, it just so happens my company is in the middle of a little project that might help with that..."
Mr President
"You don't mean...!!"
"That's right... you've already heard, haven't you? The Extraspecies idol project to surpass ANM48!! And not just the lightweight animal eared girls we have now either!! I'm talking hardcore extra-species like Lamias, Harpies, and Mermaids!!"
Mr President announces to Kimihito, Centorea and Nico that he wants to start his own idol group to surpass ANM48, Chapter 72

Volume 19[]

"Speaking of overly cautious, the Extraspecies Exchange Program... it's that overcautious attitude that's led to Elite Liminals having basically no options up 'til now. Even though Elite Liminals have powers beyond what we unsterstand, since they don't have a system in place to account for it, the government just treats them the same as everyone else."
Mr President tells Kimihito about the situation of the Elite Liminals, Chapter 81
"Actually the operation of this resort is all thanks to an Extra-species Slime, however she has the tendency to get a little overexcited. She's so energetic that we decided it was best to create an entire "Slime pool" for her use to burn off that extra energy."
Mr President tells a reporter about his plans for the filtrations Slime girl for the Black Lily Waterpark, Chapter 81
"Up until now they had entrusted part of the rights to a different company to turn it into a card game but thanks to the Interspecies Exchange going on recently, they've really cranked up the business activities. So they came back to us since we're Extraspecies experts. They'd like to sign a contract with us!"
Mr President explains to Kimihito and his homestay girls how he came into business with Sekmeti, Chapter 82
"So we cancel the card game that's in production and... cancel the illustrations we ordered, and... but the fees... no, but reusing the art is basically impossible..."
Mr President gets stressed when he thinks about what he would have to cancel if Kimihito lost the card duel against Sekmeti, which would mean that she would not sign his contract, Chapter 82
"I just don't get it~! Synchro summoning, ritual summoning, xyz-summoning, union summoning, link summoning, pendulum summoning...! And maximum summoning on top of all that?! And if summoning wasn't hard enough, what the hell is tributing?! I can't memorize all this~!!"
Mr President
"You'll just have to suck it up. This is for millions, remember?"
"But just look at this text box! There's so much! All the text is too small to even read!"
Mr President, stressed and desperate, tries to prepare for his duel with Sekmeti by memorizing the rules of Duel Monmusus, with Kimihito acting as his teacher, Chapter 82