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The following is a description of Mr President's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.



Kasegi is Mr President's older brother, but the two don't seem to have a good relationship, possibly due to Kasegi's illegal dealings with Liminals. In Chapter 55, Mr President was visibly annoyed in the flashback when he thought Kasegi would call him (actually it was Rachnera) and immediately said that if Kasegi needed any money from him again, he wouldn't give it to him. Mr President also doesn't seem overly concerned that his brother is now in prison.

Kuroko Smith[]

As revealed in Chapter 53, Mr President and Kuroko Smith seem to have some sort of long-standing rivalry, although the exact background has not yet been revealed.

Ms Smith openly questions the legality of Mr President's company, accusing him of not caring about the welfare of the Liminals and more about increasing his own profit. Mr President counters that it is rather the government regulations that make life in human society so difficult for the Liminals and that the Liminals should be free to decide their future without human interference.

In the end, the two don't come to terms because of their mutual arguments, but given Ms Smith's sense of triumph when Mr President reveals that he shipped Nega-Suu to Japan, she seems ready to sue him should it turn out that there is something illegal about his dealings.

As seen in Chapter 85, Mr President is not above to getting in Ms Smith's way, because after he somehow found out that Garu, Aluca and Vikk were looking for a job, he made them an offer to work for him, whereupon the three girls, because of the better pay, declined Smith's offer to work with her at MON, much to Smith's shock. Mr President's sneer toward Ms Smith after he watched her conversation with the three girls from his office window clearly shows that he did this partly just to get one over on Smith.

Kimihito Kurusu[]

Mr President and Kimihito don't have a very good relationship. Much like Ms Smith and Rachnera, Kimihito is sceptical about the legality of Mr President's dealings, although he doesn't often voice these thoughts out loud. Mr President, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have any particular opinion about Kimihito, but he is sometimes willing to manipulate him if it benefits his plans.

In Chapter 53, Mr President "persuaded" Kimihito and his household girls to capture the Black Slime Nega-Suu. However, he withheld important information from them and used Suu as bait, even though he knew that the Black Slime would try to absorb her. Not least because this incident almost led to Suu's death, it can be assumed that Kimihito has since harboured a deep dislike for Mr President, as protecting his seven household girls is the most important thing for him.

In Chapter 56, Mr President manipulated Kimihito into working at the Black Lily Ranch by threatening to charge his household girls for their spa stays at his company.

As revealed in Chapter 81, Mr President shakes his head at the fact that Kimihito is always so overly cautious and thinks that if he keeps being like this, he'll be missing out on a ton of chances.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]



Mr President and Papi know each other but they don't have a special relationship. Together with Mero, Papi only got to know Mr President later because she wasn't where when he, Kimihito and the other household girls first met in Chapter 53.

During Volume 14, Mr President offered Papi his wellness program along with Kimihito's other household girls, although by the end of it, Papi was so fat from eating so much that she could barely fly.

In Chapter 72, as Mr President wanted to start his own idol group, he reached out to Papi and Mero as both have some experience in performing on stage. However, the attempt proved futile for Papi, as she always forgot everything no matter how many times Mr President's staff tried to talk to her.

Centorea Shianus[]

Centorea was wary of Mr President from the start, not least because of rumours that his company was an illegal Liminal smuggling ring. Much like Rachnera, Centorea often questions the legality of the Black Lily laboratory, often getting into arguments with Mr President as seen in Chapter 53 and Chapter 72. She is frustrated when he always has a counter-argument ready for each of her arguments, and she often can't think of any good points to reply to.


Meroune Lorelei[]

Mr President and Mero know each other but they don't have a special relationship. Together with Papi, Mero only got to know Mr President later because she wasn't where when he, Kimihito and the other household girls first met in Chapter 53.

During Volume 14, Mr President offered Mero his wellness program along with Kimihito's other household girls, although by the end of it, Mero got fat from eating too much.

In Chapter 72, as Mr President wanted to start his own idol group, he reached out to Papi and Mero as both have some experience in performing on stage. However, Mero's mother didn't allow his staff to question her daughter about it, as she often does when Mero does something "not befitting a princess",

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Mr President and Rachnera have an extended relationship that can be described as bad at best. Mr President values Rachnera's skills (negotiating, information collection, adaptability) and has tried more than once to get her to work for his company. On the other hand, Rachnera wants nothing to do with Mr President and hates him because all his kindness to the Liminals is ultimately based on selfish motives.

As Rachnera explains to Kimihito in Chapter 53, the Black Lily Laboratory is quite famous among Liminal species like the Arachne. After Rachnera spun Kasegi with her silk in Chapter 15, she found herself in dire straits as the M.O.N team was now after her. So she called Mr President on Kasegi's cell phone and blackmailed him into making sure he could shelter her, otherwise she would make sure his brother's illegal dealings were exposed.

Mr President agreed and if Rachnera had called him in Chapter 15 he would have put her out of her predicament. In return, however, he made the condition that she would then have to work for him for six months. However, the trade never took place as Kimihito sided with Rachnera at the time, whereupon the situation with the M.O.N was clarified. For this reason, Rachnera didn't call Mr President.

After that, Mr President tried to call Rachnera several more times but she always ignored him. However, his efforts did not stop; It is revealed in Chapter 53 that Mr President sent the three dangerous Liminals (Killa, Kino and Curie) to the Kurusu house on purpose just to force Rachnera to make contact with him afterwards. To protect her friends from the potential danger of the three Liminals, Rachnera obtained the information but subsequently refused to meet with Mr President.

Rachnera didn't tell Kimihito and the other girls about her connection with Mr President until Chapter 53. After the incident with Nega-Suu, Mr President again tried to persuade her to work for him, but she refused. However, when Mr President saw how happy Rachnera was with Kimihito and the other household girls, he got an idea and it is implied that he only sent Kimihito to the Black Lily Ranch so that he could put pressure on Rachnera to get her to agree to work for him.

After Rachnera learns in Chapter 57 that Mr President sent Kimihito to the ranch (although she doesn't know at the time that it's a Liminal ranch), she goes into a fit of rage in which she strangles Mr President with her spider silk. Eventually, she agrees to work for him on a temporary basis so that she can use the money to pay off Kimihito's "debts", although she makes it quite clear to Mr President how angry she was that he now has leverage against her.

Finally, however, Rachnera learns in Chapter 59 that the Black Lily ranch is run by Liminal girls and that Kimihito has to milk them too. She then strangles Mr President again and picks Kimihito up from the ranch the next day.

Monster Community[]


Mr President is the smuggler who illegally smuggled Killa into Japan because he considered the poison of the Killer Bee to be a valuable raw material. As seen in Chapter 53, Killa is also delivering samples of her poison to pay for her immigration expenses.


Mr President is the smuggler who illegally smuggled Kino into Japan because he considered the spores of the Matango to be a valuable raw material. After smuggling her into Japan, he made a deal with her prior to Chapter 45 so that she wouldn't pay him any money if she wandered around in front of the Kurusu house. Kino did this, although she didn't understand Mr President's motivation.

As seen in Chapter 53, Kino also supplies samples of her spores to the Black Lily Laboratory for money. It is also implied that Mr President sent Kino to the Kurusu house so he could get in contact with Rachnera; he wanted to use the potential danger of the Kurusu house being contaminated with Kino's spores as a form of leverage by offering Rachnera to give her information about the three dangerous Liminals and that she should meet with him afterwards.

Curie Drakulya[]

Mr President is the smuggler who smuggled Curie (and unknowingly Wladislaus' Ghost) into Japan because he saw the Vampire virus as a valuable resource for his research. As revealed in Chapter 53, Curie also provides samples of her saliva to the Black Lily Laboratory, but she and Mr President have not interacted directly with each other.


Mr President was the broker who smuggled Nega-Suu into Japan, although he had original no intention of doing so as the Black Slime just showed up on one of his merchant ships. However, he saw this as an golden opportunity and rushes to apply for important papers while making sure to keep this as a secret from the Japanese government.

Mr President was fascinated by Nega-Suu's abilities and also interested in collecting Slime samples for her for scientific research. Because of his extensive knowledge about Slimes, he also knew the potential risk posed by Nega-Suu, but he still couldn't assess the full danger she posed. In Chapter 54, this caused his plan to capture Nega-Suu to fail as he did not expect that the water absorbing polymer would not shrink Nega-Suu, instead causing the Black Slime to take on a more humanoid, stronger form.

After Mr President revealed to Kimihito and his homestay girls that Nega-Suu would try to absorb Suu, he apologetically told Miia after she angrily confronted him about why he used Suu as bait, admitting that he though so nothing bad would happen because the other homestay girls would have been there to protect Suu in an emergency. This clearly shows that Mr President greatly underestimated Nega-Suu.

Although Mr President was aware of the risk, he was still fascinated by Nega-Suu's abilities and thought of other ways he could use these abilities for his company. After his company recaptured Nega-Suu, they continued to research the Black Slime and found out that she had very high filtering capacities. Mr President then ordered Nega-Suu to be incorporated into the Arctic Inn's filtration system. However, this led to the creation of the Hot Spring Slimes, with Mr President admitting to Kimihito over the phone that the Black Slime is quite a mystery.


As revealed in Chapter 66, Mr President seems to have some business dealings with Yukio. Prior to the events of Volume 16, he sold Yukio a prototype of a new filtration system so that it could better filter the water in the Arctic Inn's onsen. Mr President used the Black Slime Nega-Suu for the filter system, but this eventually led to the creation of the Hot Spring Slimes.

To avoid compensation from the Inn, Yukio "persuaded" Mr President to pay for the repairs to the filtration system. Mr President complied, although he groaned inwardly at the immense financial loss it meant to him.

All in all, Yukio seems to be one of the few people who can use her authority to unnerve Mr President and put him in a position where he can't think of any arguments to contradict her.

Nicole Unicole[]

As revealed in Chapter 72, Mr President is Nico's boss since the Unicorn woman works for the Black Lily Laboratory, with Mr President regarding the filed powder from her horn as a panacea for a variety of ailments. However, he also had concerns about Nico's obsession with idols as she was filing too much of her horn to pay for ANM48 merchandise and her horn was already shaved so far that there was a risk of permanent damage if Nico shaved off any more. For this reason, Mr President offered Nico to work as a member of his new virtual idol group, the "Black Lilies" instead, so that she could make money without selling her powder.

As befits his character, this "help" from Mr President was of course not without selfishness, since it was also a good chance for the founding of the "Black Lilies" that Nicole would contribute to the idol group. In fact, it can be said that Mr President convinced but also manipulated Nicole with his words when he said that if she denied her earnest effort to overcome her own spending problem, she would deny the same effort she saw in her favourite idols. Basically, he took advantage of her situation to gain an advantage for one of his other projects.

Much like Centorea and Kimihito, Mr President doesn't seem too sure what to think of Nico spending too much money on streaming either, despite writing those things off as expenses for now.

Suu's Mother[]

Mr President entered into a business relationship with Suu's mother prior to chapter 81 and she was instrumental in the construction of the Black Lily Waterpark. Mr President appreciates the fact that Suu's mother reduces the waterpark's water bill to zero due to her ability to create infinite water, as well as the fact that partnering with an Undine gives him the chance to explore the still largely unexplored abilities of an Elite Liminal. Mr President is very interested in finding out more about how the power of an Elite Liminal works with the current technology.

Mr President wasn't aware until Chapter 81 that the Undine who was working for him is Suu's mother. When he finally learns out about this, he can hide his amazement better than Kimihito, although the expression on his face clearly shows that he didn't expect something like that either.


At the time of Chapter 82, Mr President was in contract negotiations with Sekmeti as to whether he would receive a share of the rights and the profit of Sekmeti's Duel Monmusus card game company. This deal was very important to Mr President as it would mean a million dollar profit for his company if Sekmeti signed the contract, but also a large loss of money if Sekmeti refused the deal, as in that case Mr President would have the card game that's in production, the illustrations they ordered and the fees would have to be cancelled.

Therefore, Mr President "recruited" Kimihito as a Duel Monmusus player to compete in the card duel against Sekmeti, with Sekmeti setting the condition that the contract depended on Kimihito's victory against her. Because of that, Mr President was very stressed to watch the duel and was already imagining horror scenarios in his head about what would happen if Kimihito lost the duel.

However, after Kimihito won the card duel, Mr President rushed to get Sekmeti to sign the contract, saying that he would "probably" thank Kimihito for his help. Kimihito then convinced Sekmeti that it would be better not to sign the contract until she got to know Mr President better. So she challenged Mr President to a card game, which forced him, much to his chagrin, to memorize the rules of Duel Monmusus.