"Mr Sir" is a male human who has served as the Communal Husband for Miia's Lamia Village.

While well kempt, courteous and incredibly skilled in sex, "Mr Sir"'s age has begun to affect his ability to mate with the village's girls and as such his ability to represent them in the coming Stud Tournament has come under question.
Due to this, Miia's Mother opted to call in her daughter's love interest, Kimihito Kurusu, to represent the village instead of "Mr Sir". However, in actuality "Mr Sir" was more than capable of performing at the tournament but Miia's mother wanted to take advantage of the situation to pressure her daughter into furthering her relationship with Kimihito by either sleeping with him before any of the other lamia do or run off from the tournament to elope.



  • While his back is not as strong as it used to be, resulting in him not being able to bed as many lamia as he once could, "Mr Sir"'s true talent lies in his dexterous hands and fingers with which he has driven many lamia to the brink of ecstasy and back.
  • While he is the communal husband of the village, "Mr Sir" did not father Miia as Miia's Mother revealed that Miia's father was another unnamed man who refused to stay with the Lamia after fornicating with her and ran away.
  • It is stated that Mr Sir only sleeps with the "older girls" in the village (presumably meaning those close to his age or at least above thirty years of age). Leaving a large percent of the population being unable to experience intercourse with a man.

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