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My Sweet Feelings is a character song sung by Miia as she sings about her feelings for Kimihito Kurusu.


Original Lyrics

きっと この出会いを

ずっと 待ってたんだ

そっと 差し込んだ 光のように

きっと 溶かしたんだ

咲いた 淡い想い

ずっと 膨らんで 胸の奥で

走り出す 言葉はゆらゆら飛び立つ

もっと触れさせて ありのまま

遮るモノなんて ここにはなにもない


咲かせたい あなたに

赤く 燃える 想いを

ぶつけて 受け取って



だぁりん *2


胸に 走る 鼓動が こんなにも激しくて


抱きしめてよ ぎゅっと

ずっと 隠してた

きっと 自信がなくて

夜空に 流れる 雲のように

やっと 言えそうかな

泣いた あの日のこと

きっと もう少し 勇気があれば

飛び立つ 羽なら


もっと見て欲しい ありのまま

他のだれでもない あなたに触れて欲しい


たとえ 誰かから 奪うことになっても


今すぐにだって 全部捧げるよ

だぁりん *2


あなたが見せる笑顔 こんなにも優しくて


守りたいよ ずっと

ああ 神様

当たり前の日常を あと少しだけ

ああ お月様


きっと 「今だけ楽しければいいや」って


二人 別の身体 二人 引き離してく

だぁりん *2

超えられないの?二人 分ける 境界線



ひとつで いたい ずっと

Romaji Lyrics

English Translation

I'm sure of this encounter
I had been waiting
Insert gently just like the light

I'm sure it melted
The light feelings bloomed
Keep getting bigger inside my heart

I begin to run. Words fly away wobblingly
Please allow me touch you more without any concealment
There isn't any thing that cover me
I want to tell you this feeling

I want to bloom for you
Redly burning feelings
Bump into it. Accept it.
Take my hand right now
See you right now

I can't stop it
The beating running in my heart is so intense
Tighter than tighten me up
Please hug me tightly

Keep hiding
I have no confidence at all
Just like the clouds which flowing in the night sky

Can I finally say it out?
I cried that day
Surely, if I had more courage

I want to fly, if I had wings
Although I don't have them
I want to see more without any concealment
There isn't anyone else. All I want to touch is you.
Please accept my feeling

Even if it will be taken away from someone
If you can stay by my side
I'll dedicate everything for you right now

I can't stop it
The smiling face of you is so gentle
More than anyone else
I want to protect it forever

Oh, God
Please make this ordinary daily life be a little longer

Oh, Moon
Please brighten my way

If I can "only have happiness now"
All I wish is
The bodies separated us disappear

Can't I cross it?
The boundary line that separate us
So far away
More painful than hugging
Always being alone is so painful


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