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Myuu full pic
Physical Appearance
Age Unknown
Monster Species Ryu-jin
Gender Female Female
Hair Silver
Eye Blue
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut

Myuu, aka Dragon Maid Myuu, is a Ryu-jin that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.



Skills and TraitsEdit

  • Ryu-jin Physiology:
  • Just like Dragons and other reptiles, they are cold-blooded and poikilotherms.
  • Ryu-jin Body: Unlike Dragons that have wings, Ryu-jins are wingless.
  • Celestial Bureaucrats: Ryu-jinns are stated to be agents of the Celestial Bureaucracy, with each member having their own particular function in ensuring the smooth governance of the world. Every year, Ryu-jinn officers journey to the Celestial Palace to file their reports of the previous year's activities and events. Rewards and punishments are distributed based on the evaluation of the records. A corrupt or inefficient ryu-jinn may be removed and replaced by a new appointee; an industrious ryu-jinn may be promoted to a position of higher responsibility. They are known for being modest, loyal and naturally diplomatic, as well as for a tendency to be fascinated by humans and humanoids.
  • Insectoid Fear: For unknown reasons, insect, arachnid or arthropod beings are afraid of Ryu-jin and will actively avoid interacting with them.


After opening the twitter page on 18th October, 2015, Myuu posts some tweets introducing some of the homestay girls; Miia, Haru, Tsen, Rui, Jelli, Papi, Quess, Kuruwa, Fran, Kyou, Ai, Ran, Centorea, Kuu, Aluru, Lethe, Saki, Shire. After announcing the inclusion of the player's ability to review a homestay girl's personal information in the game (November 5th, 2015), Myuu returns to posting introduction tweets for Kehp, Meroune, Kyure, Nia, Death, Yuki, Honey. On November 12th, Myuu announces that the game has reached the benchmark of 77,777 players.
After introducing more girls; Queen, Suu, Emeth, Flare, Chione, Rei, Liza she reveals a list of voice actresses who voiced the characters in the game (19th November). Bisque, Rachnera, Mokunaii the 11th, Peace, Rosty, Ariel, Youko
Announces the distribution of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (anime) anime series (26th November) Were, Tito, Memeko, Keros, Mimi, Bima, Kura Announces the introduction of a new feature on the game's main page where the player can now touch the monster girl by clicking on her (3-12-2015) Rus, Tolepas, Rohe, Rosty, Sophia, Miraj, Kalolo, Mai Announces that advance registration will close at 12:00 on December 17th. Sea, Nancy, Em, Tatake, Horo, Misaki, Qukuru Announces the open date of the game to be December 21st, 2015. Kuune, Hydra After performing some maintenance where the game would freeze during the tutorial, Fi is announced. Froze, Iormu master! Merry Christmas Eve ♪ It is going to be a very lively night surrounded by lots of other races! Please spend a wonderful night ♡ master! Merry Christmas ♪ Last night was lively until late ♪ All other members of the tribe were saying that it was a lot of fun! I heard he wants to go out tonight as well ♡ master, it is serious! I heard that Miti of Yeti people got lost! I am very unfamiliar with the city so I am very worried .... Let's hurry and find! It is a little left to leave this year ♪ In human society, I heard that they eat soy sauce buckwheat noodles! Has your husband already eaten? May your husband and other races to have a good year next year ... ☆ Now, let's prepare for the countdown to 2016 Happy New Year, Happy New Year! I will make an effort to support my husband more this year, so thank you ♡ We would like to ask everyone of the other races to go out early in the New Year ♪ Please prepare ♪ master! I was informed that Lyca of Werewolf had suddenly undergone a labor change! It will be tough if the town panics. Let's hurry and find! If you succeed in persuading "Mont Girl Power Showdown" you may be able to welcome Lyca Husband, new people of other races studied abroad ♪ What a way, from January 7th to 19th, it seems to be easy to pick you up ♪ Because I heard that it is very cool and nice people Lato, Halifa, Ena master! Homestay host household number has finally exceeded 100,000 people! I am impressed and I do not have words ...! Thank you ♪ With this feeling of gratitude, gifts arrive everyday! 12-1-2016


Zoological ClassificationEdit

Monmusu - Ryu-jin
Main article: Dragonewt

Ryu-jin (龍人, Ryūjin) are a subspecies of Dragonewt. Unlike them however, they resemble Eastern Dragons, and as such, they have deer-like horns and long tails. Yet unlike Dragonewts, they have no wings, making them appear to be lizardmen at first glance. They possess an immense vitality, and live much longer than most humans, up to ten times a normal human lifespan. Like Dragonewts, their reverse scale are their weakness.


  • Myuu refers to the player as "Goshujin-sama".
  • While she is a non playable character for the game, Myuu hosts the Monmusu Online Twitter Page and frequently posts updates and notifications of new characters and events via the twitter page.
  • Ryu-jinn generally have close ties to nature, like forests, the skies, or the seas, and are thought to possess abilities in weather control.

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