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"My lord! More people from other races are studying abroad!♪"
"My Lord! Everyone who was studying abroad seems to have returned to their villages without incident. ♪ I have a lot of fun memories of the days I spent with everyone and now I feel lonely. But whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. I am sure there will be more wonderful encounters in the future ♪"
—Ending Tweet
"By the way, cleaning is over, so I will go soon. I will treasure above all the time that I could spend with my lord. I sincerely pray for your future happiness ♪ I'm sorry! ...... It would mean a lot to me if you could take the time to remember me and the things we did once in a while ♡ ......"
—Ending Tweet

Calender Events[]

"My lord! Merry Christmas Eve ♪ It is going to be a very lively night surrounded by lots of other races! Please spend a wonderful night with us!♡"
"My lord! Merry Christmas ♪ Last night was lively until late ♪ All other members of the tribe were saying that it was a lot of fun! I heard he wants to go out tonight as well ♡"
"There is a little of this year left♪ In human society, I heard that they eat soy sauce buckwheat noodles! Has my lord already eaten? May my lord and the other girls have a good year next year ... ☆ Now, let's prepare for the countdown to 2016."
"Happy New Year, Happy New Year! I will make an effort to support my lord more this year, so thank you ♡ We would like to ask everyone of the other liminal races to go out early in the New Year ♪ Please prepare ♪"


"My lord, this is serious! I heard that Miti of the Yeti people has gotten lost! I am very unfamiliar with the city so I am very worried .... Let's hurry and find her!"
Event: Lost Yeti Search!
"My lord! I was informed that Lyca the Werewolf has suddenly undergone a change! It will be tough if the town panics. Let's hurry and find her! If you succeed in persuading her, you may be able to welcome Lyca as an exchange student!"
Event: Night Of Temptation ~ Kagami Mochi Series
"My lord! Vampire Bat Pirati doesn't seem to want to come out of her room! I've been studying abroad for a while so I can relate... Let's listen to Pirati's troubles and fulfill some of the requests she has made♪"
Event: Bat of home security
"My lord! Mothman Actia ripped up her homestay contract and went into town! I'm worried because I said "I'll find her" ... It seems that you can greet Actia by collecting the “ripped contract” ♪"
Event: Riajuu, you should just explode!
"My lord! Lesser Devil Sitri used mysterious techniques to make the city chocolate! Please stop Sitri's pranks... and fulfill the hope, it seems to welcome Sitri like I"
Event: All Become Valentine Mood