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The following is a description of the Neighborhood Kids relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

The neighborhood kids and Kimihito don't often interact with each other during the manga series, but they generally get along well, although the kids don't seem to have any particular opinion about him. Due to his caring side, he is also very protective of them when they are in danger, although this rarely happens and its always his homestay girls who rescue the children. While Kimihito gets along with the girls in the group, he doesn't like the boys that much, considering them "perverted brats". The boys are also naughty towards him as they splashed him with their water balloons just like they did with Papi.

The Racist Couple[]

The neighborhood kids haven't interacted directly with the racist couple, but in Chapter 9, they are seen to be annoyed by the couple's racist slurs towards Papi and Suu and probably thinks the couple are idiots. Also the fact that one of the girls was almost driven over by the couple's reckless driving probably caused the kids to despise the couple.

Yuuhi Hajime[]

The neighborhood kids and Yuuhi met in Chapter 38, but initially they had a hard time befriending her due to Yuuhi's terminal illness. However, after Lala "cured" Yuuhi with one of Zombina's teeth and turned she into a Zombie, she quickly became friends with the other kids and they now spend a lot of time together. In Chapter 42, two of the girls attend the summer festival along with Yuuhi.

Although a few of the neighborhood kids were present when Ms Smith stated that Yuuhi is now a Zombie, it's not clear if they really understood the meaning behind it. Because of this, it's not entirely clear if they are aware or what their opinion (if any) they have that Yuuhi is now undead.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Papi and the neighborhood kids are very good friends with each other, while the Harpy also takes great care of the kids due to her maternal side. As revealed in Chapter 9, Papi also often sneaks out of the Kurusu house to play with them. While Papi gets along very well with the kids, she is unaware of the slightly kinkier side of the boys in the group, such as when they spray Papi with their water pistols to see her breasts through her wet dress.

Centorea Shianus[]

Centorea has only interacted with the neighborhood kids in Chapter 73 and only with the boys. Their relationship is not good as Centorea got quite angry when the boys splashed Pegasania with Centorea calling them "damn pervy kids". The boys were visibly shocked by this scolding.


Suu and the neighborhood kids first met in Chapter 9, although the girls have a slightly different relationship with her than the boys. What they all have in common though is that they all like the Slime girl, as they were visibly shocked when it looked like Suu had died from falling into the river and were relieved when Kimihito's intervention prevented it.

The girls enjoy playing with Suu, and when she saved the lives of one of them, they showed great gratitude for her.

The boys were attracted to Suu when the Slime girl gained large breasts from absorbing water. When she then pressed one of the boys with his face into her breasts, the other three wanted to do the same, although Suu splashed water on them instead.

Monster Community[]

Pegasania Bellerophon[]


As part of her cultural exchange activities, Abul tries to ask riddles to local kids so that people can learn more about Sphinxes. Abul and the neighborhood girls have no special relationship with each other, as it is seen in Chapter 83 that they are quiet shy and didn't seem to take any interest in Abul's riddles. In generally they have little to do with each other.

However, the relationship of the the boys with Abul is difficult and problematic. They have also no interests in Abul's "dump" riddles but in contrast to the girls, they have fun to answering her with pointless "locical arguments" and utter nonsense to annoy her. Abul has made many attempts to interest the boys to her riddles, for example by giving them snacks as a reward for solving riddles. But the boys just take advantage of this.

The really problematic thing about Abul's relationship to the boys, however, is that she is a shotacon and is therefore sexuell attracted to them. Following a advice from Rachnera, Abul finally uses her "adult weapons" to shocked one of the boys with her bare breasts and after intimitating him a bit, she tells him that in the future it will be so that he and his friends are "getting eaten" is if they solve her riddles. Since then, the boys have become more eager to solve Abul's riddles, although they now are more intimidated by her. It can be viewed with concern if the boys are ever able to solve Abul's riddle since, given her ambiguous comments, this might mean that she would then have sex with them (if this implications were meant seriously).