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Kana オクト
Romaji Okuto
Physical Appearance
Age ??
Monster Species Scylla
Gender Female Female
Height 350-500 cm (11'6"-16'5")(Tentacles Stretchable)
Weight Secret
B-W-H B93(G)-W60-H??
Monster Profile
Occupation Takoyaki Vendor
Artic Inn counselor
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 36

Octo is a Scylla who, thanks to the influence of The Little Mermaid narrative, has long been believed by the Mermaid Kingdom to be a evil sea witch. Wrongly accused of causing the current "elopement problem" plaguing the populace, Octo seeks to clear the kingdom's misunderstandings so that she may live in peace, which she ultimately succeds with the support of Kimihito and his homestay girls. She makes her debut in Chapter 35.


Octo's appearance is that of a Scylla, with tentacles acting as her legs from her hips down. She appears to prefer loose fitting, if not somewhat revealing, clothing, with her apparent main outfit consisting of a loose cloak that opens down her midsection, where she wears a white slingshot micro bikini underneath.

Her hair appears to be smaller tentacles, with two larger ones draping over the sides of her face. Her overall appearance is quite attractive, if not mysterious due to the amount of clothing she wears to cover herself. Her eyes seem to be without pupils at a distance, but in fact have fat horizontal pupils, not unlike octopus eyes.

Much like Lala, Octo's skin colour is a purplish shade of blue, though her tentacles are a much darker purple, with her hair starting out closer to white before darkening as they go further down.


Octo's personality appears to be very playful, similar to Rachnera, as she appears to enjoy fondling the other characters with her tentacles is openly flirtatious, and seemingly quite confident. She quickly shows thanks towards Kimihito and the other girls when they offer to help clear her name, even going as far as to promise Kimihito with a "nice reward" when they are done. She speaks in Osaka dialect.

While Octo has a playful side, she can easily be serious when needed. Despite her confident nature, Octo also seems to be a bit clumsy when she comes to interacting with others, such as when she left a "friendly note" after Mero's "kidnapping" in Chapter 35, although the notes looked more like a ransom letter.

Although Octo was initially quite annoyed that so many people would come to her for advice on their problems, she later seems to have taken a liking to it. As revealed in Chapter 66, Octo worked to earn money at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort at her own booth called "Ms Octo's counselling room". She seems to be quite successful at this, since she proudly claimed to Kimihito that she could solve every communication problem between humans and Liminals in a flash.

As seen in the omake of Volume 16, Octo can also be quite inattentive at times, not realizing that the young man who pretend to keep asking her for advice on romance was actually in love with her, although it was very obvious. After Octo gave him some further advice, she remarked with amusement that there are "some seriously dense Scyllas too", not realizing that ironically this statement applied to herself.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Cooking: Octo appears to be very talented in cooking various assortments of seafood. She operates her own seaside cafe where her specialty is Takoyaki, which ironically includes octopi as the main ingredient.[1]
  • Counseling: Octo has experience solving relationships in the Mermaid Kingdom and used that to work as a counselor at the Artic Inn to patch the relationships of couples who are matched by giving them great advice.

Physical Traits[]

  • Scylla Phsyiology:
    • Dexterity: Octo appears to be very talented in the use of her many tentacles, being able to use them to subdue people with bondage. Her abilities in this regard rival even Rachnera but are not as effective as Suu.
    • Slimy skin:To protect her from drying out, Octo's skin is covered in a slime which is even more viscious than that of a Mermaid. This means that by Octo the risk of a wardrobe malfunction is several times higher, but since there is no real way for her to deal with it, she's half giving up fighting.
    • Tentacles: In addition to being able to stretch out to a certain extent, Octo's tentacles also posses a strong regenerative ability. Even if she were to lose a whole leg it would grow back. Though not as dexterous as her hands, her tentacles are quite useful for grabbing things from far away and other tasks.
    • Ink Discharge: Octo has the ability to shoot ink from an ink sac in her throat when she is in danger. However, this is sometimes involuntary because she has no real use for it in her daily life, resulting in the ink sometimes dribbles out of her mouth when she's half asleep.



Octo originally lived a peaceful life in her cave near the Mermaid kingdom. This changed, however, when the Mermaid queen (Mero's mother) started spreading rumours that the Scylla was an evil sea witch who would use magic to seduce the Mermaids into eloping with humans. As Mero's mother later explained, she didn't actually have anything against Octo personally, but simply used her because it suited her plan to sow discord in the relationship between humans and Mermaids. All of this should only serve to enable Mero's mother (for selfish reasons) to experience the "perfect tragic love" with her human lovers afterwards.

Although there were many people in the Mermaid kingdom who were frightened of Octo by the rumours, some also began to actively seek her out, either seeking advice from her or believing she could make them look better with magic. Among these people were the two Fishfolk butlers Flounnder and Sebasstian and even the Mermaid king (Mero's father) before he eloped with a human woman. These unwelcome visitors eventually stressed Octo so much that she started keeping giant sea anemones in her cave, which temporarily paralysed the visitors with their poisonous tentacles, causing them to leave Octo alone.

Seeing no other way to clear up the rumours, Octo start looking for Mero,hoping that the princess might have the power to clear up the misunderstanding.


Zoological Classification[]

Oct's Secrets

Scylla, also known as Cecaelia, are a demihuman liminal race with the upper body of a human and the lower body of an octopus.

Associated with Greek mythology, the Scylla are thought of as an aggressively solitary species that reside within underwater caves and ocean-borne cliff faces; however, some myths claim that the Scylla share a symbiotic partnership with the whirlpool-producing Charybdis.

The race also have a reputation of being sea witches, possessing vast power over the ocean tides, weather and moon, though there is no truth to these claims, rumors still persist.


  • Octo's name is derived from "Octopus", which in reference to her animal basis.
  • One of Octo's favourite games is Splatoon; where she plays as an Inkling Roller-user.
  • In the German version of the manga series Octo is called "Skylla" and her species is called "Oktopussi".


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