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The following are quotes said by or relating to Octo. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 9[]

"Well, well, well...You must be quite skilled to string up my pets like that. But while you were busy with that...I've grabbed your little boyfriend."
"So you're Octo, the Scylla, huh?"
"Indeed. But for you to know that...that means you're here for the princess, yes? Sure, fine, go right ahead. While you're off doing that, I'll have some fun with this one here."
Octo taunts Rachnera on their first encounter while playfully trying to grope Kimihito, Chapter 36
"Man, I'm sorry! I thought you were with the Mermaids! I'm super sorry. But damn, ya'll're pretty impressive. I'd never done rope bondage before!"
"Your tentacles are pretty damn amazing yourself. I can't believe you managed to get me like that."
Rachnera and Octo are impressed by each other's abilities as the situation slowly clears up, Chapter 36
"Seriously...everyone comes to me for advice...They think I'm some witch out of a fairy tale that can solve all their problems..."
Octo desperately tells Kimihito and his household girls about their situation, Chapter 36

Volume 16[]

Kimihito (surprised)
"Oooh it's you~! Long time no see~!"
Octo is pleasantly surprised to see Kimihito again after a long time while she works at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort, Chapter 66
""Ms Octo's counseling room!" Any extraspecies communication problem we'll solve in flash! I've been using that experience solving those Mermaid kingdom problems back in the cave as a spring board for this whole operation~"
Octo proudly tells Kimihito about her work, Chapter 66