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The following is a description of Octo's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Due to the rumours and the apparent kidnapping of Mero, Kimihito was initially cautious with dealing with Octo, although he did not openly regard her as an enemy. When they first met, Octo tried to seduce Kimihito and grope him with her tentacles, although the situation was eventually resolved. When Kimihito and his houseguests agreed to help Octo, she hugged him and promised him a "nice reward" for later, suggesting that she was at least a little attracted to him because of his kindness. Since then, both have been getting along.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Miia didn't get off to a good start with Octo, due to the rumours and Mero's apparent kidnapping. This aversion increased when Miia was groped by the sea anemones in Octo's Cave in Chapter 36 and when Octo showed affection for Kimihito. However, after Mero explained that the rumours that Octo was an evil sea witch were nothing but baseless claims, Miia was ready to help Octo and since then the two seem to get along, or at least be neutral to each other.


Octo didn't actually interact with Papi, but they seem to get along.

Centorea Shianus[]

Centorea didn't get off to a good start with Octo, due to the rumours and Mero's apparent kidnapping. This aversion increased when Centorea was groped by the sea anemones in Octo's cave and when Octo showed affection for Kimihito. Still, Centorea was ready to help Octo and since then the two seem to get along, or at least be neutral to each other.


When Suu took on a maternal personality by absorbing the seawater, she molested both Octo and Rachnera, which led both of them to comment that Suu should not go into the ocean again.

Meroune Lorelei[]

After the rumours made life difficult for Octo, she tried to get in contact with Mero in the hope that the princess could clear up the rumours. However, these efforts gave the other inhabitants of the Mermaid kingdom the impression that Octo intended to do something evil to Mero. Eventually, Octo managed to get in contact with Mero in Chapter 35, but it turned out that her efforts were rather in vain as Mero, despite her status as a princess, had no power over the Mermaid people and therefore could not easily clear up the rumours.

Although Mero was aware of the rumours about Octo, she showed no fear of the Scylla, quickly convinced of her innocence and voluntarily went with her (though this was mistaken for a kidnapping). Eventually, she and the other protagonists managed to prove Octo's innocence.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Octo and Rachnera did not get off to a good start as Rachnera viewed the Scylla with caution due to the rumours and the fact that she had seemingly kidnapped Mero. Rachnera was also furious when Octo tried to seduce Kimihito in her cave in Chapter 36. However, due to their similar personalities, Octo and Rachnera quickly got along quite well when the situation was resolved. While both have mutual respect for each other's skills, Octo can at times become by upset by Rachnera's derisive comments.

Monster Community[]

Sebasstian & Flounnder[]

Octo hasn't interacted much with Sebasstian and Flounnder, but as seen in Chapter 37, she distrusts the two butlers. Along with Rachnera, she held down Sebasstian and Flounnder and forced them to take the protagonists to the queen.

Sebasstian and Flounnder, for their part, were terrified of the Scylla due to the rumours that she was an evil sea witch. However, the two also hoped that Octo could use her alleged magical abilities to turn them both into handsome butler mermen. Because of this, the butlers tried to sneak into Octo's cave, but had to turn back when they couldn't get past the giant sea anemones.

Meroune's Mother[]

Octo didn't know Meroune's mother, the mermaid queen, very well before the events of Volume 9, but she had heard that while the queen appeared to be a very serious, mature woman, she was also very stubborn and strict. Unbeknownst to Octo, the queen was actually the one who started all those rumours about the Scylla and caused all the trouble for her. As the queen explained to Kimihito and Mero in chapter 37, she harboured no ill will toward Octo and simply regarded her as a very convenient tool in her conspiracy to end the Exchange between Species program for her people for her selfish desire to experience the "perfect tragedy" with her human lover.

Since the queen later cleared up the rumours about Octo but kept it secret that it was her fault, it is not entirely clear whether Octo ever found out that the queen caused all these problems for her. At least the two seem to get along or are to be neutral to each other. As seen in the omake of Volume 9, the queen also occasionally comes to Octo for advice, although the Scylla seems overwhelmed by her specific requests.

Mermaid Kingdom Subjects[]

Due to the many rumours that the Mermaid queen had circulated about Octo, many residents of the Mermaid kingdom were afraid of the Scylla, believing that she was an evil sea witch who would use magic to tempt the merfolk to elope. However, ironically, there were also many residents of the kingdom who sought advice from Octo, believing that the Scylla could use her supposed magic to make them a better or gain a handsome appearance.

Octo was deeply annoyed by these uninvited visitors, which is why she had the giant sea anemones in her cave to keep visitors away. After Mero's mother finally cleared up the rumours in chapter 37, Octo has since gotten along well with the merfolk. In fact, as Octo explains to Kimihito in Chapter 66, there was actually something good about the events of that time since Octo was able to gain experience for her own booth "Ms Octo's counselling room" to give the Arctic Inn visitors advice on romantic relationships.


Octo and Yukio are good acquaintances, with Yukio being Octo's landlord. As seen in Chapter 66, Octo operates her own booth within the Arctic Inn, "Ms Octo's Counselling Room" where she provides relationship advice to couples who have bonded during dating events. Yukio appreciates Octo's experience and asks the Scylla for advice on problems, such as the 100% matching rate.