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Orc Leader
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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Orc
Gender Male Male
Hair orange
Monster Profile
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 11
Anime Episode 7

The Orc Leader is an unnamed male Orc terrorist and the former leader of the now presumed defunk Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen. Originally a main antagonist in his debut Chapter, he appeared again in Chapter 40 and Chapter 84. Over the course of the series, the Orc Leader has committed numerous terrible crimes from terrorism to attempted murder and especially attempted rape, making him one of the darker antagonists, although he always gets what he deserves in the end.


The Orc leader is a large, beefy Orc and is about as wide in body height as well as tall. As a male Orc, he is more animalistic in appearance than the female representatives of his species as his head actually looks like that of a pig, which makes him appear quite beast-like. His massive hands are at least twice the size and width of a humans, and he has upward-facing hair on his head, which is orange in the anime. He has dark skin.

In his first appearance, the Orc leader wore black boots, black pants and a green-spotted military camouflage jacket, as well as a blue scarf. In his later appearances, his clothing doesn't change much, although in contrast to the military jacket he now wears a black jacket and white shoes.


The Orc leader is a cruel and lecherous terrorist, making him a perfect example of the stereotypical negative image of his species. He also seems to have a certain charismatic nature, as he was able to gather a group of five other Orcs to assist him in his raid on the doujinji shop. He is also shown to be murderously inclined when he holes Zombina with his rifle, which would have killed her if she had not been a Zombie. He also contemptuously claimed to the police that it was "self-defense" because Zombina had allegedly broken the Extraspecies Protection Act by breaking into the store, which of course was nothing more than a sadistic excuse.

The Orc leader has a disgustingly lecherous/pedophiles attitude that goes too far as he is willing to commit rape. Most notably, he is a lolicon, meaning he often tries to attack little girls or women with childish appearance. In fact, this perversity was the reason why he and the P.O.R.K attacked the store and took hostages, as they had some crazy demands that all mainstream erotic manga should be changed to "Orc x Royal Knight" (and other variants), which met with a lack of understanding from the police.

The Orc leader is also very arrogant, especially in situations where he believes that he has the upper hand or at least has certain advantages on his side. In Chapter 11, he mocked the police, because, due to the interspecies protection laws, they could do nothing to arrest him and the P.O.R.K, even as they commited a public crime by raiding the Libido store. He showed this sneering arrogance again when he voluntarily surrendered to Ms Smith and the MON when they confronted him for his crimes, saying that his punishment would only be a repatriation from Japan, and in doing so he mocked the MON even more than as he said that he would like it if they "escorted" him all the way home.

The Orc leader showed some finesse by pointing out the loopholes in the Exchange law regarding the fact that humans are not allowed to harm Liminals, and making it clear to him that the human police officers could not arrest him and the P.O.R.K for their crimes. He also attempted to use these loopholes in Chapter 40 when he attempted to grope Liminal women on the street, presumably because he was aware that the law did not clearly state that Liminals were not allowed to harm each other.

However, this sophistication is often overshadowed by his lecherous lolicon complex: when Doppel transformed into a young girl in Chapter 11, he was so distracted by her that he didn't wondered about why would there be a little girl in a doujinshi store for men, which lead him to fall into the ambush of the M.O.N team. Doppel later used this again in Chapter 40 when she transformed herself into Lilith's childlike appearance and lured him into a trap and traumatized him with her transformation abilities.

As seen in Chapter 84, the Orc leader is not only willing to use violence against his fellow Orcs, but he also doesn't seem to care that his crimes bring such a bad name to the rest of his species, as he commented on the accusations of the two Orc employees of the Hotel Okaya against him only with a sneering grin. In this regard, he also seems to look down on more peaceful Orcs as he mocks the two Orc hotel employees after he so easily knocks them out, saying that they have already become softened.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Traits[]

  • Lolicon complex: The Orc leader has an Lolicon complex, meaning he is attracted to young woman, but combined with his perversity, this leads to him being a downright pedophile in this regard, to the point that he trying to raping /groping young girls or Liminal woman with childlike appearance (like Lilith). After Doppel traumatized the Orc leader with an horrifying transformation in Chapter 40, he began whimpering that "little girls are scary", implying that his perversity toward young girls may had at least somewhat decreased, although this is unlikely judging by his later behavior in Chapter 84.
  • Firearm experience: As seen in Chapter 11, the Orc leader has experience using firearms.
  • Knowledge of the laws: Although his perversity often caused him to overlook details, the Orc leader has an instinct for things he can use to his advantages, such as when he realized that the loopholes in the Liminal exchange Laws that protect Liminals from humans, giving him the posibility to commit a crime without a human police would be able to arrest him, as this would be equivalent of human violence against a Liminal.

Physical Traits[]

  • Orc Physiology:
    • Height: Male orcs stand approximately 5'11" to 6'2", weighing from 180 to 280 lbs. Females average about 6 inches shorter than males. Females also appear more human than their male counterparts. Female orcs are also usually plump in general though others, such as Ruka, can become slimmer.
    • Sense of Smell: Orcs possess an extraordinary keen sense of smell, whereby the Orc leader claims that he can smell every gun and woman within a radius of one kilometer. However, as his sense of smell is limited to a radius of one kilometer, he cannot smell guns that are outside of that radius, so Manako's shooting attack from two kilometers away caught him and the other Orcs by surprise. Additionally, in both Chapter 11 and Chapter 40, the Orc leader was unable to detect Doppel in transformation, implying that he is may not be able to detect the scent of a Shapeshifter.
      • As stated in Chapter 84, the Orc leader is able to orientate in the dark due to his sense of smell, although an injury to his nose such as from Aluca's claws result in his sense of smell being impaired, leaving him virtually helpless in the dark.
    • Superior Level of Strength: As an Orc, the Orc Leader is much stronger than a normal human, although still weaker than some larger Liminal species like Ogre. In Chapter 40, the Orc leader managed to overpower Draco with relative ease, which is quite an impressive feat considering that a Dragonewt is stronger than a Lamia. In this example, however, it must be taken into account that Draco was in a very weak mental state at the time and the Orc overwhelmed her with a surprise attack. As seen in Chapter 84, the Orc leader appears to be stronger than the average Orc as he was able to easily knock down the two Orc hotel employees, but ultimately he is no match for the strength and quick reflexes of a Werewolf like Garu.


Not much is known about the Orc leader's past. He is a lecherous terrorist who was involved in many criminal activities. As some point before the events of Chapter 11, he gathered a group of 5 other Orcs who were just as devious and perverted as he, the P.O.R.K., with himself becoming the leader of the group.

After the existence of Liminals was revealed by the Japanese government to the public through the introduction of the Interspecies Exchange Between Bill, the P.O.R.K. entered Japan with smuggled firearms, planning a raid on the doujinji shop Libido Doujin in Tokyo. The background for this attack was that the P.O.R.K. demanded only for their perverse satisfaction that Japan should increase the amount of Orc-oriented content in mainstream erotic manga like Orc-on-Elf and some other variants.

It is implied that the Orc leader has studied the Interspecies protection laws, which prohibits humans and Liminals from harming each other, very thoroughly before the raid, due to his extensive knowledge of the loopholes. Because of that, he was able to deduce that a human police officer would not be able to arrest a Liminal, even in the case of a crime.


Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Orc

Orcs are a race of brutish, aggressive and generally lustful pseudohumans. Possessing prominent fangs and a snout, their features tend to be "pig-like" in appearance. Taller and thicker than a human by half, they would have about the strength a bear, and have noses capable of accurate olfactory sense to up to a kilometer out.

Considered to be aggressive scavengers and opportunistic carnivores, they possesses human-level intelligence and an even higher level of cunning. Violent by nature, they will fight ferociously if compelled but tend towards more chaotic/destructive behavior such as pillaging, rape and/or cowardice.


  • The Orc leader and the P.O.R.K were the first male Liminals who appears in the manga series.
  • The Orc leader is, together with Wani Otoko, the only antagonist in the series who has never really interacted with the main protagonists, as he has never met Kimihito's homestay girls and has not really acknowledged Kimihito's presence in Chapter 40.
  • As it can be seen from the dialogue of the two Orc hotel employees in Chapter 84, the Orc leader is, because of his crimes, considered an outcast even among his own folk, whereby the other Orcs denounce that Orcs like him and the P.O.R.K are the reason why the rest of their species has such a bad name.

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