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The following are quotes said by or relating to the Orc leader. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers us the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 3[]

"Buh! Hello, fellow otaku! Sorry to intrude, but this shop belongs to us, the Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen!"
—The Orc Leader "apologizes" for his group's intrusion into the shop Libido Doujin before they take the seller and three customers as hostage, Chapter 11
"We, the Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen, hereby demand that all mainstream erotic manga be changed to "Orc X Royal Knight"! On top of that we demand the cultivation of other variations of the art, such as "Orc X Elf", "Orc X courtesan," and "Orc X sister," etc... furthermore, we demand the further cultivation of additional genres such as "Orc X magical girl," "Orc X office lady," and "Orc X schoolteacher"!"
—The Orc leader announces the (really crazy) demands of the P.O.R.K to the Japanese Police, Chapter 11
"Ah, is this the police? We just took care of our little lady infiltrator. Of course, it was in selfdefense~ She broke the Extraspecies Protection Law, so I guess there's nothing you can do!"
—The Orc leader taunts the police while sadistically shooting Zombina with his rifle, Chapter 11
"Wow, you girls are strong! We totally lost for you! But, but, but~ Now that I've surrendered, violence won't scare me anymore... well, my penalty's just forced repatriation, right? I'd like you to escort me all the way home..."
—The Orc Leader taunts Ms Smith and the MON, Chapter 11

Volume 10[]

"Oh ho! You might look like a man at first glance but you're really a cute girl aren't you bu! Us Extraspecies need to play nice together bu~! But you are a liiiiitle old for my tastes bu~ But if we're talkin' 3D I like my girls a little younger bu~"
—The Orc leader tries to grope Draco, nonchalantly admitting that he is a lolicon, Chapter 40
"Little girls scary, little girls scary..."
—The Orc leader tremples in fear after being traumatized by Doppel, much to the confusion of the Bicycle Police Officer, Chapter 40

Volume 19[]

"Look, I know ya got other Orcs workin' here bu! So why can't ya let me work here too, bu~?"
Orc Leader
"As I said before, we've closed applications, so...!"
—Receptionist (scared)
"Yeah, yeah, so you said~ But you could really use a few more hands, right? So it's all decided, just play nice and let me work here, bu~ Ya got mixed baths here, right? I'll be the mixed bath lifeguard~ -ha!"
—The Orc leader threatens one of the receptionists at the front desk of the Hotel Okaya, Chapter 84
"Watchin' naked babes while makin' money gets me in the mood to work bu~ Where's the mixed baths bu~!"
—The Orc leader about his "work" at the Hotel Okaya, Chapter 84
"Ha bu bu bu!! This the best you got? You've all gone soft already bu!!"
—The Orc leader taunts the two Orc employees of the Hotel Okaya after he easily knocking them out, Chapter 84