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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Succubus
Gender Female Female
Hair Silver (Red streak)
Eye Yellow
Height 152 cm (4'98")
B-W-H 110(L)-64-92
Monster Profile
Occupation Unknown
Media Debut
Manga Off-Pako Succubus Pako-chan

Pako-chan is a Succubus who spends most of her life on her phone and arranges for various sexual liaisons through the internet.

She is the protagonist of the erotic comic series Off-Pako Succubus Pako-chan, created by Okayado.


Pako has the appearance of a young woman with yellow eyes and messy sliver hair with a red patch on the front of her forehead. Unlike most Succubi (or Devils in general) Pako has a light skin colour and no bat-like wings on her back, although similar to Emma, Pako has two small bat-like wings on the left and right of her head above her pointed ears. She has very big breasts and a black tail with a heart-shaped tip. Above her crotch she has a womb tattoo, a natural feature of her species. According to her secrets, Pako is a tiny bit chubby.

Pako's clothes consists of two long black stockings with black and white shoes and a very short pair of gray-blue jeans with a pair of string pants made specifically for her tail, similar to Draco. Pako also has a thin black, long-sleeved jacket with a hood, which she usually wears open at the front so that her breasts, which are more or less well covered by a small black bra, are mostly visible. She also wears glasses.


Skills and Traits[]

Personal skills and traits[]

  • Chubbiness: Pako is a tiny bit chubby as she doesn't exercise.
  • Little Stamina: Pako has a very little stamina which is why she's bad at intense stuff, making her hate them.

Physical Traits[]

  • Succubus Physiology:
    • Wings: As a Succubus, a subspecies of Devil, Pako has wings, but they are too small to actually fly with them.
    • Large Breasts: As a Succubus, Pako has naturally large breasts, but her breasts are unusually large even for her species.
    • Sexual Libido: Succubi have a very high sexual libido, and given the opportunity, they will attempt to engage in sexual activities with most men they meet. However, although Succubi may seem excessive in this regard, they are actually very loyal lovers and once a Succubi has chosen a steady partner, she will never betray him.
    • Succubi Tattoo: Succubi's tattoos change when they keep eating men (in other words, they have sex with them), but since Pako doesn't meet up with men often, her tattoo looks quite laid-back and lazy.


  • Glasses: Pako-chan owns glasses, because she has myopia.
  • Smartphone: Pako has a black smartphone on which she spends most of her life checking her social media and occasionally meeting men.


Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Devil

Succubi are a devil subspecies that can be similar in appearance to Lesser, Greater or Elder Devils but lack devil horns, posses a Womb Tattoo-like marking on their lower stomach, and possess a prominent interest in sex and all things sexual.

Religious traditions in human culture hold that Succubi live by sustaining themselves on “life energy" stolen through sexual intercourse and that repeated sexual activity with a Succubus may result in the deterioration of health or mental state, or even death. While whether this is true or not is unknown, Succubi culture is entirely rooted around the act of sexual intercourse; with the desire for sex, fornication and pleasure forming the basis of their cultural thinking and moral values, and as a result they are an extremely lustful and openly lascivious race. Not only are they physically beautiful, everything from their gestures to their voices will charm an individual and inflame lust. Their techniques for seducing and pleasing men and women alike are highly valued and are in some ways more effective than raw fighting abilities. They notably refer to sex as "eating", and well before they were specifically named as a race were shown as an example of a type of monster that feeds on "human bodily fluids" (in this case semen and sperm), suggesting that their intense libidos are due to both sexual desire and regular appetite. The ability of devils to absorb energy would further suggest that for succubi this energy is absorbed via the fluids they get from men during sex.


  • Pako's name is derived from the Japanese netslang term "Pakopako"; an onomatopoeia for sexual activity used to refer to sexual subjects or activities.
  • Pako buys most of her clothes from the local Shimamura store. Shimamura is a clothing retail franchise known for selling comfortable clothing at cheap prices.
  • Although Pako's secrets states that her red patch of hair is characteristic of her species, no other Succubus in the manga series has this trait.

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