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The following are quotes said by or relating to Papi. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 1[]

"Who...are you?"
Kimihito Kurusu
"Papi! Papi's Papi the Harpy! "
Kimihito Kurusu
"Like I was saying, Papi the Harpy...or was it Parpy the Puppy? Pahi? Par Piipa Papi Hapi... Papi Parpi Pipi Penis?"
Papi when she first meet Kimihito, Chapter 3
"You having problemons?"
Papi to Miia, Chapter 3
"But Papi was told that if she did it again, she would get aborted. That's bad, right?"
Papi to Kimihito, Chapter 3
"If Papi had a big brother, he'd be someone like you!"
Papi (happy)
"Like me?"
"I mean, look, you play with me. And buy me ice cream. And you scold me gently when I do something bad. And you praise me, too...Papi only had girls around her, so I never knew what it was like to have a brother...but I've always wanted one! So I'm really happy right now!"
Papi to Kimihito, Chapter 5

Volume 2[]

"Suu's not doing it on purpose!"
"...Huh? Suu?"
"Yeah! She's a Slime, so her name's Suu! I came up with it!"
Papi defends the Slime girl, also revealing that she named her Suu, Chapter 9
"It's nice to see Papi being so responsible~And she said she's gonna protect Suu too. Maybe her motherly instincts are really strong?"
Kimihito's thoughts about Papi, Chapter 9

Volume 3[]

"Oh, yeah, what is it, Papi"
"Papi's gonna lay eggs."
Papi reveals to everyone's amazement/shock that she will lay an egg soon, Chapter 14
"So Papi, do you lay eggs every day, like a chicken?"
"I do not! I only lay eggs every once in a while! And this is the first time it's happened since I came to Japan, so I don't feel so good..."
Papi to Miia, Chapter 14

Volume 7[]

"I don't wanna go home... Papi wants to stay with her boss... I know the rules of our race... and I know that I had something important in my past... but my boss... is more important than all of that! Papi's an idiot that forgets everything right away... but I'll never forget this! I want to be by my boss's side! Forever... and ever...!"
Papi gives a speech to her mother about staying with Kimihito, although this eventually turns out to be unnecessary as the situation was a result of a misunderstanding and Papi's mother had no intention of bringing her daughter back home, Chapter 28

Volume 8[]

"Snow!!! And snowmen! I'm gonna make one!!"
Papi enjoys the snow around the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort in childish delight, Chapter 31
"It's late, please go home! I'm sure they're getting worried about you!!"
"Noooo! I can't go home without my chickies!"
"Papi-chan, taking care of chicks is a big responsibility..."
"Papi will take good care of them!"
Papi tearfully won't leave the chicks while Cathyl and Merino try to get her to go home, Chapter 33

Volume 9[]

"Whaaat?! You're leaving Mero?!"
"Miss Papi..."
"Don't leave! Papi's finally friends with you!"
Papi is deeply sad when she hears that Mero should go home, Chapter 35

Volume 12[]

"Papi is... not so good at remembering names. One time I called Miia "Miira", I called Centorea "Kentorea" and recently I started saying "Merous" instead of Meroune. I'm bad with maps, so I always get lost and Boss has to find me. I'm bad at studying too! I can't remember anything!! So Miia always gets super mad at me~ So that's why everyone says, "Papi sure is a dummy~" And Papi ends up thinking, "that's true, huh~" But... umm... so... huh? Umm... Ahaha, I can't remember what we were talking about, but... but... Papi might not be too smart, but... I'll never forget the really important things. Curie is my friend. That's really important, so I'll never forget it. Even if you don't want me to, Papi will always call Curie her friend, okay? Cause... Curie is a super important friend..."
Papi to Curie, Chapter 51

Volume 18[]

"Papi, you should head home to your room at the girls' doom."
"Huh? Why would Papi go there? Papi wants to go home!"
"But actually, why are you at school, boss? You're not a student~! Let's go home and have dinner~ Papi wants curry tonight~"
Papi to Kimihito when he realizes that she is suddenly no longer under Arbatel's brainwashing, Chapter 75
"Papi wanted to go home, but Papi didn't know which way to fly, so~"
"Ah, so your usual weirdly reliable, homing instinct wasn't working?"
"Then, wherever Papi flew it always ended up being the school again. Papi didn't understand anything going on~"
Papi tells Kimihito how she tried to fly to the Kurusu house from the Grimoire High School but failed, Chapter 75
"If Arbatel is a book why would she eat books~? Isn't that cannibalism~? Hey Miia~ explain it to Papi~"
Papi asks in an (unusually clever for her) objection to Miia, expressing her doubts that Shii-Mii could be Arbatel in transformation, Chapter 79

Volume 19[]

"I got It! The answer is Suu!! Suu can have 4 legs or 2 legs or even 3 legs!!"
Papi gives to Abul's riddle (the classic riddle of the Sphinx) an answer that is not classic right but also not technically wrong in a way, Chapter 83


"Papi is a harpy named Papi. Papi doesn't get the difficult stuff, but If I stay with master it'll be ok right? Take care of me, master."