This page deals with Papi's interactions with the other characters.


Kimihito KurusuEdit

She considers him her master and like the other girls has fallen for him though not to an extent like Miia.

Kuroko SmithEdit

Neighborhood KidsEdit

She secretly sneaks out to play with them.

Bicycle Police OfficerEdit

Papi had a few encounters with the cop.

First, he wanted to know about her host family and a young man made the claim to be her host family until the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator arrived with the documents to confirm.

Second, she bumped into the cop for holding her master at gunpoint for holding a girl's detachable head.

The Racist CoupleEdit


The "director" intended to film Papi laying an egg until Suu blew his cover provoking Kimihito to attack the con man.

Ren KunanzukiEdit

Papi did not seem to be able to remember the name of Ren Kunanzuki when meeting her the first time.

Fellow House GuestsEdit


At first they truly didn't like each other but would later on be close though Miia doesn't really count on her due to having a bird-brain.

Centorea ShianusEdit

They don't often interact but they most likely respect each other.


She and Suu have a close bond much like sisters and friends would.

Meroune LoreleiEdit

Like Centorea, she doesn't often interact with her but seems to respect her.

Rachnera ArachneraEdit

She thinks of her as a better teacher and a sister, much to the chagrin of Miia.


She didn't like Lala at first due to thinking she was gonna kill Kimihito Kurusu but later befriended her, as seen when she helps write a letter for her to Kimihito.

MON Edit





Monster CommunityEdit



She is her best friend, after saving her she forgot about her by accident.

Miia's MotherEdit

Papi's MotherEdit

She and her mother got a little angry at each other when Papi thought that her mother wanted Papi to come home, it was later revealed to be a misunderstanding as she just wanted the photo of her husband.

Centorea's MotherEdit




Cott & TonEdit

Papi's ChickiesEdit

Liz & KinuEdit

Potemkinme & SabastianEdit


Meroune's MotherEdit


Papi quickly befriended the vampiress at the Extra Species Cultural Exchange Exhibition.