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The following is a description of Papi's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Papi first kidnaps Kimihito in Chapter 3 for no apparent reason, but it was revealed that she was running away from her previous host, under the supervision from Ms Smith. Even though they were strangers at first, Kimihito risked his well-being to help Papi when she was in a dangerous situation, though he assumed her to be a child at that time. After witnessing his kindness and willingness to protect her, Papi decided to live with her new "Boss", causing her to fall in love for him.

Papi often plays around with Kimihito, initially viewing him as a "big brother" as well as her lover. She is a bit clingy and possessive of him, only due to her desire to play with others, until Suu appeared, Papi became less clingy towards Kimihito, but still desires to marry him one day. When Papi was about to lay an unfertilized egg, she requested that only Kimihito was to help her.

Due to being a Harpy, Papi is very dim-witted and childish. This makes Kimihito view her more as a "younger sister", as opposed to a potential marriage candidate.

Kuroko Smith[]

Papi has no special relationship with Ms Smith and, unlike the other homestay girls, Papi seems rather indifferent to Ms Smith's frustrating laziness and carelessness. In Chapter 3, Papi was very grateful when Ms Smith allowed her to live with Kimihito permanently and later in Chapter 10 when Ms Smith had no objections to Suu being allowed to stay in the Kurusu house too.

Neighborhood Kids[]

Papi is good friends with the neighborhood kids and also very protective of them due to her maternal personality. As revealed in Chapter 9, Papi also often sneaks out of the Kurusu house to play with them. While Papi gets along very well with the kids, she is unaware of the slightly kinkier side of the boys in the group, such as when they spray Papi with their water pistols to see her breasts through her wet dress.

Bicycle Police Officer[]

Papi had a few encounters with the cop.

After Papi rescued a little girl from a tree in Chapter 3, the officer thanks her for it, but then asks where her host family is. Knowing that Papi might be deported if the officer found out that the Harpy had gone out without her host family, Kimihito simply claimed that he was Papi's host. However, the officer wasn't exactly convinced and insisted that Kimihito show Papi's certification, which of course, Kimihito didn't have. Fortunately the situation was cleared up when Ms Smith came by and showed the officer Papi's certification.

In Chapter 23, Papi accidentally clashed head to head with the officer when he pointed a gun at Kimihito at night because he saw him with Lala's detachable head and mistakenly thought that Kimihito was a murder. In doing so, Papi accidentally knocked the officer unconscious.

The Racist Couple[]

Papi has only briefly interacted with the racist couple in Chapter 9, but their relationship is bad. While Papi has never openly expressed her opinion about the couple, her wanted expression made it clear that she was very angry at their comments and insults. Papi probably also resent the couple for putting one of the neighbourhood kids in danger because of their reckless driving.


The "director" intended to film Papi laying an egg until Suu blew his cover provoking Kimihito to attack the con man.

Ren Kunanzuki[]

Ren and Papi didn't have a good start together. When they first met in Chapter 26, Papi kept forgetting Ren's name, but Ren mistakenly assumed that this was a "Liminal problem" and that Papi planned to test her to see if she can put up with this. In accordance with her former personality, Ren insulted Papi without wanting to or noticing it.

Papi, on the other hand, seems to have a more neutral relationship with Ren, as she seemed more confused than offended when Ren told her to show her how "mentally impaired" she was.

Other homestay girls[]


At first they truly didn't like each other but would later on be close, though Miia doesn't really count on her due to having a bird-brain. While Miia and Papi generally get along, Papi admits in Chapter 12 that she thinks Mero is much nicer than Miia and that the Lamia is a bully.

In Chapter 43, Papi and Suu states that Miia is their least favourite teacher during their weekly lessons, because she always gets angry quickly when the two don't understand something even after repeated explanations and also because the Lamia doesn't know that much about many things herself.

Centorea Shianus[]

Papi and Centorea are good friends but sometimes they tend to fight each other for Kimihito's favour, although this is very rare. In general, the two don't interact very often during the series. They usually get along well, but Centorea can sometimes get annoyed about Papi's childishness due to her own stoic and serious personality.

In Chapter 43, Papi and Suu states that Centorea isn't as popular with the two as teacher for their weekly lessons due to her tough side, although the two still like her more than Miia as the Centauride, unlike the Lamia, knows a lot.


Papi has by far the closest bond with Suu among Kimihito's homestay girls due to their similar personalities. While Miia and Centorea were initially hesitant when they first met Suu in Chapter 8, Papi immediately befriended the Slime girl and the two have been like sisters since then. In fact, it was Papi who gave Suu her name in the first place. Because of her maternal side, Papi often defends Suu when others scold her or she feels the Slime girl is being threatened.

While Papi and Suu usually get along well, Papi, like everyone else, doesn't like it when Suu attacks her with her tentacle groping like in Chapter 10.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Papi and Mero get along very well as friends, although they don't interact that often during the series. As Papi states in Chapter 12, she thinks Mero is much nicer than Miia.

When Papi finds out in Chapter 35 that Mero may be returning to her mother, she is deeply saddened and depressed as she fears that she will never see Mero again. Papi also later expressed concern for Mero's injured tail fin in Chapter 37, to which Rachnera reassured her that the injury was being stitched up and would heal soon.

As Papi and Suu state in Chapter 43, Mero and Kimihito are their second favourite teachers of their weekly lessons, although the only reason they give is that Kimihito and Mero are "nice". Nevertheless, the two like Mero so much as a teacher that they sometimes voluntarily ask the Mermaid to teach them something outside of class, something they never do with Miia.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Papi and Rachnera don't interact that much during the series, but they get along very well. Unlike Miia or Centorea, Papi considered Rachnera as a friend from the start and never showed a trace of caution or mistrust around her. In OAD 1: Everyday Life at the Pool Rachnera wrapped Papi in her bondage but within the manga series, unlike the other household girls, there is no known case in which Rachnera did this.

In Chapter 26, when Rachnera's original host family agrees to take Rachnera back, Papi is deeply saddened, fearing that Rachnera will then move away. Later she is overjoyed that Rachnera stays at the Kurusu house.

In Chapter 43, Papi and Suu state that Rachnera is their favourite teacher for their weekly lessons because Rachnera's classes are interesting and the Arachne actually knows a lot.


She didn't like Lala at first due to thinking she was gonna kill Kimihito Kurusu but later befriended her, as seen when she helps write a letter for her to Kimihito.



Papi doesn't often interact with Doppel, but they get along well as friends.


Papi doesn't often interact with Tionishia, but they get along well as friends.


Papi doesn't often interact with Zombina, but they get along well as friends.


Papi doesn't often interact with Manako, but they get along well as friends.

Monster Community[]


Papi and Polt are friends, but the two don't often interact with each other throughout the manga series.


Papi and Kii met some time before the events of Volume 1 when Papi witnessed how Smith and the MON arrest some human smugglers who had kidnapped Liminals. Papi found Kii under one of the truckts, who she was overlooked by the MON, and due to the Dryad's childlike appearance and Papi's strong maternal instinct, she immediatelly took her under her wings, befriended her and took her to a forest where she could live undisturbed. In fact, it was Papi who gave Kii her name in the first place. After Papi took Kii to the forest, she promished to visit her again soon, but in fact she almost immediately forgot about the Dryad due to her birdbrain.

Papi later encountered Kii again in Chapter 20 but by this time the Dryad had mutuated into a giant tree-like kaiju due to accidentally absorbing toxic waste and due to her hatred to humans caused by her abduction, she attacked Kimihito and attempted to kill him. Papi also felt intense guilt at this as she feared that Kii was angry at her that she had forget her, although this actually didn't bother Kii much since Dryads mostly keep to themselves and don't interact with others often. After Kimihito was able to successfully remove the toxins from Kii's body she turned back to normal and since then she and Papi became friends again and sharing an almost sisterly relationship.

Miia's Mother[]

Papi and Miia's mother didn't really interact with each other. Papi doesn't seem to have any dislike for Miia's mother, although she drugged the Harpy with the Lamian tea in Chapter 27 and Chapter 61 along with the other household girls. However, it is likely that this is simply because Papi quickly forgot about this event due to her bird brain.

Papi's Mother[]

Papi shares a very loving, but somewhat complicated, relationship with her mother. After Papi received a letter in Chapter 26 that her mother was coming to visit, she became worried that her mother would take her back to her home village after Papi simply went along with the Exchange Program ambassadors without telling her people about that. Papi also seems to tking her mother is stubborn because she was convinced that she wouldn't listen to her if she explained that she wanted to stay with Kimihito, since her mother could insists on their people's rule that a Harpy can never stay in a place where a man is for a long time.

These worries first seemed to become true in Chapter 28 when Papi's mother, during her visit, demanded rather forcefully that Papi "come back" which led to a wild chase through Tokyo. However, as it turned out in the end, Papi's mother actually just wanted the photo back that she had accidentally put in the envelope and she didn't care that Papi had left on her own, as it's just the nature of the Harpies to migrate. In the end, Papi's were completely unjustified: not only that her Mother was completely approve of the fact that Papi wanted to stay with Kimihito, she had even forgotten the rule of her people that Harpes can't stay with a man for a long time.

Centorea's Mother[]

Papi and Centorea's mother first met in Chapter 29, but the two never really interacted with each other. Just like the other homestay girls, Papi watched the duel between Centorea and her mother in the Kobold stadium.


Papi and Yukio first met in Chapter 31 but they don't interact often with each other. Like the other homestay girls, Papi gets along well with Yukio, although in Chapter 32 she found its quite difficult to write the report that Yukio asked of her and the other homestay girls as an evaluation for the Arctic Inn.


Papi and Cathyl first met in Chapter 33, but the two haven't interacted much. In general, the seem to get along, but at the end of the chapter, Cathyl was deeply annoyed when Papi stayed on the farm late into the night because, in tears, she didn't want to leave without the chicks that she had grown too fond of.


Papi and Merino first met in Chapter 33, but the two haven't interacted much. At the evening when Papi didn't want to go home because she didn't want to leave her "chickies", Merino tried to explain to her that raising chicks is a big responsibility, although Papi still didn't want to leave the ranch. She and Merino seem to get along well in general.

Cott & Ton[]

Papi and the Barometz twins first met in Chapter 33, but the three never really interacted with each other.

Papi's Chickies[]

Papi befriended with the chicks at the ranch in Chapter 33 and was very in-love and protective of them due her maternal personality. During the chapter, Papi played with the chickies and had a lot of fun with them. Unfortunately for Papi, she grew too fond of the chicks and later that evening when it was time for Kimihito and Centorea to leave the ranch, Papi refused to go with them and cried profusely at the idea of leaving them. Papi seems to have finally gotten over it, although she probably still misses the chicks.

Flounnder & Sebasstian[]

Papi has known the two Fishfolk butlers since Chapter 35, but doesn't interact with them often. In general, she seems to get along well with them.


Papi and Octo first met in Chapter 36 after Octo "kidnapped" Mero, but the two don't interact often with each other. In contrast to the other homestay girls, Papi showed no suspicion towards Octo despite the rumours of the Mermaids that she was an evil sea witch (probably because Papi didn't understand what that should meant) ans she quickly get along very well with the Scylla.


When they first met, Papi immediately saw Kino as a friend, even though they didn't actually know each other. Papi didn't take the accident with the hallucinogenic spores in offense to Kino in any way and both have become good friends since then.

Curie Drakulya[]

Papi made friends with Curie during the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition, however their friendship got off to a bumpy start, as Papi first confused Curie's name with "Kyuri" and later events at the exposition with Curie left the impression that Papi would make fun of her. Eventually, however, Papi revealed that she was only looking for Curie's medallion. Both later developed a deep friendship that eventually went so far that Curie bit herself to prevent her from harming Papi under Wladislaus' influence.

Although Papi initially had difficulty to say Curie's name correctly and initially couldn't remember her at the second time she met her, she actually considers Curie to be one of her closest friends and as she says in Chapter 51, this is one of the most important things to her, which is why she will remember it forever.

Pegasania Bellerophon[]

Papi and Pegasania met sometimes before Chapter 73. The Pegasus woman is a close friend of Papi because of her rather similar personality and the two have the same hobbies such as aquatic adamitism in a river, build sandcastles or playing video games together.


Papi and Abul first met in Chapter 83 after Sekmeti asked Kimihito and his homestay girls to help her. However, due, due to Papi's childlike mentality and her constant obtuseness, it is a little difficult to judge what opinion she has about Abul, also because, unlike Miia and Centorea, she has not commited on it. When Abul asked Papi the classic riddle of the Sphinx, Papi answered "Suu" because the Slime girl is able to have 4, 3 or 2 legs due to her transformation abilities. Abul decided that this answer was "correct in a way" and gave Papi the snacks as reward, much to the delight of the Harpy.

Unlike Kimihito, Miia and Centorea, Papi didn't react quite as shocked when Abul confessed that she is a shotacon and she just seemed confused by the emotional outburst of the Sphinx. It is therefore not entirely clear whether Papi understood the problem behind when Abul says that she wanted to gobble up boys, and if so, whether this changed Papi's previous positive opinion of Abul.