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0164 Full A
Kana ポーラ
Romaji Pōra
Voiced by Emi Takahashi
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Hasshaku-sama[1]
Gender Female Female
Hair Black
Eye Blue
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Game Monster Musume Online (31/8/2016)

Paula (ポーラ) is a Hasshaku-sama that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.

Originating from Yakushima island, Paula joined the liminal exchange program and immediately became infatuated with the homestay host.


Paula is a 8-ft tall woman of slim build with a ghostly pale complexion. She is dressed in a flowing white sundress with no bra, a white wide-brimmed hat, and white sandals and gloves. She has long black hair with white ends that flows freely and reaches down to her ankles.


A stalker girl who has a fixation with her homestay host, Paula is a devoted and possessive woman who more than willingly offers herself to her homestay host. She gets upset if she feels that she is being ignored or neglected.

Tall and a bit of a klutz, she tends to trip over her own feet from time to time, and usually with her homestay host caught beneath her.
She claims that she is actually really good at cooking and desires for the homestay host to eat her home cooked meals.

Possibly as a hold-over from her race's past status as fertility spirits for children, Paula loves having her body touched and explored. She is quite fond of her large breasts and her long hair, possibly as children often find such things intriguing and often desire to see and touch them. She also seems to have an active breast-feeding/nursing fetish and will frequently offer her homestay host the opportunity to lay in her lap and feed/nurse from her breasts after dinner (7pm).

Skills and Traits[]

  • Hasshaku-sama Physiology:
    • Hasshaku-sama Height: A Hasshaku-sama typically stands at around 242.4 cm (approximately 7'9" ½) in height.
    • Monotone Voice: As is common with their race, a Hasshaku-sama's voice is surprisingly deep for a woman and it never changes from it's monotone inflection, even if her mood changes.
    • Extreme Shotacon: Hasshaku-samas are well known for their infatuation and unrestrained sexual desire for adolescent and preadolescent boys (ages 9-17), although nobody really knows the reason why they desire them. Many unexplained disappearances of young boys have been attributed to Hasshaku-samas.
    • No Sleep: Hasshaku-sama do not need to sleep.
    • Iconic Sound: Hasshaku-samas have a deep iconic laugh that sounds like "Po, po, po, po, po...". They usually emit this sound when they are near and are about to catch their prey.
    • Sound Mimicry: Hasshaku-samas can mimic the sounds and voices of other people, which they use to lure their prey away from safety.
    • Obsessive Curse: Once a Hasshaku-sama likes a boy, she will never forget him and always attempt to lure him into her grasp regardless of time or distance between them. Even if the boy grows into an adult she will still remember him and attempt to make him hers.
    • Hypnotism: Hasshaku-samas are said to be able to hypnotise people into desiring to be with them if they look into their eyes.
    • Appearance Alteration: Hasshaku-samas can alter their appearance and be perceived differently depending on who is looking at them.
    • Sexual Libido: As fertility spirits, Hasshaku-samas have a hyper strong libido that leads to the active pursuit of sex and an eager openness to all things sexual.
    • Continuous Lactation: A Hasshaku-sama's breasts constantly produce breast milk. Presumably, the Hasshaku-sama's breasts become steadily more swollen and heavier in weight if the breast milk they continuously produce is not periodically discharged. As this causes pain and discomfort, the Hasshaku-sama will periodically seek to discharge their breast milk either through physically milking their breasts and nipples by hand, drawing the milk from their breasts utilizing a Breast Pump, or they will seek to engage someone in drawing the milk from their breasts through breastfeeding.
    • Life Energy Consumption: Hasshaku-samas are said to be able to absorb "life energy" or "vitality" from living beings to sustain themselves and that this is how they kill their victims; by eating their life energy. Depending on how much energy they absorb the process can often leave the living being tired and physically weakened. Like Vampires with blood, they can eat a person's life force as long as they have that person's permission to do so.

Hyper Rare
Personality Type
Passionate Type
Level Max

Paula's max affection points

Limited Gacha
31/8/2016 - 12/9/2016

Max Lvl.
100% Affection
125% Affection
150% Affection
200% Affection
Po, PoPo ... do not disturb me ...
Give the opponent Monstergirl a shock dealing 0.8x damage.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Yokai

Hasshaku-sama (八尺様, lit. Ms. Eight-shaku-tall) (also known as Hachishaku-sama in the West) are a humanoid liminal species known and named after their considerable height (242.4cm or 7’11”), as well as a distinctive laugh ("Po, po, po, po"), and a love for white clothing and sun hats.

According to Japanese urban legend, Hasshaku-sama are spiritual entities that are quite fond of male children between the ages of ages 9 and 17 and will stalk and abduct, or otherwise possess, them within the span of several days. One theory to this may be due to the Hasshaku-sama being a neglected child fertility deity that were invited by parents, who would take the potent life energy that the children's bodies emit during sex as tribute, using her body to help them grow to become used to their new bodies and urges. She was later shunned and considered taboo along with many other sexual connotations with the onset of Christianity taking hold, demonizing her into a lonely, malevolent spirit who now preys on boys who are on the cusp of their sexual development; hunting, abducting, seducing and eventually killing them over a few days.

Another theory states that Hasshaku-sama is the ghost of a mother who lost her child, which is why she now kidnaps children in a bid to find or at least replace her missing child.


  • Paula's name is derived from her species' signature laugh "Po, po, po..."
  • Paula was first introduced to the game alongside Sya Hu and Nana on August 31st, 2016.
  • As Hasshaku-samas desire children, it is unknown why Paula has developed a fixation on her homestay host, who is presumably an adult or at least older than what a Hasshaku-sama would usually find appealing.
  • A "Shaku" is an old unit of length used in historic Japan. 1 shaku in modern measurements is approximately 30.3 cm, giving Hasshaku-sama an approx. height 242.4 cm (7'11”).
  • It is said that spiritual wards such as piles of pure salt, talismans and amulets can temporarily protect a Hasshaku-sama's prey from the Hasshaku-sama, but only temporarily.
  • Paula is not the only homestayer to form a fixation with her homestay host, the Undine Dina and the Pan Sharon also desire to be with the homestay host "'till death".


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