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Pegasania Bellerophon
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Kana ぺガサニァ・べレロボーン
Romaji pegasania・bererobon
Nickname Pega-san (Papi)
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Pegasus
Gender Female Female
Hair Blond
Eye Blue
Height 190 cm (6'23")[1]
B-W-H 100(J)-55-??[1]
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 73

Pegasania Bellerophon is a Pegasus who visited the Kurusu House in search of her recently acquired new friend Papi. However, as Papi was not at home at that moment she was mistaken as being another Centaur subspecies seeking advice from Centorea Shianus. She makes her debut in Chapter 73.


Pegasania is a fair-skinned Centauride with a pair of large breasts, blue eyes and slender frame. She also has blonde hair tied into a ponytail and horse ears. She wears a pair of armlets, a necklet and a tiara which has a horseshoe design in front, on top of her crown that is partially concealed by her side bangs. Her equine half has pristine white fur and a pair of wings. She wears a skimpy greek tunic made of several cloths that nicely wrap her body and a matching pair of fingerless evening gloves with similar coloration attached by a scarf. She is also slightly shorter and slimmer than Centorea but her breasts are stated to be one cup larger than the latter's.


Pegasania is an airhead and somewhat carefree like her friend, Papi, as she fell asleep while flying. It is noted she also lacks common sense to some extent as she chose to bath in a river in public areas. She doesn't get offended by people who humilate her, although this is partly simply because she often don't understand the humiliation in question as such. Unlike most other centaurs such as Centorea Shianus, Pegasania isn't ashamed of being a nudist in front of everyone even if they have lewd desires over her body and saying that a beautiful body is something to display proudly.

Because of her royal aura and antiquated manner of speaking, Pegasania appears to many to be very wise and profound, although in reality she is just as absent-minded as Papi and don't understand simple things like money or public dress codes. As her conversation with the ice creal seller in Chapter 73 shows, she seems to have a general tendency to attribute much greater meaning to things than they actually have, whereby also the question in the room is if she herself completely and correctly understands the meaning of her seemingly so profound words.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Skills:[]

  • Inspirational Speaker: Even though Pegasania is actually simple-minded, she talks like an enlightened sage that in a way motivated the ice candy vendor to feel superior in his job after tasting his product, reformed the lecherious kids with the intention of seeing her nipples and the papparazzi who sneakily photographed her.
  • Skilled Artist: When Pegasania was building a sandcastle, she was able to make an extremely exquisite one which she told Papi that it was a model of her ancestral home.
  • Royal Aura: Due to her status as a Pegasus being a noble liminal, Pegasania has a royal aura similar to Mero. This includes using a very formal way of talking to people. If she wishes, she can play her subtle mannerisms to influence others through nobility, which is particularly effective against species like Centaurs who have a historical reverence towards nobility. The only one who is not influenced by Pegasania's aura is Kimihito, although he suspects that this is mainly due to the fact that he is already used to Mero's aura.

Physical Traits[]

  • Pegasus Physiology:
    • Breasts: Pegasi as a subspecies of Centaur have large breasts for feeding their young, which are larger than human babies and require more nutrition.
      • Breast Milk: Female Centaurs can lactate and produce a larger amount of milk. However this is rarely seen outside of pregnancy.
    • Taste Buds: As herbivores, Centaurs generally have twice as many taste buds as omnivores (e.g humans), while omnivores have over twenty times as many taste buds as carnivores (e.g Lamias).
    • Body Temperature: Centaurs have a standard body temperature of 38 degrees.
    • Centaur Ears: A Centaur's ears are capable of reflecting the centaur's mood as they are able to move much in the same way as a horse's ears.
    • Sense of Smell: Due to their equine biology, Centaurs have a sense of smell that is 1000 greater than that of a human.
    • Flight: Because of their wings, Pegasi are the only Centaur subspecies that can fly. Pegasania showed that they could even do it while sleeping similar to migratory birds.


  • Clasps: Pegasania uses clasps shaped like horseshoes to join the fabrics around the equine portion of her body.


Pegasania was born in the esteemed Bellerophon family and came to Japan as an exchange student and to find a suitable spouse. Due to her forgetfulness, however, she completely forgot about this fact shortly after her arrival in Japan.

After spending some time in the country, she met Papi whose behavior is quite similar to hers. The two became friends, although Pegasania quickly forgot how and where she first met Papi. Both of them enjoyed doing things together whenever they hanged out now and then despite having a number of different physical characteristics. The hobbies they had been doing together included skinny-dipping in public places, eating ice candy and playing video games.

One day in Chapter 73, she came over to the Kurusu residence and waited in the living room for the harpy but had already forgotten her friend's name.


First encounter with Kimihito and Centorea[]

Kimihito and Centorea are surprised to find Pegasania at the Kurusu house, with Centorea in particular being overwhelmed by her royal aura. Pegasania, noticing the two, asks Centorea if she is a member of this household and apologizes for her intrusion. With Centorea still overcome with awe, Kimihito asks the Pegasus girl who she is and what she is doing here. Pegasania then introduces herself very formally and explains that she came to meet a dear friend of hers. Unsure, Kimihito turns to Centorea and quietly asks her if she's the "friend" Pegasania means. However, Centorea is shocked and rejects this, as she is sure that she doesn't know anyone named Pegasania.

However, Pegasania then says with amusement that it seems her friend is quite forgetful. Confused by this statement, Centorea wonders when she may have met Pegasania before, ranging from a after entering the exchange program to back when she was a child, but cannot remember. Pegasania then says it doesn't matter if she forgot her, since Pegasania will surely remember it herself and asks if that's not the way of things. Centorea is then again overwhelmed by Pegasania's majestic aura when the Pegasus girl tells her that true friendship does not seek a reward.

Centorea, trapped in Pegasania's aura, agrees and formally bows to Pegasania, while Kimihito doesn't quite know that to make of it. Pegasania then asks if they should go for a walk, to which Centorea says it would be a honor for her to accompany Pegasania and that she knows the terrain quite well. Pegasania accepts the offer, although she notes that Centorea doesn't have to be so formal. But as the two prepare to leave, Pegasania asks for Centorea's name, which Kimihito wonders why Pegasania can't remember Centorea's name when she's supposedly friends with her.

Walk through the park[]


Pegasania praises the ice cream vendor.

At the park, Pegasania compliments the popsicle belonging to a vender after tasting it but he humbly replies that he doesn't need such praises at all. She then tells him not to denigrate himself as he brings joy to everyone with his ice cream. Pegasania then leaves without paying for the popsicle, but the vendor doesn't even notice this, as he bows deeply to her, also captivated by her royal aura. Kimihito then quickly pays for Pegasania.

Centorea is deeply impressed by Pegasania's poise, as she treats even an ice cream seller with such respect and dignity and while she lacks some knowledge of common society, her manner and care are perfect. She suddenly hears camera clicks which belong to those of paparazzi who are secretly photographing her charge from behind a tree whom she shoos them away angrily before catching up. Centorea feels that they have no right to take pictures of Pegasania just because she is of noble blood but Kimihito theorizes that they are only doing so because Pegasania looks extremely erotic in that skimpy outfit of hers.


Pegasania holds the balloons confused.

After Pegasania eats her candy, they meet some boys who ask if they can play with her. Angered as she finds the question disrespectful, Centorea initially wants to scare the boys away, but Pegasania wants to play with them. The boys show her some yoyo balloons and when Pegasania asks how to play with them, the boys tells her to hold the balloons. Pegasania then picks up two Yoyo balloons, although she's a little confused as she doesn't know what to do with them now.

While Pegasania is still looking at the boys questioningly, one of them secretly calls their accomplice, another boy who is hiding in some bushes with a gel blaster. The boy then pops the yoyo balloons in Pegasania's hands with a well-aimed shot, causing Pegasania's clothes to get totally soaked (thus exposing her nipples), much to the boys amusement, but to the shock of Kimihito and Centorea. The paparazzi in the bushes are also starting to take photos eagerly.

Boiling with anger, Centorea scolds the boys, calling them "pervy kids" much to their shock. However, Pegasania, who isn't angry at all, waves her hand at Centorea, saying this was merely a "childish prank". She asks the boys if they're so taken with "what lay beneath these coverings" before suddenly grabbing her tunic with one hand as they got confused but excited over what she's about to do next. Startled, Centorea asks what Pegasania is doing, but the next moment the Pegasus girl has stripped off all her clothes and is now standing naked in front of the boys, much to Centorea's shock.


Pegasania stands naked in front of the boys.

Pegasania stands in front of the boys and asks them if that's not what they desired to see. They boys are intimidated by this, however, and in embarrassment, they try to take their eyes off Pegasania's breasts while stuttering to themselves, unsure of what to say. Pegasania then tells them that there is no reason to be ashamed of their bodies, adding that it is difficult to frolic in the water while wearing such clothes. While the boys are still unsure, Pegasania spots a fountain and tells them to go hither and do this "play" together.

As Pegasania looks around, she also spots the paparazzi who are still hiding in the bushes and behind the trees. She tell them to "have no shame" and join them so they can all frolic together. Overwhelmed by Pegasania's royal aura, the paparazzi then play at the fountain together with Pegasania and the boys.

Centorea watches the spectacle (imagining the boys and paparazzi wearing Greek tunics doing it) in awe, thinking to herself that Pegasania's aura was so powerful that she sucked in not just the kids, but even the paparazzi. Overwhelmed herself by Pegasania's aura, Centorea thinks to herself that the Pegasus woman really does bear the "divine right of a ruler" and that she is one of those who will bring this world together.

Full of admiration and befuddled by Pegasania's aura, Centorea says that she can't "allow" Pegasania to be the only one baring her chest. However, when she opens her own blouse, Kimihito shouts energetically at her to stop. Centorea is shocked by his objection, whereupon Kimihito hesitantly tells her, that he doesn't think that Pegasania is exactly the kind of person Centorea thinks she is, much to Centorea's confusion and uncertainty.

The next moment, however, the two hear a voice and when they turn around, they see Papi, who suddenly lands in front of them. When Pegasania notices the Harpy, she happily calls her her "dear friend", much to Centorea's disbelief, as she cannot imagine that the so educated-looking Pegasus girl could be friends with the childish Papi. Annoyed, Papi tells Pegasania that she told her to wait for her in the living room and that she was looking for her when she disappeared, although Pegasania doesn't seem to remember Papi telling her that. Centorea, meanwhile, stammers a few words in total bewilderment as she tries to understand that Pegasania and Papi are really friends.

A shocking realization (for Centorea)[]

When Kimihito, Centorea, Papi and Pegasania are back in the Kurusu house, evening is already falling. Kimihito notes that the friend Pegasania was talking about was Papi, meaning that this was actually her first time meeting Centorea. Pegasania confirms this, although she seems rather indifferent to it. Centorea is still unsure and hesitantly asks if it even makes sense that the so wise-looking Pegasania and the airhead Papi could be friends and asks where they even met in the first place.


The possible first encounter between Pegasania and Papi

Pegasania then says that she doesn't remember exactly where she met Papi. She lists several opinions, such as when she accidentally bumped into her in flight while napping, or perhaps when she was sampling the local sweet flower nectar. She adds that her first meeting with Papi may have also been during the construction of her sand castle or while they were both frolicking naked in the river. Centorea suffers a shock at the mention of each of these activities, since she cannot believe that the so royal and wise-looking Pegasania would allow herself to be carried away by such childish activities and that she herself could have been so wrong in her opinion of the Pegasus woman.


Centorea is shocked to see that Pegasania is like Papi.

While Centorea is still shocked, Kimihito states that Pegasania gives off a pretty regal aura, but on the inside she's a lot like Papi. He adds that he honestly noticed that right away. Incredulous, Centorea asks him how he found that out, remembering that he wasn't affected by Pegasania's aura either. A little unsure, Kimihito admits that it might be because he's already so used to Mero's aura, and he reminds Centorea that she only has to look at Pegasania to see that she acts exactly like Papi. Centorea is again shocked when she realizes that he is right.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Centaur

The Pegasus ("Pegasi" plural) are a demihuman subspecies of Centaur that can fly using the powerful wings attached to their equine bodies. Famously appearing in Greek mythology in the stories of several heroes, the Pegasi serve only those who are truly noble and morally strong.


  • Pegasania's given name is a play on the word Pegasus; while her family name, Bellerophon, refers to the greek hero that captured and tamed the original Pegasus.
  • As a member of the esteemed Bellerophon family, Pegasania studied abroad to find a suitable spouse but has now completely forgotten about this fact.
    • It is unclear why Pegasania would need to study abroad to find a spouse, as there are likely male Pegasi in their homeland.
  • Although Pegasania speaks words of wisdom along with having a matured look, deep down she is a scatterbrain and childlike similar to Papi.
  • Pegasania has a few similarities to Wonder Woman in that they inspire others, wear a tiara, are associated with ancient Greek culture and being scantily clad.
  • Pegasania's breast size is at J-cup with a measurement of 100 but this is an error as Centorea's is I-cup with a measurement of 103.


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