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The following is a description of Pegasania Bellerophon's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


After literally running into each other while flying, Papi and Pegasania immediately became good friends; often sharing the same favourite activities and outlooks on life. Pegasania came to Kurusu House in search of Papi to spend some time with her.

Centorea Shianus[]

Mistaking Pegasania as another centaur requesting her aid in some fashion, Centorea attempts to pose as the Pegasus' friend after coming to believe that she had merely forgotten their friendship. Only later discovering that they had only just met and that the "friend" that Pegasania was referring to was Papi. Centorea felt a strong admiration for Pegasania due to her royal aura, but when she finally realized that Pegasania was just as childlike as Papi, Centorea was quite disillusioned.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

The both of them got along fine but Kimihito sensed something fishy about Pegasania despite her charisma and then realized that she's actually childish and forgetful even though she speaks in a sage-like manner and gives off a royal aura which he's pretty resistant to. In general, Pegasania gets along with Kimihito but she just doesn't have a particular opinion about him.


Pegasania encountered the papparazzi in Chapter 73 but she was unaware that they were taking photos of her naked body and if she had noticed, Pegasania probably wouldn't have cared. Instead, she misinterpreted the fact that the papparazi were hiding with shydeness and told them that they were all frolic. Influenced by Pegasania's royal aura, the papparrazis stopped taking photos.

Ice Candy Vendor[]

Pegasania encountered the ice candy vendor in Chapter 73 and seemed to have a very high opinion of him, whereby she somewhat exaggerating said how important it was that he brought joy to others with his ice candys. The vendor was so bashful by Pegasania's aura that he didn't even notice that Pegasania hadn't paid for the ice candy, so Kimihito did it in her place.

Neighborhood Kids[]

She only encountered the boys and initially thought they only wanted to play with her. Even after realizing that it was just a trick to satisfy them sexually, she wasn't angered by their action, allowed them to look at her body after getting into her birthday suit and being big-sisterly to them by explaining her reaction.