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Chapter 11

The Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen (the Orc Pioneer Federation in the anime, also known as the Orc Culture Recultivation League) is a group of six Orc terrorists, dedicated to the cause of increasing Orc content in mainstream erotic manga.

Acquiring illegal firearms, the Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen holds the shounen doujinshi shop Libido Doujin hostage to broadcast their demand that Japan increase the amount of Orc-oriented content in mainstream erotic manga; including but not limited to Orc-on-Princess Knight, Orc-on-Elf, Orc-on-Village Girl, and Orc-on-Nun, as well demanding the creation of new content for Orc-on-Magical Girl, Orc-on-Lady Teacher and Orc-on-Business-Woman. Relying heavily on the Extra Species Exchange Accords, that disallowed any violence to be made upon them by humans for any reason, the Orcs intended to hold the store staff at gunpoint until their demands were met but they were thwarted and arrested, and presumably deported, by the all-liminal Monster Ops: Neutralization squad.

Re-entering the country after being deported, the leader of the probably now defunct group wanders Tokyo and attempts to rape Draco after his nose detected that she was a girl underneath her male clothing, presumably relying on the fact that he was molesting other liminals instead of humans to get away with his crime. However, overhearing that he preferred younger girls, Doppel quickly transforms into Lilith and grabs the Orc's attention.
While Doppel, as Lilith, leads the Orc down an alleyway, she underestimates the Orc and is captured. Before the Orc can assault her, however, he is hit in the back with the real Lilith who was thrown by Kimihito. The distraction allows Dopple to escape and she transforms into an eldritch abomination, scaring the Orc into submission who is then apprehended by the Bicycle Police Officer.



  • The P.O.R.K. were the first male Liminals shown.
  • The leader of P.O.R.K. is an admitted Lolicon.
  • As it can be seen from the dialogue of the two Orc hotel employees in Chapter 84 the Orc leader and the entire P.O.R.K are considered as outcasts even among their own people because of their crimes, whereby they other Orcs denounce that Orcs like them are the reason why the rest of their species have such a bad name.

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