Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen
Orc Gang


Chapter 11



The Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen (the Orc Pioneer Federation in the anime, also known as the Orc Culture Recultivation League) is a group of six Orc terrorists, dedicated to the cause of increasing Orc content in mainstream erotic manga.


Orcs are anthropomorphic porcines. In other words, they're humanoid pigs.


Orcs possess an extraordinary keen sense of smell. The leader of the P.O.R.K. boasted that an Orc can detect the scent of any women within one kilometre.


Zoological ClassificationEdit

Orcs are a race of brutish, aggressive and generally lustful pseudohumans. Possessing prominent fangs and a snout, their features tend to be "pig-like" in appearance. Taller and thicker than a human by half, they would have about the strength of a bear, and have noses capable of accurate olfactory sense to up to a kilometer out.

Aggressive scavengers and opportunistic carnivores, while they possesses a low cunning and a low intelligence when compared to other more intellectual species, Orcs do possess a crude culture of their own. Violent by nature, they will fight ferociously if compelled but tend towards more chaotic/destructive behavior such as pillaging, rape and/or cowardice.


  • The P.O.R.K. were the first male monsters shown.
  • While there is currently no true classification for the types of monsters that exist, they would most likely fall under the same category as Suu which would be pseudohuman. Which means while bipedal and having some features of humans their overall appearance is completely nonhuman. Compared to Monster Ops: Neutralization or ANM48  which is comprised of humanoid, monsters that appear the most human; or Kurusu's Harem, which is comprised of Demihumans, monsters with a half human appearance.

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