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The following are quotes said by or relating to Polt. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 4[]

"Good morning!! Are you the Liminal girls here for testing?! I got a call from Ms Smith!"
"Huh? You're an extraspecies person?"
"Yes! My name is Polt, I'm a Kobold!"
Polt during her first encounter with the protagonists, Chapter 17
"Well, I've learned quite a bit! We'll make the pool much warmer! And we'll add ozone to the pool instead of chlorine! And a sauna would be be helpful for species like Lamias! And I'll make the exercise machine room exclusively for humanlike Liminal persons!"
Polt thanks Kimihito and his household girls for their help, Chapter 17
"I won't let this experience go to waste! I'm gonna try even harder from now on! So we can be the best in the whole country! Please, come again!!"
"She sure was lively..."
Kimihito (to himself), Chapter 17

Volume 6[]

"Whoa?! What's with all the catfish?"
"They're american catfish! Also known as an introduced species! A harmful invasive species at that!"
Polt tells Kimihito about the catfish, Chapter 25
"Right now we're eliminating the invasive species in this area! That's what we're using our community service time for! Us extraspecies people can help out too! And fishing is a sport!"
"You've put a lot of thought into this..."
Kimihito is impressed with Polt, Chapter 25

Volume 7[]

"To the thirty million Centaurs watching around this country, welcome to the match of the century! Today we bear witness to the jousting duel between Centorea and her mother! I'm your announcer, Polt! With me today is Ms Smith. Let the games begin!"
Polt announces (a bit exaggeratedly) the jousting, Chapter 29
"That's why we borrowed a Kobold-run stadium for this match. Sorry to bother you with all this, Polt"
Kuroko Smith
"Oh it's no problem! We'd be glad to lend it to you whenever you want!"
Polt to Kuroko Smith, Chapter 29

Volume 10[]

"Yeah. Kii hasn't been doing too well recently. And I thought maybe it was because of all this garbage!"
Polt, Chapter 41
"That's why we Kobolds decided to clean it up ourselves! And this is community service, too! A decisive first step in Liminals cooperation"
Polt (enthusiastic)
"Except it looks like it's just you..."
"Well, today it just recon, so I came alone."
Polt, Chapter 41
"You're a good girl, Polt~You even cleaned the forest all alone with sweetie~"
"Oh yeah! That's right! I actually called a bunch of people! But nobody came! Maybe nobody likes me..."
Polt (sad)
"Come on, that can't be right~They just couldn't come for one reason or another. And I know better than anyone how much you do~"
Tionishia comforts Polt with her maternal aura, Chapter 41

Volume 11[]

"Man~you really saved me asking for a job, Miia!! Since the gym opened we started allowing humans to join too, but it's been so popular that we ran outta trainers. I was in in a major pinch!"
Polt to Miia when the Lamia wants to work as a gym trainer at the Sports Club Kobold, Chapter 43
"Yes, hello, I'd like an ambulance, please. What happened? Well umm, I dunno how to put this..."
Polt calls an ambulance after Miia "trained" the people, which didn't work due to the different body types of humans and Lamias, Chapter 43
"Well~...I guess your body is just a little too different from everyone else, so it didn't quite work out, huh..."
Polt points out that Miia cannot work for her as a gym trainer, Chapter 43

Volume 12[]

"Ms Polt!"
"Oh ho!? Ain't this a surprise!!"
Polt (pleasantly surprised)
"So you're here for the EXPO too then?"
"Of course! I thought this would be another great way to encourage interspecies integration!!"
Polt to Kimihito during the EXPO, Chapter 48
"But your booth is...a sports equipment display? Since this is an Interspecies EXPO, shouldn't there be more stuff explaining Kobold culture or lifestyle?"
"Of course!! We have other booths for that! But this EXPO isn't just about culture, you know! All of us Extraspecies without exception, are going to have some difficulties living in human society!! To help solve those issues!! This EXPO also exists as a place for the various vendors and private businesses supporting this event to display and sell helpful products for Extraspecies!"
Polt explains to Kimihito and his household girls what is on offer at the EXPO, Chapter 48